Bling Bling

My favorite color is glitter.

I saw that on a little girl’s shirt at Target yesterday and I just about died laughing.

I met with Casey to pick up my custom sugar cookies in the morning, met with Ricki my event planner in the late afternoon, and in the evening, Ashley of Twice Loved Vintage came by to drop off some goodies for my wedding.  I had to practically pick my mouth up from the floor as I saw all of the fabulous vintage things she and her mother creates.  For the bling bling bride who appreciates something old, please contact her.

I think my mom and dad are sad that they no longer will be able to buy me things.  Well, that’s probably 110% untrue and it’s not that they won’t be able to or will ever stop, but I think they are giving me some last hurrah’s as their “responsibility” which may I add I have not been their responsibility since I left the house (other than college tuition, oh yeah and the two years I spent trying to make it in the TV industry in LA).  So, I had a field day at J. Crew, Victoria’s Secret and Brooks Brothers.

I’d like to know since when did I start liking the equestrian, prep school (I know, I’m too old for THAT), country club look?  I am obsessed with Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren.  Both stores are at Biltmore Fashion Square and I just gasp and want to hug and squeeze all the male mannequins in suits and check the female mannequins up and down and give them dirty looks because they look so hot.

I had a vintage hankie my mom gave me randomly, no story behind it, it could have been some eBay randomness but then I thought, hm.  Vintage hankie = vintage snot?  Uhhhh.  So, I bought new embroidered hankies from Brooks Brothers along with three different umbrellas for our engagement session and wedding incase it rains.  If it rains, I do not care.

You hear that clouds? I don’t care, I’m still marrying him with a big old smile on my face!

Diana Elizabeth hopes she still fits into her dress.  She’s been eating like she’s going to the chair or something lately.  You know, holidays and all.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Angelica Giger

    The Vintage Goodness items look amazing. I love all of your posts about your wedding. I can only imagine what you and Ricki are going to come up with!

  • Christina Clark

    ” Vintage hankie = vintage snot?” Dying! You crack me up, Di! Looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous pictures from your wedding day! Best of luck with everything; I know you will look absolutely stunning (no brainer). :)

  • Brooke

    THANKYOU for posting all of your details! I love reading this each day! Good luck on your fabulous day!


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