Bella and Edward’s Cottage

Yes, I know the Twilight saga is over. I don’t want to hear about it.

I had been trying to find on my own for what seems months since the last Twilight came out and all I could talk about was Bella and Edward’s cottage and how I wanted to see more of it. Low and behold!  The Internet gave me favor and I stumbled upon photos of Bella and Edward’s amazing cottage.  Like, amazing that I literally had to pause when they were in their home so I could try to see more of it.  Apparently the outside was fake (sad, cause I am sure many would have loved to buy it), and the inside was shot in a home in Baton Rouge.

My eyeballs had never enjoyed seeing such beauty – well, since I laid eyes on Mr. Wonderful, of course.

I made a Pinterest board for the home if you wanted to repin the ideas quickly.

Edward-and-Bellas-cottage-Breaking-Dawn-2-fireplace-611x407 image_thumb169 image_thumb176

Photos from Hooked on Houses and Cote de Texas

I am so grateful for those two blogs listed above for sharing the still images of the inside of the home, Bella’s closet, and Renesmee’s nursery too!  Check out this post which is super in depth – you just have to scroll towards the middle of the post to see images.  This just reminded me how sad I am that the series is over.  I’m still pretty upset and I’m very much aware I’m too old to be feeling this way. This is what will keep me young. Team Edward forever.

Diana Elizabeth wants to print these images out and study them.  Don’t be surprised if the next time you come over to her home you see touches of Twilight around.  She loves old/cottage like homes.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • angel swanson

    i’ve never read the books and only saw the first two movies — can we still be friends?? ;-)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I think my heart just broke a little. Two movies and you didn’t get hooked? ;) You need to watch the rest, here’s what will entice you – um, Bella and Edward’s WEDDING!! Don’t you want to see what a vampire wedding looks like? ;) And, their adorable cottage!!


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