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california-state-necklaceKris Nations State Necklace, gold plated (here and more here)

I had to get a little home state close to my heart.  I tell you, the older I get, the more I miss being home, close to old friends and my parents – especially in the summertime.

So now that summer is here, I have three trips to California, and this is my first trip back, the OC to visit Melayne who is an Arizona girl, but turned Cali girl.  She’s lived there for 8 years now, I can’t believe it.  This shirt was what I wore on the plane, from Banana Republic.  “Take me to California (heart)”

Shirt: Banana Republic / Denim: Paige Denim, Cara (size up, I’m in 27) / Bag: Chanel / Shoes: Fergie / Earrings: Bongo

We shopped, as we always do, and then I got pretty sad seeing these:


We decided beach time was in order – so we met up with Melayne’s family in Huntington Beach.


Isn’t Melayne’s mom gorgeous?  If you missed our beach shoot a few months back, check it out here.

Hunter Sandals


The kids enjoyed being buried in the sand.

Collecting shells…


I love beach life.

huntington-beach-9Swimsuit: Robin Piccone (size up for one pieces, I’m 5’8″ and 115 lbs, in a size 6)

I thought I’d collect some sea shells when the ocean tide went lower before a big wave came back in…


That was an unsuccessful fun game.  Moving on.  On a side note, this is when I tell backlight photographers to get over the backlighting and stop missing the insane view by blowing out the ocean and skies.


Even Melayne agreed, direct sunlight is where it’s at when you’re at the beach, see?



Then back to the Wootan pad to enjoy the hot tub!


Late into the night lanterns floated away into the sky..

tea-light-lanternsbow-hair-bunHair Bow + Fedora: Forever 21

Good food is also our thing when we’re together, and Tabu Shabu down the street is our favorite eating spot.  In fact, the past three times we’ve been there over the years, we always get the same seat, and we love it!

Dress: Kokoon (c/0)

Our waitress Caitie was spicing up our soup – she’s a travel and food blogger, check out her blog here.  She’s getting married in a few months in Grass Valley, Calif., she’s a Nor Cal girl too!


As always, I prefer red meat.  You put your food in the hot pot, and watch it cook.  It’s the best!!!!!!


Then of course froyo time.  We watched the end of Elizabeth, I need to find it on Netflix so I can see it in its entirety.


The next day, we met up with an old college friend, who some of you might now, or just show a male in your life this picture and most likely he will know.

richard-jeffersonTop: Forever 21 / Pants: Morning Lavender / Shoes: Fergie

We chatted about our college stories at The University of Arizona.  Richard was my next door neighbor, our doors opened facing each other and he would always be over, eating our food, intimidating any guy I was dating at the time, and taking my car which was a tiny Ford Focus and called it a “go-kart” and would drive around when he needed it with his 6’7″ self and equally tall buddy Luke Walton.

Since then he’s lived in places including New Jersey, San Antonio, the bay area, Utah, and opened a yoga studio with a friend, SOHO Yoga in Hermosa Beach.  This summer we’ll all find out where he’s headed to play next.

Not much has changed with us personality wise, or how we get along, but it’s crazy to think that we met right before his NBA career, and now we’re talking about what’s next in the upcoming years.  Life has gone by way too quickly, but I can look at my friend and think, through all those changes, we’ve managed to keep in touch, and my heart is happy – to keep in touch with people who have known you so long, what a treasure.


The pizza at The Saddle Ranch was amazing.  And so was the cotton candy drink which we requested sans-alcohol.


We said our sad goodbyes, and I hugged him so hard and leaned back to look up at him with my arms still wrapped around his waist and said, “I’m so proud of you.”  I’ve text him that throughout the years, but how often do we really get to tell our friends that we are proud of their accomplishments, and enjoy watching them achieve their dreams?  I have so many more sweet memories of how Richard was such a huge part of my amazing time at UofA, but I’ll save them for the next time we hang out.

We headed to Fashion Island, as I needed to find a travel book for the French Riviera, since I am leaving this Sunday.

Melayne, why are you so quiet?  Where are you?


Hmmmm, Miss USA was on, but we needed some food.  How about we jump into TGIFriday’s and get some goodies to go?


3 appetizers and 5 desserts later…don’t forget my Dreamsicle drink (it tastes like an orange creamsicle), we’re ready! For the record, it wasn’t just for us two, some of Melayne’s family was meeting us at her house so we did a dessert sampler.

What we ordered: Mac and cheese bacon bites, Fried Green Beans, Thai Pork Tacos.  Dessert: Tennesse Whiskey Cake, Oreo Madness, Brownie Obsession, Red Velvet Cake, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Let’s totally eat all this and watch gorgeous fit girls in bikini’s and reminisce about our  pageant days when we had fit bodies.

tgifridays-restaurant-costa-mesaTop: Forever 21 / Jacket: J.Crew / Pants: Morning Lavender / Shoes: Fergie / Lips: NARS in Schiap

I had Miss Nevada USA or Miss Louisiana USA as my top picks.  If you didn’t watch, Miss Nevada won.  Her face is flawless, see here.  And get this, she was born and raised in Sacramento!

Diana Elizabeth gets ready for 12 days of France, posts are scheduled but also stay tuned for her to check in if she can!  Follow her on Instagram (@dianaelizabeth_) and Twitter for constant updates. Mr. Wonderful will not be going but perhaps next time!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Lydia

    Just have to give a shout out to Grass Valley! ;-)

  • Jessi

    I know from Michelle & J.Markle to now Jefferson! Yes he is and always has been, so glad he still is! We leave June 25… 12 days, so excited!!!

    Have a wonderful trip to France!

    Btw, apologize for all the little questions, I know your busy; appreciate all the answers though!!


  • Jessi

    Is that Richard Jefferson?? I went to high school with him at Moon Valley!! Crazy small world… He is such a sweet guy!!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Jessi! Oh yes it is! :) That’s so awesome!! I love the small world we have :) He is one of the most down to Earth guys! When do you leave for your trip?

  • Mailinh

    How fun, Diana!
    (Psst…be sure to check your mailbox tomorrow or Monday ;))


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