DEP_5375-edited-bwBrooke, 15

A little out of the ordinary, black and white, and a style I’m warming up to, using my studio gear. I sure didn’t look this beautiful when I was 15.

We giggled and I played some Justin Bieber and realized we were both at his Glendale concert. Now I feel like I’m 15 again, and I kinda like it. *wink*


3 tips to make the most of your vacation photos

Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-526Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
Dress: Free People (c/o Macy’s) / Bag: Madewell

Vacations can be once in a lifetime opportunities and outfit planning can really help with capturing your memories. With social media sharing, I love how travel photography has become a creative hobby for many.

I’m already saving up for my next adventure. Since Ireland and France, I’ve noticed wardrobe planning is a huge part of getting the picture perfect vacation photo. Here are my tips –

  1. Pack like a stylist

  2. Think like a photographer

  3. Pose like a model

1 / Pack like a Stylist – Pack bright colors

I primarily wear neutrals, white, blues and that’s about it. I knew Thailand would be colorful so the day before I left to Thailand I went to Macy’s to find some additional, bright and fun pieces.

Lightweight dresses are my favorite things to pack – look for colors and remember, you’re on vacation so you can dress up more and have fun with your fashion choices.

Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-532Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-509Dress: Free People (c/o Macy’s)

Call me nerdy or smart, I knew every outfit I would be wearing on my vacation. It helped so I could pack appropriately for temple visits (covered up) or island sights.

Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-255Off shoulder top: Sanctuary (c/o) Macy’s

2 / Think like a photographer – Look for the backdrops

Get up early to get that backdrop view uninterrupted. It helps to travel with a a patient and willing friend or husband who understand and values travel photos. I would take a photo of Rachel first, compose my shot and settings, then showed her so she could capture the same shot.


3 / Have fun with posing

I know we aren’t all models, and I have to admit even I draw a blank when it comes to posting. Hold your hat, buy that coconut because you really think it’d be a great prop for your photos in addition to your crazy hot day. Get a henna tattoo! Just have fun and be in the moment, you can’t go wrong. Be in action, like you’re running into the water, it adds personality!

My heart melted when I held this slow loris!


Never underestimate the back of your head just enjoying the view. Peace.


Additional tips –

  • Pack a slip (or two) – since most dresses can be sheer, and if it’s hot, your skin won’t stick to your clothing. Modesty is hottesty. Half slips are great, see here and here. I pack a black and a white.
  • Pack the right undergarments – strapless lightweight bras (like this, and this)

Happy vacation photo taking! Check out Macy’s must have’s key to spring items to plan your outfits for your next getaway. Any cool places you’re planning to visit?

Thank you Macy’s for sponsoring this post.

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Babymoon at Four Seasons Scottsdale


These images from Bethany and Paul’s maternity shoot at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North are worth revisiting – as some of these shots can now be seen for a new Hello Baby Package, a Babymoon retreat for parents who are expecting!

Upon arrival to the resort, guests are treated to a monogrammed baby onesie for a keepsake, chocolate desert, and later enjoy an ice cream sundae in Proof, an American canteen. Guests also receive a $100 credit for every two consecutive nights to use for the spa, or dining at Talavera.

Click here for more details.

bethany-paul-maternity-115 bethany-paul-maternity-124 bethany-paul-maternity-128 bethany-paul-maternity-132 bethany-paul-maternity-140 bethany-paul-maternity-143 bethany-paul-maternity-145 bethany-paul-maternity-152 bethany-paul-maternity-155 bethany-paul-maternity-158 bethany-paul-maternity-164 bethany-paul-maternity-166 bethany-paul-maternity-168bethany-paul-maternity-167 bethany-paul-maternity-179 bethany-paul-maternity-181 bethany-paul-maternity-187 bethany-paul-maternity-203