My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I enjoy traveling, home improvement projects, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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After many months of hard work, shopping trips, texts, pins, returns and exchanges, Bella Lily Bridal has arrived in the Northwest Valley of Phoenix in Glendale!  The store opens to the public this Saturday.

From the birth of the logo to being invited to work on the interior layout and design, this is my biggest and most proudest project to date.  The boutique is one of the first in the valley for an open concept bridal boutique, which is popular on the West Coast.  The vision was clean, timeless and upscale – I am certain we achieved it.  Every color, detail, book, lighting fixture, anything and everything you see was a team effort and had to get two yeses – from myself and Brenda.  There were some tough decisions, budgets to honor, but knowing that if you went with your gut on what you love, you can’t go wrong.  While owner Brenda Maldonado gives me more credit than I deserve, the style of this boutique is all her – I just had to help refine and pull it out of her.

Please join me in welcoming the latest boutique to the Phoenix Valley, Bella Lily Bridal! Thank you for riding along in this adventure with me until I could reveal all the hard work we’ve been doing.  I’m excited to share this space with you.

bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography001 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography003 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography002

Brides are booked in the Bella room or Lily room.  A Pretty Plum Sugar robe is in each dressing room for modesty purposes as they change from dress to dress.  Veils hang from a magnetic strip on the walls for easy grabbing and organizing.  There is also a magnetic strip inside each dressing room for dress clips (they tend to be large) and mock veils.

Shoes in multiple sizes also await for brides to try on with their dresses.  We borrowed this idea from the dressing rooms at Saks Fifth Avenue.

bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography008 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography006 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography015 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography009 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography010

A full-length mirror and small seat is in every room, and there are two viewing spaces for brides.  The platform was custom made by a talented carpenter friend.

Many of the items for the store were purchased at local stores around the Valley and popular online furniture flash sale sites.  Brenda and I shared two boards on Pinterest – one was for ideas, all the things we liked and another board was all the things that were purchased – even iPhone photos. This kept us on track so if we decided to make a purchase, we would move the item to the purchased Pinterest board to keep an eye on consistency and not over purchase.

bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography014 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography032 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography005 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography026 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography019 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography007 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography024 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography025

The longer I stare at that side table the more my heart longs to have it!  It reminds me of fish scales, or the siding of an old Victorian house.

Dresses hang on light, natural wood hangers.  The feeling of this modest space and open air space was to be light and airy.  You will notice an absence of black in the boutique – except for the cheeky chalkboard signs.

bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography013 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography018 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography016 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography017 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography020

Brenda wanted to go in different direction from the typical check-out consoles and explained her vision of a desk where contracts could be signed and payments could be made on her iPad.  At first I was hesitant since this was very untraditional but I’m so glad we found the right pieces to make it look like it belongs.

bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography030 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography021 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography031 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography023 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography022

It took over a dozen trips to find the perfect pillows and that we did! Metallics paired with neutrals and soft pinks and blues was our color palette – with a few surprising bursts of fuchsia in the right places. What we had to really pay attention to was making each piece was elegant and timeless – one can easily go overboard with too much sparkle or miss the mark.

The incredible wallpaper has a beaded texture and came from Holland.  It was an investment, but well worth the impact it makes on the space and no need for hanging artwork on the walls.

bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography027 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography028 bella-lily-bridal-glendale-arizona-phoenix-bridal-boutique-diana-elizabeth-photography029

 Logo, photos, branding and interior by me, a lovely Silver Spoon Studio project.  A behind the scenes design of a bridal boutique interiors and branding.

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The details of this reception was just too beautiful to not share.  With a location that overlooks the Hudson River, Courtney and Aaron’s reception felt like a Brooks Brothers catalog.  Complete with a tent, outdoor games, fashionable guests enjoying a spectacular view and food from a wood burning pizza truck.

We snuck away for a quick 15 minutes to capture a few shots around the grounds of Boscobel House and Gardens before rehearsal dinner.

diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel001 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel002 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel003 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel007 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel008 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel009 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel005 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel010 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel012 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel013 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel014 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel011 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel015 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel016 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel017

Location: Boscobel House and Gardens / Event planner: Susan Caissy Caruso Special Events / Pizza Truck: Pizza Luca New York

See Aaron and Courtney’s Upstate New York wedding here.

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I couldn’t be any happier, grateful, or honored to continually photograph this wonderful family’s children since I started shooting their first high school senior (now at ASU) several years ago, then her sister a few years later.  10 year old Pepper even smiled for the camera – look for it.

Happy New Year!

phoenix-scottsdale-arizona-paradise-valley-family-portrait-photograher-christmas005 phoenix-scottsdale-arizona-paradise-valley-family-portrait-photograher-christmas007 phoenix-scottsdale-arizona-paradise-valley-family-portrait-photograher-christmas009 phoenix-scottsdale-arizona-paradise-valley-family-portrait-photograher-christmas010 phoenix-scottsdale-arizona-paradise-valley-family-portrait-photograher-christmas011 phoenix-scottsdale-arizona-paradise-valley-family-portrait-photograher-christmas012 phoenix-scottsdale-arizona-paradise-valley-family-portrait-photograher-christmas017

{Makeup: Lizzy Marsh}

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I know with my lifestyle blogging I might seem all over the place, but I’m SO thankful for all of you who still remember and consider me a photographer, not just a blogger.  I’m really just a photographer who blogs a lot.

So thank you for your business, referrals, and for sending unique jobs my way, not just weddings.  Here are a few highlights from 2014, just the photography side of my business for this post!  This doesn’t include my corporate clients, but I appreciate you all so very much.  Thank you for trusting me (and my associate April) to capture your life.

I’m already looking forward to your 2015 sessions!

PHOENIX magazine assignment

phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons-diana-elizabeth-photography-223 Greeson Family

Alexis and Barry

For PHOENIX Magazine

Courtney and Aaron

Rachel Equestrian

Wootan Family

Brittany Equestrian

Katie Senior

PHOENIX magazine Staycations



Meagan and Andrew



Just wrapped this favorite of mine yesterday! What way to end 2014!

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Believe it or not, but the wedding guests can also be used as props to showcase how stylish a wedding is – or they can help tell a story!  You need to think of the details and perhaps ask a guest if they will hold the cup with the cute straw, or the invitation.

Keep in mind you are looking for a perfect background, compliment, texture, pedestal.  A guest is not off the hook in terms of how they should look – they need to compliment, not distract from the item they will hold.

The right guests to photograph

  • Consider if you need youthful hands – child, young adult or older hands depending on your storytelling
  • Nice collarbone
  • Clothing color – muted or bright, which do you prefer?
  • Looks like they really tried with their outfit, they would LOVE to get their photo taken, trust me
  • Manicured nails – no chippy polish!
  • Great skin and hair
  • Great statement necklace

I won’t know who I want to photograph yet until I get up to the group and survey.

Don’t over think your selection, you’re looking for a specific “easel,” if you will. If you realize you shot someone who didn’t work, just move on and grab another guest.

For these shots, we wanted to focus on the signature drinks.  In this instance, you want to stay close to the bar and shoot a freshly poured drink.


Happy shooting!

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Amelia celebrated her first birthday and now we’re onto Christmas cards!  It’s been wonderful being able to witness clients turned friends get married and grow their family - my heart is so full when I’m able to spend some time with this sweet bunch.

phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons014 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons002 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons011 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons009 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons001 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons013 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons010 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons-diana-elizabeth-photography-222 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons006 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons021 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons005 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons003 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons020 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons019 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons018 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons017 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons024 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-cotton-field-family-christmas-holiday-red-balloons023

 {Makeup and hair: Allison Pynn}


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Holy cow, that POPSUGAR Must Have Box unboxing video received 900+ views in 24 hours.  You guys must really like subscription boxes (and videos), so I think I’ll try to make time to open my Ipsy Glam Bag in front of you next.  Thanks for the support!

Remember I mentioned I would try to show you more outfits?  My struggle was my backyard was a little too English Country (not complaining as that is my intended goal) however since I can no longer just pose in front of some gorgeous old architecture in the South of France, I figured turning that old storage/tool shed into a little studio with a seamless would be a good option.

This was my best shot with the Sony NEX-5R which has a flip screen and automatic focus – making it easier for these outfit shots so I can make sure I’m in frame and not overly worry if I’m in focus – it tracks me.

Sweater: Banana Republic / Scarf: Subtle Luxury / Denim: Paige Denim (similar) / Flats: Similar, (another option) / Bracelet: J.Crew

I’m still desperately working on the lighting, and I think I’ve figured it out.

Here’s what the set up looks like:

Oh oh, wait for it!

Yep that’s my beach cruiser that’s been neglected all summer and probably has a flat.  That’s our blow up mattress, BBQ supplies and behind the seamless (in Fashion Gray) are all my blankets, props, entertaining flatware, dishes, diaries, holiday decor, ummmmm.

So the goal is to start clearing most of it out.  When my girlfriend Maayan and I caught up on the phone she said, “You know what Oprah says, if it’s in storage, you don’t need it.”  So minus the tools, I think she’s just about right – almost (the entertaining stuff tho, gotta make space for that somewhere).

I might save that goal for 2015 – when I have to put the Christmas stuff away I’ll purge a bit.

Here’s hoping I get a chance to strike a pose to share more outfits. xx

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