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As the rest of the country bundles up, we’re throwing on cardigans and enjoying the cooler nights! Any excuse to light a fire is a good one for us since we’ve endured a hot summer in Phoenix – and some of the best conversations happen around a fire, am I right?

Check out these Cubero cigars, they are natural leaf cigarillos and come in three master blends – wine, mocha and sweet. They smell so good. Mr. Wonderful enjoys his cigars with his buddies so I thought this would be a fun, unique addition for a winter night spent with friends.


They come in a pouch of two, and a box has 10, so 20 total – just perfect for entertaining.

I assembled the s’mores packs with graham crackers and chocolate bars and left the marshmallows in a bowl to be passed around when they’re ready to be toasted over the fire.

Do you dig the short wine glasses? I love them, they are so posh I think I need to get more – and they will fit in the dishwasher too!


My side tables I purchased at thrift stores or yard sales, I think the most I paid for one was $10, which is a steal! I may need to freshen it up the yellow metal side tables with another coat of spray paint, perhaps in a different color, but sometimes I think rust has its charm.


These Cubero cigars are a fun way to experience fusion flavors (perfect for those with sophisticated palettes) and great quality for just a fraction of the price! To sign up for free coupons and to find a retailer near you visit Cubero Cigars website here.

Which would you pick – mocha, sweet or wine fusion flavored?