Thanks to Pinnertest, I know my Food Intolerance

At home Pinnertest (c/o) to discover over 200 permanent food intolerances. Use Pinnertest promo discount code: DIANA60 for $60 off your test.

I haven’t really talked about it but over the past few years I’ve been experiencing some health issues. Nothing major, just feeling not like myself. I’ve seen three doctors, two were Naturopaths, in attempts to diagnose my fatigue and low energy. I’ve also been having major gut issues lately – and don’t laugh, sometimes I wondered if my pants were too tight (you know what I’m talking about if you’re a woman) or if my sugar intake was too much. I’m swallowing probiotics like crazy and drinking fiber stuff, I am trying everything to take away tummy pains.

Then I started to worry when I went out to eat! Anxiety itself can create gut issues, said my doctor friend. The idea of food intolerance set in and I posted to Facebook asking if friends could recommend a food intolerance specialist – and a few mentioned they heard of Pinnertest. After some research, I spoke to Pinnertest about their at-home kit and asked if they’d like to work together so I could share my experience with you, because I am sure I’m not alone feeling this way!

This is what arrives in a box, and it includes a self-addressed prepaid envelope to send your blood sample back. They email you within 7-10 days a PDF with your results – with over 200 food intolerances you may have on a scale from 1 to 3. These are permanent food intolerances you may have – and they can affect you in different ways, skin, weight gain, tummy cramps, inflammation, bloating, just things you know you might not feel great eating.

They don’t diagnose you, instead they tell you what your food intolerances are. You decide what to do next once you get the information.

My health game plan

  1. Naturopath to fix hormones ✔
  2. Find out food intolerance via Pinnertest ✔
  3. Modify diet ✔
  4. Become more active / Seek acupuncturist for assistance (?)

Of course this is what I think I’m going to do, but if you have suggestions let me know.

I’m so glad it came with two finger pricks. I’m the idiot who wasn’t sure what to do and I triggered the first one and it was a dud after. You can only use each one, one time so don’t play with it to see how it works or else you just wasted one. Just twist off that green cap and then put it by your finger and hit the button.

For medical safety they are only one time use which is smart. I can’t believe I did that but I’m sure that’s why they include two for people like me, who are too curious for their own good!

Just 2-3 drops will be enough and I’ll spare you blood pics incase you can’t handle blood. You fold it up, fill out the paperwork and put it in the envelope, all done. Have a paper towel handy to get the blood and then put on the band-aid that’s included.

I decided Pinnertest was ideal for me because I wasn’t sure where to go to discover my food intolerances and I liked the convenience of doing this at home. You know me, if there’s a shortcut I’m all over it.

The cost is $490 and you can pay in installments. Use Pinnertest promo discount code: DIANA60 for $60 off your test. Now, here’s the thing, I get that it’s pricey. Now listen to my thoughts on why I think the cost can be justified depending on your lifestyle –

Why I think Pinnertest is worth it

  • You don’t have to take time off work unpaid to see the doctor
  • Lab tests are expensive (I took one with my Naturopath for something else and though insurance partially covered it, my cost was $350!)
  • You have to then take more time of work to see the doctor for your results. With Pinnertest, results are emailed to you.

So what were my results? Can I eat bread ever again? Or dairy?

My Pinnertest results

I was so glad to get my results while on vacation in Switzerland – I was worried about what to order so when I got it I was able to modify my diet ASAP!

Red column is what they suggest eliminating completely from your diet. The numbers next to them means the reaction from low to high (1 being low, 3 being high). The green column means no reaction. Wit your food intolerance test comes a Q&A that goes into further details about any questions you may have.

I’m only showing you the pages where it shows I have an intolerance – as the test gives a report on your food intolerances for 200+ types of food varieties.

The pork intolerance makes sense. A year ago I got horribly sick, like really really bad, after eating a pork chop (but wasn’t sure what happened) and even though it shows just a few things I have an intolerance to – this is good, but also keep in mind that pork is in a LOT, and so are onions. So if you have an intolerance to tomatoes for instance, it’s in pizza, sauces, ketchup, etc, so you kind of have to think about that! I’m most sad about the onions, but it’s good to know to help me refine my diet!

Aren’t you curious now about what foods to avoid? Use Pinnertest promo discount code: DIANA60 for $60 off your test.

FAQ‘s about Pinnertest

  1. Is going to a lab necessary to perform the Pinnertest No, it is an at home finger prick test.
  2. How do I prick my finger?  We provide you with 2 lancets when we send you the kit
  3. How much blood is necessary? 3-4 drops of blood is placed on the collection pad that is included in your kit.
  4. Do you test for a permanent or temporary food intolerance?  We test your permanent food intolerance.
  5. Do you test for allergies? No we do not test for allergies, only food intolerance’s.
  6. How many foods do you test for?  We test your blood sample against 200 different foods. (commonly asked question)
  7. Will any medication show up in my result? No, we only test you for your food intolerance.
  8. Do you diagnose anything? No, we only provide the list of foods that you are permanently intolerant to.
  9. How long does it take to receive my results? Results are emailed 7-10 days (excluding weekends and holidays) after we receive your sample.
  10. Do you pay for shipping?  Yes, we pay for shipping both ways (with tracking number)
  11. Do you ship internationally? Yes and we pay for shipping both ways (with tracking number)
  12. How old should a person be to take the test?  18 months and older.

I am so grateful to be aware of what to avoid or at least know what might be a risk. I know that I can still eat some items that have pork, but perhaps in moderation – and try to note what kind of reaction I may get. I hope this review helps some of you who are looking for answers about your diet and where to start.

A complimentary Pinnertest was given in exchange for a review. I was not compensated for this post.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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  • Carissa

    This is so interesting to me. I hope you begin to feel better once eliminating what you’re intolerant to. I ordered my test and can’t wait to try it, although I’m worried I’ll be intolerant to everything. I’ll let you know!


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