10 updates

ot enough substance to discuss for an entire blog post but worthy enough to mention what’s going on around here!

  1. We are getting closet designs done now. Here’s an idea of what we’re doing, it’s not the exact closet layout but this is the level we are getting in there and I can’t wait. Well this one, I have a post coming up soon with more details and you are going to hear a lot more about this.

  2. I am stuck when it comes to the custom 13×14 rug for the living room. I mentioned it probably a few posts back that I was working on it and I was with a brand but then they bailed in the weirdest way. So anyway, here I am trying to find what works with what we want and budget but I am still stuck on what exactly we should do. Wool, jute, sisal, we can’t make up our mind – or I can’t. So I am paralyzed in the stuck cycle which is driving me nuts because I really want to make a decision soon! I just haven’t found the one – the right look or the right budget. Do we really need one? Kinda, trust me when I tell you it will make the living room look much better and then we are done – until I reupholster the two antique side chairs. *wink* So to be honest, not going to buy anything right now because I haven’t found the right one. I’ve spent about $100 on carpet samples and I’m putting this on pause.
  3. We installed more Shelves that Slide installed in our kitchen. We had 10 shelves installed over 10 years ago in our home due to budget and the package. Then 10 years later I realized it sure would be nice to get more installed and so we did 5 more because that’s really all we needed! The best one is truly the shallow one that goes above our other pots that slide that is under the stove. That extra vertical space that is unused is so wasteful and I knew if we could make a shallow one for smaller pots and pans or lids it would be helpful!I also don’t think we’ll be moving forward with the butler’s pantry. At least not anytime soon. Quotes were $25-$35k and a timeline of 8 months so forget it. Also, I got rid of a lot of plates and found some storage here so I am done! I mean, I am going to at least control myself and realize I don’t need to keep buying. There’s no room! So I try to avoid the kitchen and dining area at estate sales right now for this reason.shelves that slideSee? Full.
  4. I took a headshot of my best friend in my backyard. Just wanted to show you. Isn’t she a beauty?
    phoenix headshot photographer - headshot of Meagan Kimmerle
  5. I found a floor vase stand for my palace vase. It fit!  The irony is the night before I told Benjamin to measure the bottom of the vase because I wanted to find a stand for it. He didn’t want to so he didn’t and held up his hands spaced apart and said, “It’s this big.” Well, low and behold the next day I found a vase stand (is that even the word?) and I didn’t know the size because somebody didn’t feel like measuring. For $40 I figured I would give it a shot and well, here we are! It fits! Isn’t it gorgeous?
    palace vase floor vase with stand
  6. I bought a framed needlepoint art but I ruined the corner of the frame by sticking my “sold” sticker on it. I stuck my “sold” sticker on this $85 vintage chinoiserie needlepoint – made by the homeowner at the estate sale. It was made in 1958 and framed in 1963. It’s the bottom right of the photo if you can see it. GAH! Anyway, it’s a bit foggy in the glass so I am going to get it reframed or at least clean the glass but I want them to keep the backing of the notes (see photos to follow) so I can keep that part of history with it. I joke that my $85 frame just turned into a $____ project. My best friend said, “That’s what happens sometimes with antiques.” framed chinoiserie needlepoint
  7. I now want a blue and white tile mural to put in the kitchen garden.  Same estate sale, I found this outside and I wish I could have chiseled off the tiles. Anyway now I want one but not the horrible ones I’m seeing on Wayfair. I will continue to do my research until there’s one that moves my soul. This one is truly beautiful. Can you see it on this smooth stucco wall? I can! Maybe that’s what I’ve been waiting to find! I didn’t know what to do with that wall!
    brick garden beds - lots of AFTER photos of new garden area, progression photos using artificial turf grass #garden #vinewall
  8. I also want a water fountain in this space. I’m not quite sure where it would go, maybe that corner where the artichoke always goes, but it’s got to be on even ground, yada yada. Haven’t found one yet, but only half searched. If you know anything about fountains that I should know, please tell me. For now I’m just looking at one that you have to refill if it goes dry and it can plug in. It has to look pretty of course.
  9. My brother in law made a hot sauce available on Amazon! I’m not a hot sauce person, I hate the burn, but this you guys Regal Gecko Mango Habanero Hot Sauce is so good. Like you need to try it! It is a small punch and then instantly goes away. No lingering burn. My brother-in-law made this with some of his friends and I was surprised how much I like it that I want to eat things that go with it. Pastas, pizza, and especially the Taiwanese onion pancakes from Trader Joe’s! I’m eating that for dinner :) Please head to Amazon to buy Regal Gecko and support and throw on in your cart to give it a try and let me know what you think!
    Some ideas on how to use it – 
  10. I’m a total BA collecting donations for the Women Make the Difference Event I almost forgot, just wanted to mention I’m collecting donations for the raffle ticket table for the luncheon that benefits The Phoenix Dream Center and Streetlight USA. These are local Christian-based organizations that help sex trafficking victims, young girls, women and boys and men! My best friend Meagan is going to have her own table. After she came last year as a guest at my table she was inspired to host her own and I’m so excited! We are going to make a difference in the lives of these souls and they deserve help, prayer, resources, and our assistance. Thank you to everyone who has donated in some way and I’m really excited to have some great women at this event to support these causes at the fundraiser. They will be opening their checkbooks to support and I am grateful.

As always thank you for reading! I’ve got a schedule filled with lunches with friends and I am excited to work on the closet, there’s a lot going around here and for some reason I’ve got the blogging bug again and I’m just rolling with it! :) Also, hello Lindsey (I hope I spelled that right)! Great to run into you at the estate sale, thanks for saying hi!

Diana Elizabeth sees her roses blooming again — this is a good sign and she can’t wait!!


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