This week is abnormally warm in Phoenix, it’s in the low 90s. My goodness, please have one more freeze before we head into spring!

I did a few small things in the garden, I figured I’d share a bit, sprinkled with Liberty photos. It was to her disappointment that I caught her in her run. Too bad for her I have Elmira from Tiny Toons in me – wanting to squeeze little animals while sneezing at the same time.


The only way to get a still photo of Liberty is to put her in my raised garden bed.


Our purple lilac vines have been acting quite peculiar over the seasons, bare where I want them to be flowering, and flourishing on top. I realized this spot isn’t sunny enough which is why they keep heading towards the top catching the morning and afternoon sun. Looks like a transplant might be in the future.

For Valentine’s Day I wanted more rose bushes, two more to add to the six I already have in our garden. I’m a little obsessed. I decided I’m turning our newest garden bed into a rose bed, starting with this red Chrysler Imperial Rose tree. I’m going to attempt to propagate my iceberg roses from rose stem cuttings. They are pink and white (a fluke accident) so they cover the entire bottom. I’m considering the David Austin Roses but then I’d be paying $30 per bush instead of – free.


The other rose busy is a Malibu rose which is against our wall, by my garden sink. It’ll be a nice peach color. I love that these are grown to trees, they are unlike my other roses that are wildly grown with purpose.

Last spring we were given some daffodils when friends came for dinner. They were starting to die and so I added the bulbs to my raised garden bed planter. I had no idea if they would even live again, but they sprouted, right next to Liberty! I see no flower but, something’s alive. Hurrah!

DEP_3053 DEP_3041

Between the massive artichoke leaves is a little red rosebush, I pruned it back and it looks like it’s ready to bloom any day. I think mixing flowers with vegetables is a great idea – it adds color when most vegetables tend to be green and it also attracts pollinators which can be necessary to getting more fruit!

Liberty is right where I left her.

DEP_3057 DEP_3062

She agrees that this 90 degree temperature is insane. Let’s take cover under the lettuce.

I wish I could send some grapefruit to you. We finally took a liking to grapefruit and the old gal is still showing off that she’s still got it!


We’d love to add a garden shed right next to those wood ladders you see laying against the white wall. Sadly our apple tree which would be blooming beautifully right now was sick and had to be removed. Finding the ideal garden shed is tough – looking for aesthetically pleasing one paired with durability. I know we could make one, but – is that really efficient given our lack of woodwork skills? *wink*