New spring summer wardrobe pieces

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I’ve revamped my wardrobe to pieces I love, I had two pairs of black trousers and neither I loved very much.  So I thought why not buy a pair I will absolutely love?  And why don’t we do that?  We buy so many inexpensive things only to have them wear out or fall out of love with them quickly because of poor quality when we really should save up for investment pieces.

I’m now putting myself on a tight $150 budget starting…now to end of May.  I’m on a break until June.  But then I do plan on being really good, because I don’t need anything.

Meanwhile, here’s what I added to my closet in case any of you are interested in giving your closet a makeover:


Knit Tank / Front Button Shirt /  Silk pants / Draped Top

Are you wearing a lot of racerback dresses or tops this summer?  Consider the racerback bras at Victoria’s Secret.  I like this one, and this one.

Oh dear, these are budget friendly and darling.  Can’t, can’t!!


Retro Doll Flared Jumpsuit / Mosaic Woven Halter Jumpsuit

It’s so fun being a girl, isn’t it?

Diana Elizabeth has a very thinned out closet.  For a day Mr. Wonderful felt sorry for her and asked if she needed to buy more clothes.  She hesitated and told him a few boxes were on their way.  He understood.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


  • krystal

    I laughed out loud at your very last thought on your post!
    I’m a different type of gal in regards to clothes/shopping, I think. I don’t like shopping pretty much, haha! If I can get in and get out quickly that is ideal. That’s why I shop almost exclusively at Marshalls, TJMaxx, and Ross. I don’t think I’ve spent over $40 on any piece of clothing in years. Those places truly are where I can get all my cute shirts/dresses/bottoms for cheap and in a FLASH since those stores aren’t too big (but even then I still miss out on cute things because I don’t have the patience to look at each piece on the racks). So far nothing has fallen apart on me yet so I’m going to stick with those places – lol! (oh wait…except one super awesomely cute shirt and a dress once before, but my mom is a sewing/fixer master so she repaired it asap).

    • Diana Elizabeth

      ;) And you ALWAYS look so cute Krystal! Good for you to know what works for you! There was a time when I was so good at that but lately I can’t find the right things or somehow mentally I’m a little crazy! But I do love Marshall’s!! Sometimes I forget I’m a seamstress, have you been to Last Chance? I like that I can find things and know I can repair and make a size M into a size XS!

  • Crystal @

    I totally wish I could pull off those one-piece jumpsuits — adorable!


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