where did all my money go? // Starting a spending freeze and how it's going down!

Spending Freeze Week January 2020

ere we go again, I am ready to do another spending freeze week and would love it if you’d consider joining me for accountability. I figured after the holiday season it might be a good time since many of us are spent, literally.

So, nothing like deciding to not spend money including coffee, groceries, and the typical things than the third week of the new year. Take some time to settle in, do some new year budgeting, start the year off with better habits like telling myself no so I can save money for other things.

My no-spend week will start Sunday, January 12 through Saturday, January 18. I would love if you can join me for part of it, or any of it and tell me how you’re doing.

To recap what a no spend week looks like, here are the rules. You also don’t prepare for it, like don’t load up on groceries, what you already have is enough and there are probably some pantry staples you should eat before they expire.


  • 7 days
  • No eating out
  • No groceries
  • No renting movie
  • No baby sitter
  • No rentals
  • No gifts


  • Emergency or bills are OK
  • You can use a gift card, voucher (good time to use all of those credits sitting in your wallet!)
  • No out of pocket, just wait


The propose is to train your brain to say no, to not give into impulses, just to bring it back (while nothing is wrong with buying things) but this will be good practice to tell yourself no. In addition, this will save a good chunk of money in a few days the can be toward any debt you may have or saving toward other things – like vacations or the emergency fund.

The purpose for me is to challenge myself and to also train my brain to say no as I think I’ve been used to being quite the impulsive shopper especially after my travels. I also think being on a lock down financially will help me focus on tasks I need to accomplish around the house.

Speaking of the house, the two-car garage and landscape design has cost us a lot of money, and it would be nice for me to take time to slow down and research what else we may need slowly.


What I plan on doing is not taking any outside meetings, outings, or shopping trips. I’ll be working, doing projects around the house, gardening, and perhaps doing some business strategy.

  • Take down Christmas decor (if I haven’t already done it by then)
  • Reorganize the photo studio
  • Prep my garden
  • Office work
  • Photoshoot work (I’m getting paid)
  • Purging and organizing some more
  • Blog
  • Write
  • Book a return flight

If you do have plans with a friend, you can have them come over and make them coffee instead. There are ways to host and save the both of you money if you want! Don’t think you necessarily have to stay home on lock down (although that can help!)

I’ll blog about what I did a few days later. I also have two friends joining in, Meg: https://thehouseofmag.com IG: @thehouseofmag and Ilse – https://livelearnluxeit.com IG: @livelearnluxeit. You can follow along on their journey as we share on IG stories and there are different goals for each blogger you may find yourself identifying with.

Diana Elizabeth has done a spending freeze once. Have you ever done one before? Here’s the blog post about how she did last time. 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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