Shirt: Forever 21 / Tank: J.Crew / Skirt: eShakti (similar) / Hat: Nordstrom

After four miles hiking on the Matt Davis Trail, we arrived to Coastal Trail, gorgeous rolling green hills, poppies everywhere (remember, in Cali you can’t pick them, they’re the state flower). The hike was worth the view –


Of course it was too late when it occurred to me that I should’ve spun around like the scene from The Sound of Music, a movie I haven’t seen, but only seen clips – I’m not a musical girl, only The Wizard of Oz.


Then, I came across this gem, that looks like I’m singing, hah!


I wish I brought a picnic blanket to take a nap on for a while – because the weather was perfect and I was exhausted! ;)

diana-elizabeth-coastal-trail-hike-miles-davis-trail-stenson-beach-0247 diana-elizabeth-coastal-trail-hike-miles-davis-trail-stenson-beach-0291