Pretty footstools

In high school when I was on the dance team, we always had to do the height order kickline. I was usually the 3rd from the tallest.

I’d also like to point out I’m Asian. I’m one tall Asian. I’m 5’8″.  But, I still need a stool every now and again for my kitchen cabinets.

I’m sure normal people might need one for their kids to reach the bathroom sink.  I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one.

I found some cute ones. Decisions, decisions!  I’m learning towards the fox and owl, but you can’t beat the price of the hen and rooster!

Hand Carved Wooden Stools, 10″ height, $50

83117hxHand-carved Footstool, 13″ height, on sale, $20

bekvam-step-stool__0122140_PE278505_S4BEKVAM step stool.  Comes in white, natural and black.  Highest step, 20″, IKEA, $20

For me, the 12″ height is ideal, but I think I can sacrifice 2″ for cuteness.  Don’t you?

Diana Elizabeth decided to finally move the things she stored up top shelves to the storage shed.  She should give you a tour soon.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Carmen

    I know what you mean about the snow, I wish it snowed more in NC. I don’t think I’ll be buying a stool for now, I think I can manage a few years ahead of climbing… yikes! I know, but my kitchen’s kind of small. Lol Btw, great choice!! The first 3 are adorable! The chickens on the other hand, a little old school for my taste haha!
    Blessings and happy New Year!!

  • Carmen

    Lately I’ve been obsessed with foxes (see my pinterest board here:… that said, I would probably get the fox. :) But the Ikea one suits my decorating style. It shouldn’t be a tough decision, but then again, it is… kind of Lol :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Carmen! Love that board! So beautiful, makes me wish it would snow so I could get images like that! I actually got the fox ;) I think it’s just too adorable. Will you be getting it too? Mine arrives Friday, I can’t wait!

  • sherly

    How funny! I have been on the hunt for a step stool as well! I want something rustic/vintage looking, but haven’t really been able to find anything! I do like the Ikea one!


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