Welcome to our home tour – I’m sure a bit has changed since these photos were taken since I’m constantly changing things up around here! My husband and I live in a 1952 red brick home, complete with an old fashioned milk box and mail slot. Our Central Phoenix neighborhood was a former citrus farm in the early 1900s and when we bought the home we had 65+ year old citrus trees on our property and we are always adding plants and trees seasonally. My home decor style is always evolving and I gravitate towards cottage traditional and coastal Cape Cod. We try to make the most of our modest 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1750 square feet living space. I love to garden and work in the yard every day if the weather allows! I love unique antique pieces and I’m also a Wayfair Homemaker Blogger. To see our latest home project posts, click here.

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