The Urge to Purge and Latest Purchases

I finally dropped off a ton of clothing this week, many with tags on them from wearing them once for a shoot because they were gifted, and was happy that the consignment store took everything but two items. I personally think they should have taken it all. *wink*

I don’t know what they will be pricing these items, but I just knew I had to drop them off and walk away. I’ll check back months from now to find out what my balance is. I am usually a fan of selling on Poshmark (made over $5000 on it) but I can’t hold onto the items any longer or the space. My mind needed to clear the space! I dropped off my things at My Sister’s Closet in the Phoenix Valley – did you know they have a men’s store too?

I tend to keep things a few months too long but at least I finally let it go, right? So I realized if I am keeping it for that “future blog post when I might need it” I needed to let it go. There are a ton of other things I will wear in its place and I won’t reach for it. And while I don’t know how many of you are bloggers, don’t hang onto clothing just because it was sent to you – if it doesn’t make you feel fabulous, let it go, and that is advice everyone can take.

It felt amazing to drop everything off and not take much back into the house. I’m going to keep going purging with my down time (finally have a little!) and plan on cleaning and organizing my photo studio again. I also have taken a bag with me around my office and started tossing in office items in there. My drawers were getting over packed and I felt like I was working in chaos.

I also felt the need to clear out my closet because I keep adding to it.

Here’s a recent try on session I did yesterday on IG stories –

I’m getting regular deliveries from Abercrombie, MANGO, Zara and Forever 21. It feels great to bring in items I really love and feel like they fit my style and where I also want to take my style.

I thought I’d share my recent purchases with you incase you were curious and needed to refresh your wardrobe as well.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

These knot tie sandals from Abercrombie come in so many colors, it was a toss up between pink but chambray is so summer time so that was a clear winner. Abercrombie has won my heart back these past few years, I used to be obsessed in high school! This white polyester dress just went on sale and I love it – it’s so classy and I received so many compliments on it, if you’re tall, it will look great on you! I am loving white more and more, it’s my preferred color.

I went on a huge shoe update if you can’t already tell. I love the way these leather sandals wrap around the ankle. I always love a comfy dress, and I sized up for this black and white stripe bodycon dress in a medium and it’s a perfect, comfy and flattering fit under $15! I then found this black ribbed dress for $18 and it is lightweight and beautiful!

I felt like the small heel in these black leather sandals elevated the flip flop look. It was also love at first sight when I saw this red white and blue linen dress, it made me think of my alma mater, fourth of July and France! I’m speaking late this summer to new Alumni about my career, I’m so excited and it’s on my goal list this year I cannot wait to check it off!

Not pictured – this high cut red skirt I’m going to wear in Vegas as a sarong wrap over this new leopard print swimsuit I just ordered.

I hope you get some organization and cleaning done, the purge is never truly done if you keep bringing things in but I believe if I make sure I’m bringing in the items I love (I need to be better about this) I should be slowing down on what I own and I will purge less. I would love to be a little more minimalist, but not fully one because I still love trends! *wink*

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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