Neon Cactus


Mini terra cotta pots sprayed with: Rust-Oleum, Semi-Gloss White, $9.14 +
Rust-Oleum, Crystal Clear Enamel Gloss, $7.90 / Terrain copper plant tray (similar)

I decided to take my green thumb indoors. While on a trip to Home Depot to get some new babies for Mr. Wonderful’s new office (reveal coming soon), I sneaked to the outside nursery and found these pretty neon cacti staring back at me.

After lots of loud “ouch!” screams in the somewhat deserted nursery that night and picking, “That one all the way back there,” and strategically moving others around like Tetris, I settled on these three.


Benjamin says one looks like an alien but my curiosity wants to know what the flowers will look like once they bloom.


Picked up the mini terra cotta pots at Berridge Nursery for $1.25 each, spray painted them and ta-da! The copper tray I had in storage, I bought it for an unknown reason, probably because it was on sale. I love it when stuff I buy and have no purpose for ends up being used eventually! Shhh, don’t tell Benjamin.

Here’s to a little ode to the desert in my office.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Christina

    Thanks for the inspiration! We celebrated my mom’s birthday this past weekend so I let the boys pick out their own little neon cactus and they each helped me plant one for her. I put them in these cute glass holders we had around the house and made little J & R chalkboard signs to put in the soil so she knew which boy picked out which cactus. Super fun idea!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Christina! I love that idea! Chalkboard signs are always fun, let me know how those neon cacti work, I’ve been gone for a week so I’m hoping mine are still plump and not dried out ;) They say it’s had to kill cactus or succulents so fingers crossed!

  • Mailinh

    They look adorable. I’ve learned that I do not have a green thumb and cannot keep anything alive for long.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Oh, I used to say that too but now look at me! :) For $3 each, I think I can do the trial for $12 even if they last a month! :)


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