The urge to move home to Nor Cal

Have you ever thought about why you live where you do? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

I have come up with 3 main reasons why people live where they do or move:

  1. Their job.  The provider (you, if you’re single) just found a job in a city, then clearly you need to work there and bring home the bacon.
  2. Their family.  You want to live close to your family so you find a job and settle your life around that area.
  3. The location.  The industry is in the city or weather is the appeal.  Such cities include NYC, LA and San Diego.

Mr. Wonderful and I have toggled between #1 and #3 over the years.  But never #2.

Where I am in life now, with no kids and just a husband, our priorities are a little different than everyone else’s.  We can most definitely stay until we have kids, then I think the most inevitable time will come when we’ll want to blow our brains out from going insane, and know we really do need one set of grandparents around to help with our sanity.  So Northern California or the middle of Illinois ladies and gents?  The answer is a given.  Also where I’m from, the public schools are ranked 10-8 which is why it’s the premiere town to live in and property value is high.  This talk also does not confirm children.  Although now it sounds like I’m fighting it doesn’t?  Oh dear, I sound so lost.

I’ve been passing time away lately looking at homes back in Nor Cal online.  This is where I’m from – right by a lake, lots of mature oak trees, the country.   My parents live in a very much newer home, but if you know me, I want old.  I want old, character, and to remodel.

This one is very cute.

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This one, with a metal roof (seriously!! So awesome!) is on 1 acre and has a flowing stream on the property.  I can already see myself painting the red an artichoke green or pure white.  I love the stone work.   ONE ACRE PRIVATE LOT!!!


This is by no means any official announcement or prayer request – although it really is on my heart to settle this.  Also if you do know me personally, don’t ask about it, cause it’s one of those things I think is similar to when people date way over the normal time limit and people ask when you’re getting married (and you really don’t have control over it).  I’m not saying that this is in motion, and I wouldn’t put it on this blog without telling my good friends first, so no freaking out my RLF (real life friends) OK? :)

I am trying to examine what happened – just an innocent conversation with a friend made me think.  Then this urge to move and I’m wondering what is the root of this urge?  Has something just clicked and my sudden change of heart is due to God showing me something?  Only time will tell.

Am I alone in feeling this urge?  Have any of you?  What did you do about it?  Did it go away? I see so many of my friends moving closer to their parents.  Why do you live where you live?  I’d appreciate any direction or thoughts on this.

Meanwhile, I pray to stay content where we are.  But desires of the heart that just come out of nowhere, and I mean nowhere, are absolutely puzzling.  I suppose this urge and change of heart is what will happen with children should we decide to enter that stage – a true miracle that would be!

Diana Elizabeth feels like a totally different person since this urge came on.  She is really hoping time will settle it and of course, if it’s God’s will, it will happen.  Meanwhile, she just wanted to share her heart and random thoughts out there.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Lydia

    I absolutely love where I live and love my family, so I haven’t left the area! My sisters and I have always said we would love to raise our families near each other if possible, though we’re not against moving if needed…and our family thought about moving out of state a couple of times, but nothing could ever compare to the foothills of Northern California!

    Praying for peace and direction for you!

  • Stephen Shefrin

    Best of luck with your decision, both of those homes could be very cute.

  • krystal

    Thanks for sharing your heart!
    It is so good to think about these things with your hubby :)
    I live with both sets of parents nearby and I love it. Of course, being alone together with no family nearby DOES sound appealing at times, I am glad for family so close to me. But this comes from a gal who traveled all the time from place to place growing up and never was around a big family before, so now I treasure it.
    You are still so young and even with littles running around you still have a lot of time to think about moving to a more permanent place and if it happens that one day becomes the right time, you’ll know and you’ll love your decision!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      My parents are here now, they aren’t really for it – they think we have the good life here but I really do miss home so badly. :( I suppose I need to go home more often. I just wish I was like every one else who had their parents close by.


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