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^^ The little loaf of bread – killing me with that Swiss flag!

Oh hey America, I’m back! Today is my first day back in office. Switzerland was nothing short of great and I cannot wait to share with you heavenly views, but first – let’s start with how I prepared for the trip went in regards to my gut health (consider this post the first of a few health posts regarding this issue). I thought a nice food tour would be fun!

I brought Hyperbiotics the PRO-15, filled with 5 billion colony forming units – which releases probiotic organisms 8-10 hours to give you a healthy intestinal tract. When I posted about it on IG a few weeks ago a few of my friends said they take them daily – I love knowing your friends are on the same page when it comes to products! You can find the probiotics at Target, along with all your other daily essentials. I kept the bottle in my backpack/purse and took one at the start of my breakfast (and if I forgot I just took it later in the day, no need to take with food).

^^ Well of course, a donut with the flag too? Double sweet!

Who else has those issues when traveling? Like give me a few days until I feel “normal” please. Hyperbiotics promotes daily relief from gas, bloating, and irregularity – the pills don’t have to be refrigerated thanks to LiveBac® that enables them to guarantee the viability for 18 months after the date of manufacture – which makes it nice for traveling, or if you want to tote them around in your bag for every day.

Every hotel had included breakfast – and a good one (except one which had happened to be the most expensive one, how strange is that?). This was so great because it saved us a lot of money, Switzerland food is very expensive, my friend’s hot cocoa was $7! The breakfasts were lovely, so many choices, presented beautifully and our favorite was birch muesli always available – especially on the German speaking side of Switzerland since it’s a German breakfast.

I took Hyperbiotics with every meal because I wanted to help my guts feel better as I traveled and tried different foods. You never know how your stomach will react to things not in your regular diet or even just the way your body reacts from traveling stresses. Now for real-girl talk, everything worked out smoothly, if you catch my drift. Wahooo, I could fit in my skinny jeans and leggings, haha!

For dinner I was thrilled to indulge in duck and lamb, my favorite meats – a little fish and chips too, it was great having a cooking break!

We had German food when we were in the Swiss German side, and French food when we were on the French Swiss side (my favorite side because you know I’m obsessed with all things French). Also some Italian food!

If any of you have problems swallowing pills (I just started a few months ago where it jumps a few times in my throat before it goes down, it hurts), these are easy to swallow pearls. Hyperbiotics formulas are vegetarian, non-GMO, and free of lactose, gluten, and sugar with no soy, iron, nuts, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives.

There are different product versions, PRO-15, ones for women, kids and moms too. The one I took has 15 targeted probiotic strains. If you have any gut issues I hope this helps, it really made me feel more regular and less cramping.

This is the start of me trying to take control of my gut health and I hope to continue the discussion here again.

I love trying different foods, and eating lots of cheese and chocolate there. I was worried about the breads but nothing made me feel bloated and I really think being regular daily and even while traveling (most important to stay comfortable) was so helpful with Hyperbiotics so make sure you pick some up the next time you’re at Target.

Cheers to happy guts, wherever you are and whatever you eat! To learn more about Hyperbiotics visit and #followyourgut to Target!

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