Goodbye trees

Last week we had two trees cut down after our informative consult with AZ Plant Lady. One removal I’m elated over which is this tall tree in the back, that half dead verde something tree.


Ta-da!  Thank you to Top Leaf Tree Service for handling all of it and grinding the stump.  Wow it looks really bright now doesn’t it?  (I’m aware I remark and caption before a photo, to me that seems more natural for blog reading and scrolling.)  By the way, we didn’t take out the grapefruit tree, I stepped in front of it to take this picture below, so I hope I didn’t confuse you.


Now we have a big Whitfill Nursery delivery tomorrow and we’re planting a Chinese Elm in our backyard sort of in this big grassy space.  We’ll also line the back wall on the outside of our property line with red oleander that should provide more shade if we can get it 18 feet tall!  That new white gate on the right?  Yes it’s new, and I’ll tell you about that real soon!

Remember our aprium tree – the one in the middle and real tall?  Well, it got really sick, had a real bad fungus that has also spread to our sweet grapefruit trees.


So we had to cut her down too.  *tear* Looks so empty!  I think I’ll add vines to that wall unless you guys have some better ideas.  I do have to say it’s made my gardening easier.

I don’t like the death of plants or trees, it makes me super sad and I don’t like when they get sick from old age.  I have always been one of those “I wish everything lasted FOREVER,” people since I was a child.  I’m realizing that our grapefruit trees will be passing probably in the next few years (they are about 60+ years old) so we’ll have to be prepared to plant a big tree in it’s place.  Word to the wise – be educated on how to prune trees correctly so they can heal properly.  The former owners of our place didn’t do it correctly which allowed a lot of disease to occur in our trees.

I was also told we should 409 clean our tools before cutting the next to avoid transferring disease – there’s a lot of weird tree diseases going on and you can infect the rest of your green babies, like the thing that’s killing oleanders in our valley lately.  We’re hoping from here on out we can take care of what we’re placing on our property to last many wonderful years!  I’ll show an update we get our big delivery!

Equipment used: Sony NEX-5R (c/o), 50mm f1/.816mm f/2.8 + 18-55mm (c/o).

Diana Elizabeth took a class last week on composting – she was surprised at how long it will take but thinking behind that white spikey fence above, they have about eight feet of a run before the alley way that would be perfect to start.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Domonick Spiller

    You have a beautiful backyard, and both of those companies did great jobs. Good thing you got rid of the sick tree

  • Brittney

    Wow that looks great! It looks like there was never any trees there. I know you are enjoying your extra sunlight. Thanks for sharing.

  • krystal

    Whodathunk trees get so many diseases and issues? Why not just stay put and look pretty forever? :) In Bible study this am, the leader was talking about how her huge, massive tree in her backyard just fell over this weekend. No storm, it was just diseased and they didn’t even know it. It was old, sick, and heavy though it all looked good from the outside. The lesson was on abiding in the Vine and she related it to the tree not getting nourishment from roots and being sick on the inside and pretty on the outside and how that can happen when we don’t abide in the Vine as well.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I wish I knew about it earlier, I wonder if I could have helped it. Benjamin and I actually prayed over the tree, it might seem silly, but why not, right? I like your parable!

  • amy

    For a second I thought you cut down your grapefruit tree, and I thought, “Nooooo!” Glad to hear it is okay, even if it is old! :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Oh no! I was thinking that photo was misleading. I will be SO SAD when it dies. It’s not doing very well right now :( It’s getting old and it has a fungus. We’re trying to treat it, but it’s just an old tree. Must replace with another for sure, love that tree!


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