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This post is in collaboration with Sanderson Ford. No compensation was provided, however a borrowed car was given in exchange for my honest review of my experience driving the Ford Edge and working with Sanderson Ford.

Ford Edge review with Sanderson Ford, lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth posing with a car

I’m livin’ on the edge, or should I say, livin’ in the Ford Edge! Let’s start from the who, what, why for this post because you might be have a few questions and I want to talk about how Sanderson Ford is different from the rest – some tips any business owner could take away regarding customer service, and if you so happen to be curious about new cars nowadays (I drive a 2006 Lexus RX so this was like a spaceship for me, LOL), this will be a fun post!

Who – My best friend Meagan is married to Andrew, the son of Dave Kimmerle, the owner of Sanderson Ford. Andrew’s late mother Sue was one of the Sanderson sisters, and her dad, Don Sanderson started the business that we in Phoenix know as Sanderson Ford in Glendale, Arizona.

What – OK, so I have a car, it works well, it’s a 2006 Lexus that I paid in full in 2008 and I still rock it. In my family, we buy cars and we keep them until we Flintstone them, haha! But, this doesn’t mean I don’t love all the new tech in the cars right now. There was an opportunity when Andrew insisted I had to test out the 20182018 Ford Edge Sport Edition.

Why – The timing to test drive this car was perfect, my in-laws were coming in town for a few weeks and I figured they could take my old Lexus while I took this around for a spin.

Ford Edge review with Sanderson Ford, lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth posing with a carFord Edge review with Sanderson Ford, lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth posing with a car

There’s a diner on the Sanderson lot and thought this would be a cute backdrop! It was closed on the weekend but it’s a sweet little spot for customers to grab a bite to eat, drink a shake as they wait for their car to be serviced or after car shopping!

So back to why I drove the new 2018 Ford Edge. Andrew has been wanting to get me in a Ford for years. My late Uncle used to design for Ford Lincoln in Michigan and our family has always had the family discount from his Ford loyalty and my first vehicle was a Ford Focus. My parents bought it for me when I was entering my sophomore year in college and it was so fancy, leather seats, wood paneling, and after it hit 100,000 miles, my little sister Ariel (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) had turned 16 and asked if I was selling my car, she needed one. And so I sold it to her mom and I bought the car I drive today.

Ford Edge review with Sanderson Ford, lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth posing with a carFord Edge 2018

Every day I looked forward to getting in this car. Andrew said I could pick any car on the lot to test drive and the Ford Edge is pretty close to a crossover like my Lexus RX. Only let’s be honest, a 2018 Ford Edge versus a 2006 Lexus RX at this point in time is pretty incomparable. It’s like going from a flip-phone to an iPhone, but hey, that’s how I’ve been rollin’ friends, I ain’t flashy but boy do I love tech!

military and veteran parking at Sanderson Ford sign
Ford Edge review with Sanderson Ford, lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth posing with a car

How pretty is this car? If you like Lincoln, the MKX is like the Ford Edge.

There were so many cool things I loved about the Ford Edge, you know, the AC seats (if any of you have this in your car and live in Arizona I’m beyond jealous, please come get me every day in the summer!), the backup cam with the guidance lines, beeping when you’re close to something or something runs in front of you, but before all that, I want to talk about Sanderson Ford.

Highlights about Sanderson Ford

  • They are closed on Sundays. Even though another weekend would be great for business, they prioritize faith and family.
  • They are a family-owned business. The third generation of the Sanderson/Kimmerle family work at the dealership. I’ve personally known their family for over a decade and they are some of the kindest, genuine, and most hard working people I know. They are generous in their giving and volunteering to organizations all around the community.
  • They have Veteran and Military parking. I also heard an employee say to a customer, “Thank you for being a Vet.”
  • They have long-term employees. Many just retired, and you can see the years of employees on stickers outside their office.
  • 80% of their business are repeat customers.
  • All of their technicians are master certified with 8 super master technicians.
  • They do RV repairs on the property while you can still live in your RV!
  • They have the most air conditioned bays in the state which means technicians are comfortable while working on your vehicle and won’t feel rushed.
32 years with the company Sanderson Ford decal on the employee office window

Look at those years – the newer employees that have come along have replaced the ones who retired! It feels like a family that’s happy to be there and you can feel it as soon as you walk in.

Once you purchase a vehicle from Sanderson Ford you meet with the START TEAM that walks you through the features of your new vehicle. You can set it up with your smart phone right then and there and if you forget, they will come to your house and assist, anytime! Natasha helped me set up my phone to sync with my car and the best part – it reads your text messages (if you want) and also knows where your car is parked! When you open up the map on your phone it shows “parked car” as a location. You guys, we are so living in the future!

Talking to the tech team at Sanderson Ford to go over the new car details and how to use the functions

The reading text message feature is so convenient, there are many high the features in the car, even changing the accent lighting color. I could go on and on but I think it’s best that if any of you are shopping for your next car to consider Sanderson Ford, they are so hospitable, warm and you can tell they love their job and people, they genuinely love people and their customers – after all did you know 80% of their business are repeat customers? This is a big deal! If you are a little car dealership shy, you can also buy a vehicle online and they will deliver it.

And maybe you’ll fall in love with the Ford Edge like I did? I didn’t want to give it back! I told so many of my friends I was sad, and even my husband. This is a beautiful amazing car.

Going over the features of the Ford Edge car

Look at the skylight that is pretty much the entire car roof – I love sun so this is just lovely! The seats are suede and leather too and let me just mention again – AC seats.

Ford Edge 2018
Ford Edge 2018
Handing over those keys!


Thanks to Tony Komadina for helping me. If you need a new or used car you will love your time at Sanderson Ford, they are my best friends and will take great care of you. Ask for Tony or Andrew, they will help you out (Andrew you’ll meet if you finance your vehicle).

Wahooo! I love this family so much. Until next time friends, vroom vroom!

Ford Edge review with Sanderson Ford, lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth posing with a car

No compensation was provided in exchange for this post.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • MK

    You are amazing! This is such an incredible article. The detail, highlights, overall quality is like none other regarding the dealership and the vehicle you test drove! I’m so glad you had such a great experience, and I am so very proud of all you do. Love you!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thank you, you know the service well. Happy to work with such a great dealership owned by people I love and trust and can truly vouch for. Super missing getting around in that Edge!! xx

  • Don

    Hey Diana, great article! Sanderson sounds like exactly the dream dealership most of us would like to do business/ throw our money at. We comparison shopped, mostly through YouTube reviews in 2016 and ended up getting a loaded CX-5 mostly because of the way Mazda has locked in vehicle dynamics/ handling/ driver feedback but also because of the automatic emergency braking/ radar cruise control, LED headlights/ taillights. A weekend/ track toy I’d had wasn’t getting much love so we sold it and I had my sights set on a stripper Mustang GT, but bit the bullet and bought the new Pacifica for my wife/ our firstborn. It’s a minivan sure, but it’s the highest hp minivan at our church hahaha. At the auto show a couple months back I was actually happy to see Ford has applied the ST treatment to the Edge. The spaciousness of a minivan will forever trump a cute ute but I’m really looking forward to seeing reviews on the ’19 Edge ST in terms of safety advancements, handling an performance, creature/ tech comfort. Not that the features/ numbers on the current Edge/ Edge Sport are bad (thanks EPA). Dunno when the ST’s are supposed to start landing but it’d be great if you could do a rolling review on one for YouTube!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Don! Thanks so much for your comment! I wonder if I could do a decent job on a video review since I don’t know much about cars – but I do loved that it beeped when I came too close to objects or one darted in front or behind me. It was so helpful with the guidelines too knowing if I’m too close to one car or the other. Missing driving it around town that’s for sure!


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