My dear Unkie told me to head to Chippawa Square where the famous first scene of Forrest Gump began.  As Jackie and I headed there, we looked around wondering which bench it was.  Well, we picked a bench with a nice background since we had no idea.  Being the styled photographer that I am, I made sure we found a CVS and found a box of chocolates to complete the story.

We also checked out Wormsloe Historical Park where Forrest runs with his leg braces and Jenny is telling him to run.

Diana Elizabeth read on IMDB, “The fiberglass bench he sat on, since then, has been removed and placed into a museum to avoid being destroyed by bad weather, or possibly stolen. The church where the feather first falls was about 100 yards just down the street from the bench. To this day, the bench is held in the Savannah History Museum, Savannah, Georgia.”