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This post is sponsored by Xangar. As always, all opinions are mine.


Hello my organized lovelies! Boy do I have a visual and organizing treat to share with you. A few months ago I worked with Xangar for a new branding campaign. We were in this gorgeous new build and new closet, showcasing their closet hanger spacers that make your closet organized.

They come in fun colors – hot pink, silver, and charcoal grey, and they easily slide on your closet rod, from small to heavy duty. They protect your clothes from getting crushed.


So you pick up some coffee, flowers – and dry cleaning, or maybe you’re just in your pj’s because that’s all the clean clothes you have left (guilty!) and you have laundry to hang up!


^^ No no, this gives me anxiety – so much space, randomness, no order! I need hangers that all match, tubs that go together, visually closets should be nice, it houses so much of where we spend money! Purses, clothing, shoes, those pieces that we invest in deserve a beautiful place and to be well organized and seen so we don’t neglect them.

This also cuts down on having to iron again!

Grab a few of these Xangar spacers in your preferred color –


And vola! Your closet is so beautifully spaced! No squishing or wrinkles in your fresh pressed clothes.

diana-elizabeth-blog-fashion-blogger-organized-closet-xanger-spacers-hanger_0027 diana-elizabeth-blog-fashion-blogger-organized-closet-xanger-spacers-hanger_0026

They glide easily back and forth so you can easily access your clothing. They are super light weight, too.

You can color code your closet, or you can even just pick a his or hers side *wink*


The touch is so visually beautiful, it looks like a boutique. Xangar spacers are perfect organization lovers because you can see your clothes better and outfit plan with ease. For minimalists, these would allow you to keep space for only those items you truly love! If you prefer, you can use a select amount of spacers for the part of your closet for the pieces you don’t want smashed – it’s a lovely closet luxury – and so affordable. The other night when I went to Adele I had a different top in mind but it was so wrinkly and smashed in the back and I thought, “Shoot, I need to use Xangars back there!”

If you have a small closet, basic, walk-in, closet suite, there are suggestions on how many packs you may need, and it helps with sizing, one 10 pack covers about 1 feet of closet space.


If you have a smaller closet, you can use Xangars to organize and protect your nicer clothing and dry cleaning, or use it as an encouragement to minimize – there’s that 20/80 concept (we use 20% of our things 80% of the time) – how about changing it to 100%? These would also make a great gift for him or her.

You can find Xangar spacers on QVC, and select Bed Bath and Beyond stores. Here they are on Amazon.

diana-elizabeth-blog-fashion-blogger-organized-closet-xanger-spacers-hanger_0028diana-elizabeth-blog-fashion-blogger-organized-closet-xanger-spacers-hanger_0034diana-elizabeth-blog-fashion-blogger-organized-closet-xanger-spacers-hanger_0036 diana-elizabeth-blog-fashion-blogger-organized-closet-xanger-spacers-hanger_0035

I just love a pretty, organized closet. I could have stayed in here all day. I’m now dreaming…and for one of you this will be a reality!


Photography + Styling by Scout & Briar

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Rick Chesbrough

    Diane: Thanks so much for the closet organization lesson. I am an inventor with a new concept in closet organization, one that I would love to show to you. Imagine closet organization “in 20 minutes for $20” That is what my new SpaceCadet device will do. Please let me know if I can send you some information. I’d love to get your thoughts.

    Best wishes,
    – Rick Chesbrough, Cleverosity Design Group, San Diego

  • Kate

    Oh this is right up my organizational alley! Love!!!


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