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Finding out if I’m full Chinese with 23andMe DNA

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“That’s not fair, I want to do it. Your results are going to be boring, all China,” said Benjamin.
“Yep, it will just show I’m full Chinese,” I joked back.

But am I really full blooded Chinese? 23andMe, is about to tell me (and you) if I am or not – with a saliva collection kit.

And yes – you are going to find out if I am IN THIS VERY POST!

23andMe gift idea kit what is inside

We had a large family reunion when I was very young, lots of aunties and uncles and cousins that I never knew, too many to keep track after my great grandfather came over to America. I know my dad’s side of the family came from China, my great grandfather was a tutor for the last emperor of China. My mom’s family moved to Taiwan from China – the end.

With 23andMe you’ll discover your ancestry through your DNA – you may not know all the stories but you can get a bit of your history and maybe it’ll encourage you to find out more if you so wish! I was talking about this kit while in Illinois with Benjamin’s side of the family and it seemed like everyone had heard of someone who did it, or wanted to try it themselves. Can you imagine the fun discussions after you find your results?

Right now they have special holiday offers through December 26. I bought one for Benjamin for our anniversary – you know, since he whined he wanted one. He was so thrilled when he opened the box.

23andMe gift idea kit what is inside

There are two personal genetic services – 1) Ancestry Service and 2) Health and Ancestry Service. You can pick which one, each are a different cost. You will get an email in 6-8 weeks telling me about your DNA ancestry.

I just had to follow the easy instructions of saliva sent in my kit, just dropped it off at the post office when I had to pick up Christmas stamps anyway. Are you ready?

23andMe gift idea

Here are my results!

Oh my I am .2% Ashkenazi Jewish?! How rad!  It shows my timeline of my ancestors, “You most likely had a fourth great-grandparent, fifth great-grandparent, sixth great-grandparent, or seventh great (or greater) grandparent who was 100% Ashkenazi Jewish. This person was likely born between 1710 and 1800.” Now it’s time to do some research! I looked up Ashkenazi Jewish and Wikipedia says Ashkenazim originate from the Jews who settled along the Rhine River, in Western Germany and Northern France.

Benjamin was so interested. We got our reactions on film! I text my girlfriend from college who is Jewish and she said, “Hello sister!!!! I always knew we had a tie ;)” and I laughed so hard.

So exciting!! I’m so glad I got my results to share with you in time for this post! This kit would make for a great gift that’s personal – check out the holiday offers through December 26 here and get a kit for yourself or your family today!

Here’s the video when I found out –

And if you’ve had a 23andMe done please tell me what you found out, were you surprised?

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


  • Ljiljana Whitney

    I did mine trough Ansistry and just got
    my results back. I am 59% Eastern European 20% Italian /Greek and 2%

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Well we knew most of that right?? ;) Any surprises for you in there? I love knowing the percentage so fun!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Well knew most of that right?? ;) Any surprises for you in there? I love knowing the percentage so fun!

  • Angela

    This is cool!! So interesting.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I think you need to try it ;) I need to decide who to give a 23andMe kit to, my mom or dad. I will know who the Jewish person came from then ;) xo

  • Christina


    You probably have ancestors who were part of one of these Jewish groups.

  • Carl

    I saw the the WikiPedia link about Kaifeng, posted by Christina.
    I have a second theory. There was some business, that took silk and porcelain from China to the west, going on in the history. And I suppose some European Judes made a living by trading such products from the Far East, which could lead to a contact between Aschkenasim people and Chinese people.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Carl, my aunt said the same thing about the Silk Road (?) It’s pretty cool! :) Thanks for being here and reading, I appreciate your comment!

  • Wana

    I can’t wait for my results. I have gotten it shipped out from London on 3rd March but it only arrives at the lab on 21st March. Right now, its still at the analysing stage. How long more? Anxious much.

    Just like yourself, I think mine will be mainly Chinese too though I am a mix of Chinese and another race. But doubt that 23andMe recognizes my other race. I will be very surprise if they do. Also, its not very common for people of my other race actually do this 23andMe ancestry test. I think I am that 1 in a million (from my that other race) who has been wondering what am I made of. Haha.

    Can’t wait! :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Wana! I know its so exciting!! Well now you have me curious on your other race!! Please tell! 23andMe tends to be less specific like just telling me I’m Chinese and Southeast Asian and I had to break it down to Wegene to get more data on that so you may want to try it after you get your results. :)

  • Andrew

    I’ve noticed several East Asians getting trace scores of European, and other odd things, like North African. Have your parents shown any interest in testing? Getting them to connect with you on this site will really help make your results as accurate as possible.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Andrew, my parents actually have no interest in getting tested, they really think they are 100% Asian and refuse to believe the .2% lol. I mean it could be noise too?? Maybe I’ll do a special this Christmas when they do the 2 for $100 again and have them take it!

  • Demi

    Omg, this is so cool!
    I want to try this but I’m so scared since they have rights to your DNA or something like that! Really cool that you’re 0.2% Ashkenazi Jewish!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I’ve heard that, but I also worked with the brand so… hahah I had no choice. I shared a video of it on YouTube and got so many hate comments from other Asians because I got excited about my .2% Ashkenazi Jewish!! Sheesh! I had to disable those comments on YT, different crowd! I’m like wait you guys, I know I’m Chinese I look at my face every day, I’m excited to find out I have any kind of non-Asian in me because that’s surprising!


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