Lilly Pulitzer Pajama Christmas Party: 13 Years

Lilly Pulitzer pajama party 2018 girls pajama Christmas party girls on bed sleepover - lifestyle blogger Diana elizabethFeaturing: Pajamas from Lilly Pulitzer (c/o) all wearing size small

Our 13th pajama Christmas party! Can you believe it? I can’t. I never imagined that after our first Christmas party which was not a pajama party, that we would continue this tradition every year.

And yet here we are again, 13 years of friendship behind us with so many memories that bond us for a lifetime. A huge thanks and appreciation to Lilly Pulitzer from all of us for providing us for the second year with the most comfortable, luxurious pajamas. My heart is bursting with my love for the Lilly brand and their generosity of support.

The girls couldn’t stop talking about how soft and lightweight they were, they are so in love with them and grateful. And this year, Lilly has added mix and match long sleeved tops! I love how comfy they are that I bought my mom a pair for Christmas.

In a few months this glass door will be gone and we can see a new room, tall ceilings and lots of light, I cannot wait!

This was the tablescape. I found the pink tablecloth at Home Goods, used shell placemats that my mom gave me and the shell napkin rings too. I picked up some fresh garland from Trader Joe’s and used white lily’s in the floral decor.

I decided to place the Lilly Pulitzer pajamas on each girl’s assigned seat. I set it up on Thursday night to test it out how I liked it and also take photos because I knew the night I hosted I wouldn’t have enough time.

Christmas dinner party sleepover slumber party Lilly pulitzer pajamas
Christmas dinner party sleepover slumber party Lilly pulitzer pajamas

Christmas dinner party sleepover slumber party Lilly pulitzer pajamas

These shell placemats received so many compliments, they are from the Philippines and my mom had them forever! I’ve grown up eating on these placemats for lots of holiday parties growing up. The shell floral napkin rings are hers too. Thanks mom for letting me enjoy them!

Now you know where I get my love of hostessing from.

Plates by Ballard Designs from this tablescape decor in red and green, and the linen napkins from Minted – see it in this pink airy tablescape I created.woodland theme Christmas dinner party sleepover slumber party Lilly pulitzer pajamas

I have a woodland theme (is that what you call it?) and I had over decorated the tree and realized how I didn’t like the red and green felt wool balls in the tree so I removed it and instantly I loved my tree.

It shows you don’t need to overdo it. Altho, it probably looks like I did, haha!Christmas dinner party sleepover slumber party Lilly pulitzer pajamas

Christmas dinner party sleepover slumber party Lilly pulitzer pajamas

See the glimpses of fun that night I posted on my Instastories (visit original blog post this doesn’t show in RSS feed) –

When people hear about our party which started in our twenties, they wonder what has made not only our party tradition but our friendships last this long. And my answer are a few things – 1) our commitment to each other over the years, by spending LOTS of time together in our twenties 2) attending celebrations, baby showers, all of it, 3) always communicating through group text whether we can or cannot attend things – just communicating in general 4) accepting each other as we are and constantly forgiving and loving each other over the years. We don’t fight but we have apologized, or been frustrated and just move on. Some things are NOT worth freaking out over and no one is perfect and we know our strengths and weaknesses and we love each other as they are!

Lilly Pulitzer pajama party 2018 girls pajama Christmas party girls on bed sleepover - lifestyle blogger Diana elizabeth

I thought I’d share some tips on how to start a girl Christmas party tradition – I know Christmas parties may have passed but you know what, it’s never too late, maybe start one Christmas Eve, it can be casual, you never know who may show up! It can grow from there. Or do one for New Year’s and next year move it up for Christmas!


  • Decide if it’s an exclusive group or an open invitation to all (but still limit the number). Remember once people show up, they should get an invitation the following year. It’s ideal if all of you have something in common and everyone feels woven together through an experience or an industry. In our case we are all pageant sisters having competed together at different times in the Miss America and Miss USA system (we have a Miss Arizona USA and Miss Arizona in our group).
  • Potluck or you host all of it? We did potluck until I decided I wanted complete control over the menu and eating time. You have to know your friends and decide if it’s worth asking for help or you host all of it. I know everyone doesn’t mind pitching in, and I also enjoy being able to cater it because to me food is such a huge part of the experience and I like to provide that as well as decorate!
  • Find a date that works for everyone, or at least almost everyone. We make it a priority as much as we can to make it, not every year it’s perfect attendance with life, babies, emergencies, sickness. I stay longer in town if I have to, one flies in early if she must and another will drive back in time. Seeing this dedication puts US first and shows everyone else that our friendship and this event matters to us all which encourages us to be the same.
  • Decide on party games – we socialize, have a sit down dinner (I now cater and cook), and take an hour to take photos (it’s an activity), then we do a gift exchange, then play Left Center Right with money for fun. The larger the group the more exciting as $3 x 6 is only $18. This year we did $5, $1, $1 and next year we talked about everyone bringing thee $5 bills.
  • Don’t put so much pressure on creating traditions, try everything and see what sticks and if you want to do it again.
  • Honor the requests. If there’s a request to bring cookies for a cookie exchange, please put in the effort. And if there’s a theme for pajamas, please show up in it. Being in sync with each other is what makes the bond fun, don’t be so serious!
  • If you can’t do an evening, pick a morning. We did this on year 3 or 4, we couldn’t find a date so we got together for breakfast and made it work. I wouldn’t be surprised if we change it to be at a restaurant or lunch, just be flexible and remember it’s about being together.
  • Realize people may come and go. Friendships change, people move away, and there are no hard feelings! You can always continually invite them (if you think they are receptive to the invite) or if you’ve really parted ways, let it be. Enjoy each other while you are in one another’s lives and be thankful always for the time spent even if they aren’t around any longer. And if someone doesn’t show, remember it’s not about who DOESN’T show up, but those who DO.
  • Be generous. Have the mentality to give, to show up and help, to provide whatever you can to make it special for everyone. You may not walk away with more than you brought, but that’s the point of the holidays, giving and being present.
  • Help with the dishes. If you are a guest, pitch in with clean up. It’s like family. My friends all know where everything goes and we divvy up the food that’s left since I often head out of town the next day.

Can you tell we have fun together? I didn’t photoshop these lights, I used wire lights in front of the lens, this was so fun to create.

Lilly Pulitzer pajama party 2018 girls pajama Christmas party girls on bed sleepover - lifestyle blogger Diana elizabeth

I really encourage all of you to start traditions, find deep meaningful friendships and it all starts with you putting yourself out there and investing time in others. Friendships are everything to me and what makes my heart beat.

Thank you again Lilly Pulitzer for the fun pajamas, I love you Lilly Pulitzer team and appreciate your support more than you know.

Sending you all so much love this Christmas season and wishing you all could have joined our pajama party! xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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