It’s rosey in my office

Print: Minted c/o / Size shown: 30 x 40 with matte brass frame
HUGE Minted anniversary art sale going on now!

This doesn’t count as a remodel! I have to say that because you may be wondering wait, are you still working on your home office? I’m working on every room all the time, darling. As the One Kings Lane motto is, Design is never done.

As my office space took shape after the last redesign, I had started first with the family heirloom quilt belonging to my husband’s side of the family, a wedding gift given to us, made by his three great aunts in 1934. I still enjoy it, but even from this post when I was putting it together, the office style my style has evolved since 2015. Welcome to being married to me.

I will find a new place for the quilt – to be used or displayed as I think it’s important to use heirlooms and enjoy them during your lifetime before you pass it along to family. In it’s original place is now this gorgeous print from Minted (art sale going on now!). The Instagram story response was ridiculous, apparently this is the print lots of ladies are wanting – I also think it has a lot to do with that sexy matte brass frame.



I kinda feel like I could’ve gotten a bigger frame – but then I’d probably be back to an over consumed wall like with the quilt.

This image was captured by Oanh Tran who is from Zurich, Switzerland and an architect! This is 1 of 350 printed in the size, which I kinda love Minted does that – they are special!

Flush lamp: CB2 with glass cut bulb

Next, I replaced the bird cage chandelier (for sale if anyone wants).

The wall to the right of the print, I’m wondering if I should do some gallery frames from CB2 and put my travel photos in there – or leave it blank? I removed a lot of my frames because I think too many can create a bit of clutter and I would rather they be displayed in frames on the wall. What do you think? Sometimes I think the eyes need a visual break.

I put most of my photos that aren’t in frames in this album from Kate Spade.

I’m also going to be selling my antique English painted dresser, it’s listed on Craigslist now. I might just do my gallery wall in it’s place and put my things in the closet. It’s funny how the more “containers” or drawers we have to house things the more we just have “things.”

After our hipster yard sale in January, I realized the more bins I just let go, the better off I was condensing my items. But you know me, I might not be a total minimalist, but I am a constant purger!

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Photo by Melissa Schollaert. Makeup and hair by Lizzy Marsh. Styled by Angela Saban.