My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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assistant-diana-elizabeth-148 Marla in Hungtington Beach, Calif.

Today is a late post – I didn’t have one scheduled, and I have yet to get started on my day.  But because my heart is heavy, I figured I’d post for my weekend readers who catch up on their blog reading for the week.  Thanks for inviting me into your life and letting me share mine.

I love this photo because that’s exactly where I’d like to be right now, toes in the sand and water in California.  When you look at the ocean and you think, pray, and try to find hope in that space where the sun meets the ocean line.  Maybe you cry, maybe you sit quietly and breathe in deeply as you listen to the waves and the cool soft breeze tosses your short pieces of hair across your face.  That’s where I’m picturing myself right now – it’s my reset place.

Remember the post about my imperfect sibling relationship? That was just in June, and well, today is my brother’s birthday and he’s decided yesterday to cut ties and block my number from reaching his – all over email.  I know for most of you, you don’t do that, especially to family, but this is my sibling, and this is what he does and thinks is acceptable.  Despite his attacking words, I still decided to call him only to find that my call cannot be completed due to his block, this morning.  And my heart is broken, and I’m sitting here crying, tears streaming down my cheeks and pudding in my lap because I’m just sad.  I’m sad because I feel like there’s nothing I can do, or continue to do to make anything work.

Your family dynamic is probably so much lovelier than mine.  You probably live down the street from your siblings, have each other over for dinner weekly, and have the blood is thicker than water bond. Your sibling probably doesn’t defriend you on Facebook for the third time. The truth is, we don’t get to pick our family or siblings.  If you get along today, it’s because you choose to have the relationship that you do, which is priceless, lovely, and I’m sure incredibly gratifying to your parents.  My poor parents are currently in the holy land of Israel (getting baptized in the Jordan River) on a church vacation and was CC’d on the correspondence.

So while we all have our struggles in life, this is mine.  You can find success in one area, fall short in another, neither of which you have much control over.  While I share my highs with you, I wanted to be transparent and show my low, hoping that you know, God is in control, and to love and live your life, just as it has been given to you with and without the relationships you may have. I find peace that the bible is full of stories, of struggles, of imperfect relationships with family and at the end, God can still be glorified, so I cling to that truth.

Happy Birthday little brother.




My talented Associate Photographer April met up with Alexis and Barry and their two rescue dogs, Cocoa and Maddie to capture some fun, lovable portraits.

Barry is a baseball player who recently relocated to Phoenix and wife Alexis is a former NBA dancer (who has amazing hair, and great taste in shoes) and currently runs an animal rescue organization called The Loving Paw.  They are both ambassadors for Athletes for Animals, and Cocoa and Maddie have the cutest personalities as you’ll see.  Check out The Loving Paw’s product line on Etsy here.

phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw001 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw003 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw004 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw005 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw006 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw007 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw008 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw024 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw009 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw010 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw011 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw012 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw023 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw013 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw014 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw016 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw017 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw018 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw019 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw020 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw021 phoenix-arizona-portrait-photographer-alexis-barry-the-loving-paw022

{Photos by Diana Elizabeth Associate Photographer, April, edited by Diana Elizabeth}


My Work

IMG_0911 Sweatshirt: Banana Republic / Stripe shirt: French Connection / Bracelet: J.Crew / Jeans: Paige Denim (similar) / Watch: Tissot (similar)

Have you seen the new look of Banana Republic?  This news is a few months old but I figured I’d still chat a bit about it since the fall line is out.

It’s been years since I stepped into a BR.  To be frank, I wasn’t too impressed with their clothing options any more, I left the corporate world, and Mr. Wonderful has never been a fan of their men’s clothing quality – preferring Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren.  During that time, I had wandered over to J.Crew and declared myself a devotee when Jenna Lyons came on board (see what a creative director can do for a line?) and stayed put since then.

Since Marissa Webb stepped on the scene as the new creative director months ago, I find myself gravitating towards the store again just for another glance.


Marissa wears a lot of black stilettos, I’m venturing back to the heels, mainly nudes, but I love these Steve Madden leather d’Orsay flats - also available in gold.


It was a high pony day.  My eyebrows are growing out nicely aren’t they?  That’s for another post.


Have you checked out BR since Marissa took over?  Would love to know what you think and if you’ve bought anything.




Last week I caught up with my darling Kate at Kierland Commons – an outdoor shopping area in Scottsdale.  I was craving some French cuisine, so Zinc Bistro was our designated spot – plus it’s located across from Anthropologie, so double win there.  Actually, make that triple because the weather is divine now and we sat outside.

I didn’t see espresso on the menu, but knowing the restaurant was French, I asked, as if I were back in the South of France.

espresso-nice Nice, France

When the little Illy espresso cup came out, I squealed inside.  If you haven’t had a lot espresso in your life, let me tell you how incredibly wonderful espresso is – it’s like an unexpected sweet condensed latte in the tiniest warm cup topped off with a tasty mini biscuit.  The presentation itself makes you feel like a lady.  What I love most about espresso is I can drink it within a few sips whereas I find I nurse my iced lattes for hours (probably meaning I don’t really like the beans).  Plus, it’s what the French do, so you know it’s tres chic.

Here’s one of my espressos I had in Marseille this past summer.

illy-french-espresso-popular Marseille, France

After some Google research, I found everything I needed to bring some of that French goodness to my own kitchen.  I thought I’d share it with you if there are any of you who want to dive into the espresso world. I already have an espresso machine, if you like lattes (which have espresso shots with milk) check out an earlier post I wrote about how to make your own at home lattes here.

illy-espresso-french-what-you-need Ground Espresso Coffee $15Set of 4 gold plated espresso spoons,$13 (in silver) / Signature illy logo espresso cups, set of 4, $35 (another option)


Don’t forget one sugar cube (white or brown), and a cute little biscotti or biscuit (Biscoff shown here)!  Enjoy!

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