My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I enjoy traveling, home improvement projects, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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Remember this time of the year, last year?  I was on the front website of Kokoon’s store.  I was asked to model again for their sales meeting preview party at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale.


These are going to be iPhone photos, sorry about that, but it’s hard enough to try to get your husband to take a shot knowing there’s also a flash delay on a point and shoot.  Lucky for me, the Kokoon sales reps are always the sweetest and emailed us some phone pics.


This is Amber who modeled for Kokoon’s Spring 2015 line!  She is such a happy genuine sweetheart – I was excited to see her again.  She opened the show.


This aqua dress also comes in navy and the fabric itself comes in tops and shorts.  I put in an order for the navy shorts. I modeled a pair and fell in love, you would too!  So for informal modeling, you just walk around and stop and let people take photos of you, feel the fabric and answer any questions they might have.  Then when you feel like they have seen enough, you walk to the other part of the room.

I tend to pose for a long time having been a former pageant girl.  I like to lock eyes with every person as if they were a judge, ha!

20150109_192937 20150109_193248

This was also a fantastic night because it was the night I met my new agency.  I’ve been acting/modeling for almost 15 years and have moved agencies for growth, career direction, and for several reasons that happen in your life.  Several industry friends have moved or been a part of The Agency for a while so the transition seemed natural for me.

I met them on a Friday night, and a few emails over the weekend, I signed with them that following Monday afternoon!  It’s so exciting to start this new year with a new agency who supports me and my career ambitions.


 I’ve had my eye on moving for over a year, and this time I believe was destiny – kinda that opportunity that I needed to just do it!  So you can now find me at The Agency Arizona!

Back to Kokoon, their spring line debuts February 1 on their website.  I’ve already placed an order, and I’ll show you my top picks soon!

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Six months later I can finally share these images taken by the one and only Jasmine Star back in May at the Saguaro Hotel I blogged about in this post.  I’m only going to share the photos of Mr. Wonderful and me modeling and you can see the rest of the concept when Jasmine blogs about it.

Two things you should know – (1) Mr. Wonderful was a good sport as he was completely uncomfortable with the way his hair was slicked back – they were going for a Mad Men look for us. As soon as Jasmine took the last shot, Benjamin messed up his hair immediately!  (2) The outfits were switched on us last minute.  There was another couple modeling a concept that day and the last minute change made for some uncomfortable sizing but it all worked out.  Oh, and let’s make that (3) Jasmine is just as fun and sweet as you imagine her to be.  We have several mutual friends in the business and I really don’t know why it took so long for us to finally connect.

Onto the pictures!  Thanks to my girlfriend Stephanie, also a very talented photographer, for setting this up!

jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger013 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger001 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger002 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger003 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger004 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger005 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger014 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger015 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger007 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger008 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger012 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger009 jasmine-star-photography-saguaro-hotel-wedding-model-diana-elizabeth-phoenix-blogger010

This shot was completely Benjamin’s idea – LOL.  He was pretty excited about this.


Photographer: Jasmine Star / Location: Saguaro Hotel / Set Stylist: In the Now Weddings / Linens: La Tavola / Vendor Coordination: Your Cloud Parade / Floral Design: Butterfly Petals / Hair and Makeup: Babydoll Weddings / Cake: Piece of Cake Desserts

Here’s a little behind the scene video:

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I wrote two different draft posts and both were way too cynical or sounded like I was trying to be a philosopher so I trashed them.  So I’ll keep this light – because we’re going into the weekend and because life is too short to complain and we need more encouragement instead of focusing the negative things in life (not ignore them, just focus less on them).

 This week, and more or less these past 12 months I’ve been shaking the pebbles out of my shoes and gathering balloons.

In other words, I’m getting rid of the things that annoy me and weight me down, and finding the things that lift me up.

Not because people, businesses, items, or anything of the sort are bad – and they are also not easily dispensable by any means. It’s a tough thing when you realize what’s good and what’s not working anymore, the refinement process can be a tough one – especially when you really liked it before.  It hurts when you’re the person ditched, too.

A perfect example is Taco Bell, I love the NBG – Nacho Bell Grande!  Been ordering that bad but good food for years until I got real sick and swore I just had to break it off.  Sometimes I get sad when I drive by, but I know it’s for the better because I’m also trying to eat healthier. No hard feelings TB, perhaps I changed, or they changed, whatever it was, that was my wakeup call, but we had good times.

So in terms of business, and your personal life, the challenging thing is there will be people who weave in and out of your path.  Some will leave you with a little bruise on your heart, and some will hug your heart and take off, but hopefully as time goes on, you can look back and just focus on all the good and when you needed them around as you continue on your way collecting more balloons.  And some people are just acquaintances so don’t let that bother you if they disappear and don’t end up to anything more than a happy casual hello.

If you’re ever on the receiving end of the punch to the stomach or heart, remember how you felt which will hopefully in return treat and respond to others kindly, no matter what they do or where they are in life – remember you’ve been there once too.  And let’s always first focus on ourselves than what other people are doing to us, be happy for others in their success, and not make everything to be a competition, but instead, be inspired by one another.  This world is plenty big for everyone to share and be who they are.


{See Emmy and Ian’s engagement session}

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blue-apron-blogger-food-fashion-meal-111 Southern Beef & Collard Green Stew (pdf here)

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know how much I dislike cooking.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s like a -2.  I don’t even like making a sandwich.  I know, so ungodly of me.

Anyway, I discovered Blue Apron thanks to other fashion bloggers who swore by it.  I thought, yeah I wish I could justify spending that much for food to be delivered, if only.  But here’s the deal – it’s not that expensive.  In fact, it’s more expensive to cook for two with all these fancy ingredients than a bigger family so going out almost seems worth it.

diana-elizabeth-blog-113 diana-elizabeth-blog-114

Everything comes in a box, all the ingredients portioned out for you, and we do a meal for 2, but we don’t eat much so our portions are for 4!  We feel like we won the lottery with this.  They also come with PDFs of the steps and it’s so easy with photos it makes me enjoy cooking (I just don’t like the shopping part, hence our grocery delivery).


Recipes on their site are free, this dish in particular I want to make again.  We have it delivered once a week and for 3 meals (but often there are leftovers) which works great for us since the other nights we’re either going out to eat or I can whip up one of my frozen meals I created a few months ago.


Just wanted to share for anyone who is like me and is not a fan of cooking or intimidated.  You can really cook!  This isn’t a sponsored post, just had to share something that really improved my life and health!  More information on Blue Apron here.

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The details of this reception was just too beautiful to not share.  With a location that overlooks the Hudson River, Courtney and Aaron’s reception felt like a Brooks Brothers catalog.  Complete with a tent, outdoor games, fashionable guests enjoying a spectacular view and food from a wood burning pizza truck.

We snuck away for a quick 15 minutes to capture a few shots around the grounds of Boscobel House and Gardens before rehearsal dinner.

diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel001 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel002 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel003 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel007 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel008 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel009 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel005 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel010 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel012 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel013 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel014 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel011 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel015 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel016 diana-elizabeth-photography-phoenix-arizona-wedding-photographer-hudson-river-new-york-garrison-fishkill-wedding-outdoor-reception-rehearsal-tent-Boscobel017

Location: Boscobel House and Gardens / Event planner: Susan Caissy Caruso Special Events / Pizza Truck: Pizza Luca New York

See Aaron and Courtney’s Upstate New York wedding here.

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“When it’s dark look for stars”  I love that perspective, isn’t it true about how we should view life?  Spiritual Gangster tank here (c/0)

When it comes to layering, basics are great but I think a little printed tank can add some personality and style to layered look.  I’m also wearing my jade bangle more. It’s so hard to squeeze it on, but the Chinese consider jade as a very precious stone, there’s a lot of jewelry with jade because they believe it protects the one who wears it.  Growing up mom always told me these stories of kids falling from stories of buildings but surviving but their jade necklace or bracelet broke.  So you’ll see babies with jade bracelets and necklaces often.

spiritual-gangster-harlem-pant-stay-gold-hoodie-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona011 spiritual-gangster-harlem-pant-stay-gold-hoodie-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona001 spiritual-gangster-harlem-pant-stay-gold-hoodie-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona002 spiritual-gangster-harlem-pant-stay-gold-hoodie-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona003 Tank: Spiritual Gangster (c/0) / Chambray top: Forever 21 (similar) / Gold bar rhinestone earrings: similar (another version) / Jeans: Paige Denim / Bangle: Jade from mom (similar) / Gold cuff: Bahgsu Jewels / Wedge booties: Lucky (similar, similar, love these)

I always get compliments on this particular lipgloss by NYX, above.  It’s a light pink and it’s my go-to color.  I hear bloggers pronounce it like one word, “nix” which also leaves me confused so I say it both ways.  It’s butter gloss in eclair. I just use it alone.

The other night at the movies I don’t know why Mr. Wonderful brought up my favorite color, pink.  I then said, “Well, I think my favorite color is gold.”  And he just busted up laughing and I didn’t understand what was so funny.  But this hoodie, Stay Gold, I mean so appropriate for me.

spiritual-gangster-harlem-pant-stay-gold-hoodie-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona009 spiritual-gangster-harlem-pant-stay-gold-hoodie-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona006

I also love harlem pants.  I know men find them kinda strange looking like MC Hammer style, but they are sooooo comfortable.  These have pockets too!  I later changed into Uggs to make this outfit super comfy.  I like to dress up but the truth is, at home I love dressing down and I find it a complete luxury to be able to be in comfy clothes and work at the same time.  Don’t feel any guilt!

This is my new lipstick I traded six empties for – MAC Pink Nouveau.  I discovered it while watching YouTube makeup tutorials which I could easily get sucked into for an hour!

spiritual-gangster-harlem-pant-stay-gold-hoodie-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona007 spiritual-gangster-harlem-pant-stay-gold-hoodie-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona008 Cross Necklace: Jennifer Zeuner / Tank: J.Crew / Hoodie: Spiritual Gangster (c/0) / Pants: Spiritual Gangster (c/o) Flats: Steve Madden

I’m wearing size small in Spiritual Gangster.

Equipment used: Sony NEX-5R (c/o), 18-55mm (c/o)

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For our Christmas shoot, we headed to the desert five minutes away.

I know in Arizona many prefer to shoot in green fields because they are hard to find, but we thought since we live in the desert that we should embrace it and show our family and friends out of state where we live.  This can sometimes be difficult for me to admit being from the beauty of Northern California, but I’ve started to treasure the neutral yet magnificent backdrop of the desert.

melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits015 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits014 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits007 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits011 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits010 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits008 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits009 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits006 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits004 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits002 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits001 melissa-schollaert-diana-elizabeth-portraits012

{Photos by Melissa Schollaert / Makeup and hair by Lizzy Marsh}

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