My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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Rarely did brides think about the hanger that was holding their dress years ago.  When I first started photographing weddings I brought along my own dress hanger (seen above) –  a sweet, sturdy and gorgeous one from my girlfriends who own Uptown Bridal & Boutique. It was quite large, and I eventually lost it, leaving it at a venue. *sad face*

wedding-dress-hanger-4 wedding-dress-hanger05

If you’re a photographer just starting to shoot weddings and you’re finding your brides are overlooking the hanger situation – consider buying one and bringing it.  I can’t tell you how much a pretty hanger compliments a dress and a plastic one doesn’t do much.  It’s a small investment to attract the client who loves the details and also improves your dress shot.  However, if you do happen to only have a clear one, don’t freak out, shoot the dress shot, hide it tucked in branches, or just shoot it and don’t show it on your blog – if it bothers you.

wedding-dress-hanger-2 wedding-dress-hanger-3

Please note that hotel hangers won’t suffice at times, sometimes they are on a peg or the hanger top is mini – so on the safe side, provide your own, even if it’s a basic wood one, like I decided, see here.


A few of my favorites from around the web, this sequin, a monogrammed, and your new last name in wire  - please check that these are strong enough to hold your gown.


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This past week two girlfriends of mine have been texting me for advice on Hunter boots.  I’m an owner of 3 pairs – the two you see on this post and a gray wedge (no longer available).

I know we are approaching the season in which these will come in real handy in some parts of the country (mine was this summer during monsoon season), so I wanted to give you some quick tips on buying your first pair of Hunter boots.


6 Things to know about Hunter Boots

  1. Don’t buy online unless you have tried them on and know your size.  They are unpredictable in size.  If you want to buy online, you could buy multiple sizes from an online store that offers free shipping and returns.
  2. If you are in between sizes and you live in really cold weather, consider adding a boot sock to add warmth and make up the size difference.  Know what length you need as they come in different lengths.
  3. If you wear a boot sock, put the boot sock on first and then put your foot in the shoe.  Don’t try to leave the sock in and then put your foot in, it won’t work.
  4. Don’t wear your Hunters without socks if they are already tight.  I did so in a hurry and within 2 minutes regretted it but it was too late – I was driving.  My feet were sweating and I had one heck of a time for 10 minutes trying to get them off, they suctioned to my feet, I almost started to panic.
  5. Your Hunters will have a white paste from sweating, you will need to use a Hunter buffer solution to get it out.  Don’t use olive oil like a blog post says, tried it, doesn’t work.
  6. If you have wide calfs – consider the Hunter short boot which will not restrict your calf.  The Huntress Welly claims to have more calf space, so check that out too.

When it comes to picking out what style or color, think about when you’ll be wearing it – what season and what a majority of you clothing colors are.  I would love to own a hot pink pair because the idea sounds fun but most of the colors I wear in the fall are greens, browns, black, deep oranges and grays which go well with the colors I decided to invest in – grey, orange, and an olive/brown.

You can also pick from glossy or matte with colors.  The Huntress Welly is a basic design, more for gardening, being on the farm, around horses.  For wear, the Original Tall Rain Boot is it (like my orange ones above).

Then think about when you will wear them – in the garden picking grapefruit?


If you plan on jumping and out of them often, consider the Hunter short boot.  It’s lower on the calf and will be easier to slip on and off unlike the taller ones.

If I could buy one more pair, I would either buy the Regent-Carlyle or Regent Savoy Riding Boot, you know I dig that equestrian riding look.


Happy Hunter boot shopping!


{Photos by Melissa Schollaert / Makeup and hair by Lizzy Marsh / Styled by Angela Saban}



 (1) Juice Press / (2) Slow cooker / (3) Strawberry slicer / (4) Compact Egg Slicer  / (5) Salad Shooter

Things I like to do: Eat, sleep, travel.  Things I don’t like to do: Cook, bake, or clean up a cooking or baking mess.

So with that said, when I was single I ate out a lot (isn’t that what dating was for?) and there was nothing wrong with cereal for breakfast and dinner.  Then I got married and realized my duties had to expand beyond the ready-made box pantry and being a Proverbs 31 wife doesn’t come naturally for some of us.  Some excel in sewing, knitting, crafts and such while others excel in the kitchen (yes that was me trying to justify my existence and value).

I found a few things that have helped me tremendously in the kitchen that I thought I would share for the kitchen-challenged.  Things that just make it easier, tolerable, if you will.

  1. We have a citrus farm in the back – limes, grapefruit, pink lemon, juicing things make this easier.  We have a similar one, ours is from Pottery Barn but it makes the process fun when we try to freeze our juices.
  2. Crockpot = Lifesaver.  If you are single you can do away with a smaller one around $50.  Even this crockpot size is a bit big for the two of us, but when you load it, it gets smaller.  Thanks to Tastefully Simple, with minimal ingredients they sell, you can create frozen crockpot recipes (they provide) and I made 20 2-person meals in two hours!  Drop in a few things before work, turn it on, dinner is served when you are back.
  3. From strawberry ice cream to strawberries in oats, slicing is so bor-ing so this heavy duty strawberry slicer comes in handy.
  4. Egg slicer! This one has kept up with our madness.  I must have an egg on my salad or I feel like it’s missing something.
  5. You thought they didn’t exist any longer!  We use our Salad Shooter for grating cheese when I make some wicked mac and cheese.  Who likes to grate cheese?  Ugh, how about your fingers too?  I also do slices of apples when I make bircher museli.

Again, I’m an incredibly lazy kitchen girl, unmotivated.  So my recipes I list are called “Easy Recipes” and the things – just about all the things in my life are conveniences because you and I know if we can’t find that much natural joy in it, we want it done quick – so we can move onto the next thing.  In my case, anything else!



I was on my way driving West to meet up with my girlfriend for breakfast.  I flipped down the visor to block the sun, decided to do a little “how do I look?” in the mirror when I realized, OH MY GOSH I’M ORANGE!

Line from neck to chin – oh dear.  I start rubbing, I start thanking God I’m meeting one of my best friends who won’t judge me, but gosh dang it, what the heck?  Didn’t I graduate from high school beauty mishaps?  Apparently not.  Then I blamed it on the fact I was wearing my summer makeup colors – but I’m sure my summer makeup colors were wrong too.

So after breakfast, I stopped by my favorite store, Saks Fifth Avenue. I sat with a lovely woman at the Laura Mercier counter and she helped me for two hours.  Yeah, you know what that means – spendy, spendy.  However, the attention I got was exactly what I wanted, and I was prepared.  I was tired of using cheap makeup, guessing my colors, and just winging it.  I felt like I wasted so much of my youth with cheap colors, makeup and not know what I was doing, I needed professional help.

I wanted help with:

  • An everyday light coverage foundation
  • A medium coverage foundation for my auditions/night’s out
  • Introduction to the caviar eye shadows

What I also got was:

  • Understanding the foundation primer
  • A new way to line my eyes to make them bigger
  • Makeup techniques
  • The correct shade!
  • The correct shade of bronzer for winter – goodbye orange!

I don’t recall having anything by Laura Mercier, I picked her line from a recommendation by a blogger friend of mine.   Most items start around $25, so don’t be intimidated by non drugstore cosmetics, you can afford it!


I’m going to be real with you, I typically do not spend a big chunk of dough on money all at once like I did.  However I know I have it right, I’m confident of it.  The colors, the new brushes, the primer and two foundations and a bronzer, I’m so excited.  I know that I won’t be testing other colors or wandering the makeup aisle because I’m pretty set, and the next time I need anything is for a replacement or summer colors. That to me is worth it, splurge for quality and getting it right so you don’t spend more in the long run.

Have you ever been to a beauty counter to get professional consultation?



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