My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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After reading Unfancy’s concept about a minimalistic wardrobe by using only 37 pieces of clothing (including shoes) in her seasonal wardrobe of 3 months I felt like I was being challenged.  She also allows herself $500 for each new season, if necessary.  Some things roll over to the next season (like spring into summer, and fall into winter).  The best news – no limit on accessories or lounge wear, though once you do this you will want to go through your pj/lounge drawer.  She also has a similar lifestyle to me – she’s a blogger and photographer so now the concept sounded hopeful.

37 probably won’t fly with me.  So I said, let’s try 50.

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I enjoyed 12 days with my parents and friends back home – it flew by.  My mom actually said it was a short trip until I reminded her how long I had already been home.

When I’m home, I’m quite messy.  I’m by no means diagnosed with OCD, but I don’t mind being compared to it since I am very clean.  However, when I’m home, I totally relax.  So dad asked when I would clean my bedroom and bathroom. I said, “Tuesday afternoon.”  Because that’s when I would depart and have to pack up all my junk. *wink*

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As the years have passed, it’s been harder and harder to get together with some old friends, so when we ate at TGIFriday’s last month, I thought I’d throw in an extra fun celebration – just a little celebration of time and friendship.

We met in 2006, some of us completing in the same pageant, one giving up her Miss Arizona USA title, and somehow our lives overlapped and intertwined which brought us together. Marriage, babies and the like has left us with less time (and let’s face it, energy) to meet up nearly every week like we used to.  Oh savor the youth ladies – go out with your girlfriends for dinner, the bar, group vacations, outings as much as you possibly can!


I decided to go play with the theme of “Birds of a feather, flock together.”  I found stationery from Mara Mi, I picked up on clearance at Aaron Brothers awhile back.

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bestfriends My best friend since university – Jackie.  She drove 3 hours to see me when I was home in Nor Cal.

Last year was a little tough for me.  I learned who to draw myself closer to, and away from.  My heart got bruised – but I learned to let go, forgive, and trust that space and time can heal wounds.  As the years go on, I realize that not everyone is meant to be close to you and some are not meant to carry through life with you forever – sometimes they are there for a while and God puts them there when you really need them, and life and careers can change it, but it doesn’t mean goodbye forever.  And sometimes, it does, and that’s OK, because you can still be incredibly thankful for that friend because you know you spent good time with them, and your heart did so every well when you were together.  But that was 2013.

This year, it’s almost over in a blink of an eye and I have spent the year surrounded by those who have supported me in ways I never knew I could be supported.  These past three months I’ve been spoiled being surrounded by them through visits!

When we’re young, we can make friendships with almost anyone because we don’t really know ourselves very well – and they typically are on the surface because our souls aren’t mature enough to be much deeper.  Being social is really like an extra curricular activity which is exactly what you do in your youth – do everything you can to figure yourself out.  When you get older, time is put into perspective and you realize time isn’t to be spent with just anyone.  Life experiences happen, careers change, crisis occur, babies happen, and you begin to see who lifts you up, who makes time, and also come to the realization you can’t be friends with the whole world.

But the friends who are in your world and have stayed, they become so much of your world.  They are the ones you bounce ideas off of, meet up for laughs, travel the world with, ask for prayer, advice, and they hold you accountable to be the best person they know you can be.  And those are the people who you keep in your life – the ones who can catch up as though no time has passed at all, who remind you of your spirit when you think you’ve lost it (and your brain), the goals they know you can achieve, and you delight in them and are filled with so much joy because you know a friend that good is worth their weight in gold.



I go to Anthropologie more when I’m home in Nor Cal than when I’m back in Phoenix.  I know I should say home in Phoenix, but well, we know the battle I have in my heart over California homeland and where I am now – even though I know I will love Phoenix again in a month – just give me time!  I need a break from this heat!

I want to make the above horseshoe plate stand display – I have a horseshoe that I am sure is not authentic and was probably overpriced.  I think I’ll spray paint mine gold and find some blocks of wood in our storage shed.


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I stared at the HTML coding and figured it out, just a few more coding here and there, and presto, the graphic I created was uploaded.  Little would I know the hobbies of a 15 year old would come in handy.  Then I started to think about all the other tidbits of hobbies of playing with design programs, enrolling in classes, small side projects I did as a teen that led me to where I am today – and also saves me money when I need to create.  In fact, I think knowing those things helps me jump into the next creative career.

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For Photogs

  prettymakeuppackaging Leopard Bronzer  // Bow Blush // Bow Concealer/Highlighter // Heart Makeup Sponges
Heart Mirror // Cashmere Blush // Cosmetic Brush Set (similar)

I saw the prettiest little makeup packaging when I in the cosmetics aisle at CVS.  I’m really loving the leopard print bronzer that while I don’t need bronzer, I might need that one. All of these things are under $15 and can be found at Forever21 or your local drugstore. Most in fact are under $10 and as low as $3.  Perhaps a little gift for someone special?  I don’t think the cost of a gift is as important as the thought of course, but the cuteness of packaging – now that’s what us girls squeal over, right? Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

Also if you’re looking to refresh on accessories, check out Stella & Dot’s End of Summer Sale - additional 25% off sale items! Get a head start on Christmas shopping, I’m almost done, yep.

Diana Elizabeth has the little makeup brushes from Forever21, perfect for traveling!



I often get asked by parents about how to get started in the modeling or acting industry because their young children or teen has shown interest.  After last week’s chat with a mom I figured I would write a post on how to find a modeling or acting agent.  I’m going to be straight to the point and totally honest with my 12+ years of being in the industry.

May 2013 issue of PHOENIX magazine

A few things to know

  • There are different types of businesses – modeling agencies, and modeling schools.  And somewhere in between there are cruises where agents are invited to go (they are paid a lot to attend, so they oblige) to a model search – like the ones who claim famous people like Ashton Kutcher got discovered.  These are all different businesses – not fraudulent, but just a business.
  • Models have agents.  The agent of the modeling agency (in my case FORD/Robert Black Agency) finds jobs, and gets a commission.  Typically it is 20%.  It can be less if you live in LA and you are a SAG actor.
  • You don’t need a manager unless you are some super famous person or you need a career counselor.   They too take a cut and manage you if you have several agencies.  I’m not familiar with this route, but I’ll tell you that if you are reading my blog figuring out how to get started, you probably don’t need one right now.

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Doesn’t mean you should - or at least not right now.  Or not all at one time.


I didn’t mean for that to sound discouraging.  You know I believe in pursuing your dreams, exploring ideas, being creative, trying something new – but sometimes that antsy feeling for another project can make you burn out a little sooner than you thought.

Lately, as I have begun to feel better in health, I am constantly thinking about the next thing I want to do. The reality is, I’m distracted by creating distractions.

Being creative brained and having an entrepreneur spirit has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  Before you think I’m a great go-getter (thank you I can be), I’d also like to tell you about the times that I completely changed my mind and I’m glad I did.

  1. Remember that Heirloom Home blog I started, oh, earlier this year?  Yeah, that was a terrible idea. I was more in love with the name than the idea of having a second blog.
  2. I have all the canning supplies I need, only I have yet to can. I had every intention, I took not one, but TWO canning classes – but right now it seems to be on permanent pause.
  3. Compost fail.  Well, that idea wasn’t as fun as I thought.  It’s still in the compost we created, it was just so much work and I didn’t like the smell, having to add cultures, water, oh it was just too much.  I’m just going to buy soil.  Compost could work maybe this fall again when I can actually go outside but I’m admitting I haven’t touched it for 6 months.
  4. I have yet to sign up for a barre class.  Last summer I bought tons of adorable workout clothes, a leotard included, and multiple finger toe socks so when I would finally have the time to enroll in a barre class, I had no excuse.  Yet a year later, I still have an excuse – it’s hot out.
  5. I don’t want to ever knit again.  That long amazing color block scarf I showed you here?  Well, I had one more skein (that’s a ball of yarn) to go, and I brought the whole thing home to my mom and asked her to finish it.  Looking at it bothered me – it is $120 worth of expensive New York yarn and 462 hours of time. I’m glad I learned, but now I don’t foresee knitting as a favorite past time right now.  Maybe later.
  6. I thought I wanted to sell jewelry. Now tell me if this makes much sense – I attended a jewelry party only to dislike the jewelry and researched a different line of jewelry to discover that jewelry line was coming out with another jewelry line.  I don’t do sales.  I can market, but home parties is really hard to find.  If you do any of those businesses, please tell me how because I can’t figure it out.  I love this new line but I’m going to utterly fail at doing 4 parties in one month for the soft launch and I had to pass. It still made me sad, but I just couldn’t see myself succeeding.

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