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jewelry-heirlooms-fineThe necklace I purchased over a decade ago

With my first paycheck deposited in the bank, I stared at the ripped magazine page, creases from being folded stored for future reference. I picked up the phone, dialed the New York phone number listed on the magazine page, and placed an order for the 14K gold chain necklace spaced with turquoise beads.

The price tag was a bit of a splurge for a dainty necklace, but I landed my first job in the Hollywood television industry and I wanted to mark the occasion. That was a decade ago and since then, I’ve collected fine jewelry pieces, some I buy while traveling, others have been gifts for an anniversary or birthday celebration from my husband, my best friend gave me pearls for a past birthday, and my parents who enjoy passing down family heirlooms or marking celebrations in life.

I curated a few of my favorite pieces from American Diamonds Jewelry perfect to mark special occasions, gifts for loved ones, and even yourself – because why not? Monthly payment plans are available and free shipping on all orders and veterans receive an extra 10% off.

Under $100

jewelry-american-diamonds-under-100Polished Cross 14K, $89 / Infinity Ring Love 14K, $98 / Sterling Silver Gold Plated Bangle, $94

Just Because

just-because-jewelry-fine-14k Diamond Bar in 14K, $512 / Diamond 14K Twist band, $559 / Sterling Silver Gold Plated CZ Braided Bangle, $199

New Mom

new-mom-jewelry-ideasDiamond Foot Pendant 14K, $319 / Engravable name plate, 14K, $250 / CZ Bow Bracelet 14K, $205

Graduation, new job

graduation-jewelry-ideasDiamond Arrow in 10K, $210 /Diamond Bar Bracelet 14K, $480 /  Diamond X-Crossover Ring 14K, $640

Baptism or Dedication

baptism-cross-necklace-rings-communion-dedicationDiamond Cross Ring in 14K, $363 / Diamond Cross Bracelet 14K, $483 / Diamond Cross charm 14K, $837

For your Trendy best friend, sister, mother

trendy-girlfriend-mom-jewelry-giftsDiamond Infinity Pendant in 10K, $225 / 40mm Wire Hoops in 14K, $150 / Diamond Studs 14K, $150

Bridal or Anniversary

bridal-anniversary-fine-jewelry-ideasSapphire band in 14K, $840 / Marquise Diamond Eternity, $8,469 / Diamond Micro-Pave 14K ring, $904

Special thanks to American Diamonds Jewelry for sponsoring this post.

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One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, $10

Today we are attending Cat’s high school graduation party at the new Boho Farm location downtown! As I was wrapping up the gift we’re bringing for Cat tonight, I thought to myself how I wish I had one myself.

If you’re looking for a perfect memorable outside of the box graduation gift idea, five-year memory book might be what you’re looking for. Wouldn’t it be fun to see how far you’ve come from freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year to the first year out of college? I would probably also not stress if they miss a day or week – and a one line a day is just enough for a busy schedule, because studying should be top priority, of course.

Congratulations to all high school and college graduates!


File May 18, 7 57 00 PM

I wanted to share some tips and a Mariah Carey Las Vegas concert review if you’re thinking about catching her show.

One of my longtime and best girlfriends Jennifer and I saw Mariah back in 2006 in Phoenix and I saw her previously in Seattle around 2004 around Christmas time which was a real treat. We hoped in the car to see her again – a trip booked within 1 hour after texting asking if she’d be interested in going – Asian efficiency my friends, paired with crazy Mariah Carey fans. Jennifer is always up for anything I suggest doing – at least it seems that way because we like to do all the same things which is a great girlfriend to have through life!

If you’re thinking about seeing Mariah Carey in Las Vegas soon – you need to book now because as of today when this post is published, there are only 9 shows left at the Caesar Colosseum this summer - July (2015): 8, 11, 12, 15, 18, 19, 22, 25, 26. She’s off the entire month of June, resumes in July, and ends the show July 26.

It was announced she has added 2016 shows, just nine more for February 2016: 2, 5, 6, 10, 13, 14, 17, 20, 21, which go on sale today at 10 am PST.

Where to sit at the Mariah Carey Concert

We sat dead center, level 2, paid $175 for our seats dead center! The upper level areas is where everyone sits during the concert.

If you want to stand and shake your booty all concert, 18 songs I believe, the lower level it is! It’s small so I would say no matter where you sit you’ll have a pretty good view.

If you buy a package where you can get an aisle seat and in the first seven rows or so, you might be able to see Mariah walk by you like so – and she might put the mic in your face so you can sing a lyric! The Beautiful Package with a few perks and somewhere in the first 7 rows will cost you $750, I already checked. If you want to meet her after the concert and take a photo, you can pay $1,500 – $3,500 for a ticket depending on the additional perks you’d like.

I was pretty much dying witnessing this and thinking how I’d love to be that close to her! Mariah interacts with her fans quite a bit during the concert, talking to fans, walking through the small colosseum, and even picking an audience member for one of her songs which was so hilarious!

The scene for “Touch my body” -

2015-05-16 21.41.15

Mariah Carey Concert Backdrops

Here are a few of the backdrops for her songs, each No. 1 hit had a new backdrop. I was too busy screaming and signing at the top of my lungs feeling like I was nine, 11, 13, 15, 18 years old!

She opened up the concert with her first No. 1 hit “Vision of Love.” The track recently celebrated 25 years last week! Feeling old now? Yeah, me too.

When the concert began (she started on time), I got goosebumps when the curtains pulled back and I saw Mariah’s silhouette – I don’t know if anyone feels as crazy as I do about her, but she’s a legend, so that moment was a true internal freak out bubbling through my veins erupting to screaming, clapping and cheering mega fan.

File May 18, 7 58 10 PM

You could say Jennifer and I got really EMOTIONAL during the concert.

Mariah despite the critics questioning if her voice was strong enough and the YouTube video of her messing up (she was JUST going through a divorce, give her a break!) she hit every single ear piercing high note she’s known for and for one song came out doing it. So yes, Mariah can still sing it, and it’s phenomenal in witness in person.

You know a handful of your Mariah Carey songs pop into your head – I mean the woman had 18 No. 1 hits! She sang 18 songs!

She ended the show with her new single, “Infinity,” listen here. My favorite line – “Everything you own boy, you still owe.”

The closing – confetti falls from the sky.

File May 18, 8 00 34 PM

I have a hard time when shows come to an end. Correction – I have a really hard time when John Mayer plays his last set and Mariah Carey sings her last song.

Hope you enjoyed the quick review and tips on where to sit for Mariah’s concert. Are you a fan? Will you see her? What’s your favorite song?

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