I passed the 4-week mark using Even Up™ Clinical Pigment Perfector™ SPF 50 by Colorescience (the e is silent). According to clinical studies, the big results happen after 12 weeks.

For now, let me show you a before photo, and four makeup-free weekly photo updates to give a more colorful Colorescience Even Up Review:


Let’s compare a before to week 4:


While the photos taken weren’t a controlled environment – so I tried to match skin tone brightness to show if sun spots/freckles were truly lightened – it looks like it to me.

My observations on Even Up

  • It has a pasty consistency, so if you like light coverage like I do, you may want to switch to a lightweight tinted moisturizer over your traditional foundation. I didn’t find it heavy.
  • There is a slight smell.
  • It will instantly help correct uneven skin tone because it is tinted.
  • One pump goes a long way – you may not even need a full pump.


What I like about Even Up

  • SPF 50 Protection
  • It is a primer AND sunscreen


If you don’t use primer or sunscreen, this hits the mark – it will prime your face, even out skin tones, and provide you with SPF 50 coverage. The cost is $120 so you have to consider that it is after all, three products in one.


Over time, give it 12 weeks –  clinical tests and reviews claims it improves the appearance of skin discoloration with the LUMIRA skin brightening complex. If you are unsure, stay tuned and I’ll report back again within 8 weeks. Feedback on the product’s web page is 4.5/5 stars so I’m hopeful.

If you have a darker complexion beyond medium skin tone, I’m not sure how well this will blend so just be aware. As I’m getting more tan it’s tough but once I layer my tinted moisturizer over it, the color evens out nicely. I also wear Even Up alone on weekends when I’m in the backyard gardening – you can’t beat the SPF 50 while also allowing it to work on pigmentation.

Will I keep using it? Unlike the eyelash pills I tried to take and quit after a week, I will keep using Even Up because I am seeing improvement and I like the way my makeup looks with this primer/SPF 50 under it.


Another product I want to talk about is the Sunforgettable ® Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50 winner of InStyle Magazine’s 2015 Best Beauty Buys. I really love this product because it’s easy to apply and it fits in my purse.

colorescience-sunforgettable-mineral-review Sunforgettable ® Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50 also available in SPF 30

About the Mineral Sunscreen Brush

  • Waterproof for 80 minutes
  • Can be used in place of powder
  • Sheer natural looking coverage

I like that it’s portable and in one step, just swirl and the product is on the brush for easy reapplication, $64. I’m wearing the color medium.

That’s my review for you! I’ll take some images after 12 weeks and give you an update by the end of summer or when the bottle runs out.

For more information visit Colorescience’s website here and check out their skin products.