My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer and model who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. I love sharing my life as a creative professional and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I love traveling, home improvement projects, sewing, and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work.

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Last week I had two in office procedures done – a nasal turbinate reduction and balloon sinuplasty, things that are all internal that will help me breathe better.  I give you this back story to tell you that was the weekend my complimentary box from ThirdLove arrived with my goodies and I decided there was no better time than that lazy temporary unbreathable weekend to see if what I selected were really comfortable.  Anyone who does any nasal procedure including a nose job deserves an award in my opinion – the inability to breathe for a few days is a luxury we take for granted.  Moving on.

Things I want to mention about ThirdLove:

  • They have half cup sizes – so yes, 32 B 1/2  and how would you know if you were a 1/2 cup?  Well…
  • They have a free bra sizing app called “ThirdLove” that will tell you your correct bra size (no topless selfies don’t worry I inquired)…
  • Or you can use their own size chart
  • They have a 100% fit guarantee
  • Bras start at $39
  • Free shipping at $39+ Free Returns!  So you know you’ll get the perfect fit!


Third Love sent my selections to try – the 24/7 T-shirt Bra because the pleated ribbon strap was just too darling.  The Lace Thong is actually 1/2 cheeky and 1/2 thong mesh and seriously the cutest.  Sorry I can’t show you, not that kinda blog *wink*  They arrived in a black silk bag too – great for travels!

On a personal side note, every year I evaluate the condition of my intimates – and replace them.  This tip might seem a bit elementary but I learned this about five years ago from a girlfriend – ideally you want to hook your bra strap on the loosest clasp when you first buy a new bra – because over time the elastic stretches so then you start moving it closer in, to still get a tight fit get it?

If you like push-ups, check out the Evolve Push-Up front-closure bra which can also be worn multiple ways – halter, cross back and normal, and if you are a wireless lover, check out True Bliss Wireless Bra which I have my eyes on.


Use code “DIANA10″ for 10% off at Third Love.  Just for you guys! :)

ThirdLove provided me with a samples to try but as always, opinions are my own and I always promise to be honest and only accept products I would actually use and think you would like as well!  Thanks for reading!

{Photo by Melissa Schollaert / Makeup and hair by Lizzy Marsh}



Liberty and her selfie hijacks…

Just a few things going on in my life on Instagram (@dianaelizabeth_).  There are so many really ridiculous things – like the photo above that I want to post, but I know I need to keep my feed inspiring and not clog it full of jokes or bad photography…so I save that for my blog, muahaa!

Still enjoying my illy espresso – yesterday was National Espresso Day (see how to make it here).


Benjamin and I finally took our Christmas photos with Melissa Schollaert.  This is my late grandmother’s mink vest (she was the only Yun Yun I knew).  I miss her so much and here are her initials inside it.  What am I going to do with my things when I don’t have kids?  Sometimes I wonder about these really trivial things.


Got a sweet surprise on my birthday (but not for my birthday) from POPSUGAR who sent their Select Bloggers a zip hoodie, it’s so soft inside.  By the way, have you seen my girlfriend Brandi Milloy host?  She’s seriously just as cute in person – even more so than she already is on TV.  We met many years ago through pageants and stayed friends.


For my birthday dinner last week I wanted what else – French food so here’s what we had from Zinc Bistro at Kierland Commons.  Mac and cheese was shared (I forgot what Mr. ordered, but it looks like Ahi Tuna something raw) and I ordered a peppercorn flank steak with fries.


This.was.amazing.  And those are tiny macaroons on top that are gluten free.  I had half of one since Mr. Wonderful may have got really excited and forgot he needed to leave me one :)


My parents sent me some great gifts from their Israel trip, one included a prayer shawl.  I need to find a good frame for this to display.


Belated birthday breakfast with Meagan (the one who pointed out it was my Jesus year) downtown at Matt’s Big Breakfast (always a wait, apparently it’s the bees knees).


Then off to lunch to meet Julie Read of Juju’s Tutus.  You’ve seen a lot of our collaborative work with wedding planner Angela Saban (see all here).


When I answer your emails I may or may not have a bunny in my lap.  OK she really hates sitting like this but I think it’s so cute.  I mean, it looks comfy, what’s the problem?  Why you always gotta try to hop away missy?


It’s getting really freaking cold here, like 65 or below and I’m frozen.  At night it’s like 55 or below and I finally changed our bedroom sheets, turned on the heat, and swapped my closet for the new wardrobe capsule.  It’s time to wear all 15 of my Ralph Lauren and J.Crew blazers and bring out the cords.  Oh goodness, I know I owe you a wardrobe peek.  I’m so sorry, I’ll write that on next month’s to do list but just so you know, it’s working out nicely.

Anyway, here’s outside, the winter rye that I seeded and am deathly allergic to.  Look how fabulous my Queen Elizabeth rose is doing!  I am kinda tempted to cut the tallest one and declare, “Look! I grew my own long stemmed rose!”


I know I put up our tree the day after Halloween, but at least I waited a few more weeks to put out the seasonal doormat…this was before I put up the Christmas lights outside – yep, first house on the block with them up, booyah!


98% done with Christmas shopping.  Yet not done with Anniversary shopping which comes way before Christmas (eek!).  This is for my annual pajama party coming up with a group of girlfriends – we do a gift swap.  My gift is awesome and I’ll show you after we have it.

My calligraphy journey is slowly improving I think – or at least my confidence is.  My 175 envelopes that will be addressed will be a way for me to practice.  So if you’re on my list, I sure hope you can get our card if it’s legible by the post office. By next year I hope to be so much better.  If not, you’ll see your name on a label and you’ll know what happened.


Speaking of, do you handwrite or use labels?  I know labels are easier and we should, but I truly enjoy writing everyone’s name even if it’s always been around 200 because I get the chance to really think about them and one of the only times a year I am blessed to write their name (or their birthday card).  So I just kinda like it, I know I would save time, but I get to pray and think about my friends near and far when I address envelopes.

I don’t think one is better than the other, just wondering what you do.



I debated writing a post about this because who wants to show old photos of themselves with bad/past eyebrows they don’t have anymore?  But, I share when my heart is happy or sad, failed projects, and when I accidentally composted perfectly ripe limes, so why not just share a history on my eyebrows.

I used to have thick brows.  But… they weren’t that awesome yet.  Let’s start when I was 23 (oh yes, 10 years ago). So for my darling younger readers in your 20s, know that you will only get better looking in time, trust me, do not be afraid of aging!  I am proof!





2010 (with my old logo):





OK, so now it’s 2014 and over the summer I was following a gf of mine who does brows in North Carolina, Traci.  She posted a before and after photo of a client of hers and I just flipped the heck out.  Then I thought, oh man, maybe it’s time I work on my eyebrows because they were starting to look a bit funky.

So, I started to grow them out when I was back home for two weeks.

2014 (growing out stage):


It pretty much took 2 months, and 3 visits to a brow gal in Scottsdale at Keep Calm Wax On to get me to here:


Which this bottom photo is slightly unfair because I did have my makeup and hair professionally done but still, look past the glam and just at the brows.  Without makeup on I look better, less no eyebrow-y.

I text Lizzy Marsh who is my makeup girl, “How horrible were my brows???”  But she has been doing my makeup for years, at least five so she knows my face.  She text, “You’ve never had bad brows, it’s just the trend, thicker is in now.”  Phew.  Made me feel a bit better.  My girlfriend Rachel and I joke one day we’ll look back at the next few years of the thicker brow and say, “Woah Brooke Shields!”  If you look through pages of a magazine you might start to notice this trend on celebrities, and what I’ve noticed, is how much it changes the shape of your face.

Anyway, that’s my beauty share!  Some people look better with thin brows, others thicker.  I am thinking my face looks better thicker at this stage and trend in my life. Don’t be afraid to go in to see a person for help if you don’t know, she’ll listen to you too.  For $20 I see my girl Laura every 3-4 weeks for 30 minutes and she just cleans and trims them up.  I continue to grow them out but only tweeze a few strays.  Power to the eyebrows!  My battle is over, thank goodness.

If you’re wondering here are my tools I use: Dipbrow Pomage in Chocolate by Anastasia, with a Smashbox brow brush, and then after run a spoolie through them.  Another one I liked was the NYC brow powder and wax set.

{Professional photos by Melissa Schollaert and Geni Bean}


Bunnies are the new fox which was the new owl, and it’s been here to stay for the past year or so.  Now, just because I’m a bun bun owner this doesn’t mean only I can get bunny stuff and that the rest of the world can’t own bunny items.  I know there are many of you who love bunnies, or have a little one who does.

I mean, really, they are SO cute and sweet, so who wouldn’t love anything with a bun bun on it?  You can get these little things without having to deal with pet ownership, or bunny allergies.


Gilded Bunny Print, $48

jpeg Bunny Placecard Holders, $28

jpeg-1 Bunny washcloth, $1


Stocking Holder, $40

Bunny Ornament, $16


Bunny sweater, $19

jpeg-2 Bunny night light, $9

rabbit_cable_holder Rabbit Cable holder, $5

mini_vintage_jewelry_box Mini Jewelry Box, $25

jpeg Bunny side up breakfast mold, $10


Hare Frame, $38


Rabbit Key Ring, $10

jpeg-3 Bunny print cosmetic bag, $7

 Hop to it!  Sorry, had to.



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