Our Dining Room

dining-room-5162Table / Chairs / Wall Bracket / Waynfleet Light / Buffet

It is finished! It is finished! Our dining room which has had quite some ups and downs (ok, more downs) during the process is finally complete. See our old dining room here.

I’ve shared with some close friends the terrible mistakes I’ve made while debating if I should share the shame with the world, but I’m going to. I’m only doing it to show you that I’m completely imperfect and home renovations don’t always go smoothy, if ever.


I picked up the wood bowls at a thrift store for 25 cents each!

The good:

  • I got our dining room table from Restoration Hardware during the Friends and Family sale, so it was $1200 instead of an arm, leg and my left big toe.
  • We can now sit 6-8 comfortably instead of 4.

The bad:

  • I bought four custom chairs that cost $750 only to find that it was $750 for just the custom SLIPCOVERS without the chair.
  • Had to buy four actual chairs to sit on
  • Bought two more chairs with custom slipcovers (do you hear $$$$?)
  • Buy vintage champaign buffet and it arrives, BLUE not white because I read it wrong.
  • Two new chairs arrived, totally different than the other four because I bought them upholstered instead of slipcovered (custom means no returns)
  • Call for mercy discount, place order $500 for two additional custom slipcovers
  • Mission Avenue Studio was kind enough to source local painter, Complete Furniture Service to repaint buffet, $500 for white. If you live in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend them, they are so kind and also pickup and drop off furniture and do upholstery too!
  • Install chandelier, make new holes in ceiling, can’t match paint (we don’t know the color and paint color matching technology is a lie).
  • Need to repaint entire ceiling that goes into living room.
  • Heck, let’s paint the ceiling of the entire house.

Ta-da. When it came to staging the buffet I pulled some things around other parts of our house. It makes me happy I can walk around different rooms and find things that will work in other areas of our house, it means my style is pretty consistent.

dining-room-5194 dining-room-5190 dining-room-5180 dining-room-5179 dining-room-5168dining-room-5197 dining-room-5167 dining-room-5165

And, there you go. If you come over for dinner in 20 years our dining room will look the same, because it has to, not my husband’s words, my words.

The custom slipcovers are made from Sunbrella fabric so they should last us a long time and the chairs are on rolling casters. I’m going to pass on a rug due to traffic areas and the door patio door and I think I prefer that with the chairs being able to slide in and out easily. It already seems more spacious and I love how our style is changing (well, my style since Mr. Wonderful has expressed he is fine with our house exactly as it is).

dining-room-5161 dining-room-5155

Dinner is served (or delivered) around 7:30, come on over.

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Rainbow colors in the desert

las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0006Dress: Boho Me (similar) / Sandals: Cole Haan (old) / Sunnies: Wildfox / Leather wristlet: Thailand (found one here!)

My forever girl gang and I did our yearly Vegas getaway, and I read about this art exhibition in the desert called Seven Magic Mountains, along I-15 just 10 miles south of Las Vegas. It’s about 15 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip.

It just opened May 11, just a week before we saw it, and it’ll be on view for two years so you have plenty of time to check it out the next time you visit Vegas.

las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0012 las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0009 las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0010 las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0011 las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0014

It was crazy windy which made it fun for a long flowy dress! One of the gals in the group is getting married this summer on the beach and asked guests to wear all white so I’m going to bring this linen dress with me!

las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0013las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0003 las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0016las-vegas-travel-blogger-trip-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-com-seven-magic-mountains-_0002

I also have to say I have the best girlfriends in the entire world who are so supportive of my blog and take my photos when we travel. They not only have the most beautiful souls, but patient ones too! There’s nothing like traveling with lifelong girlfriends to make memories with and also who don’t mind taking a zillion photos of you and with you!

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A Dream Study – all on sale!

You know I’m always dreaming up new spaces. I said to Benjamin the other day, “I’m out of wall space and I found a new coffee table I like! I need another room to decorate.”

All of these things are on sale – Ashley HomeStore is currently having up to 25% off sitewide from 5/13-6/5. You can tell I’m loving the industrial, rustic, traditional American look – very Mr. Wonderful.


 SOFA $849 | CHAIR $594 | COFFEE TABLE $314 |  END TABLE $134  |   TV STAND $599  |  CREDENZA $424
FLOOR LAMP $153  |  RUG $562  |  FAUX CORAL $47   |   STOOL $94  |  DESK LAMP $64  |  BOTTLE $60

So envision this with me – I bust a door through our laundry/mud room wall where the current window is, and you enter a brand new room. It’s another sitting area but also Mr. Wonderful’s new office, just on the other side of our house – I will call this our study.

One of our red brick exterior walls becomes a red brick accent interior wall. The room would have concrete floors with a rug, double french doors that open to the backyard and it would be open for all our summer and outdoor entertaining. It would be so great to have that extra room – one you could be loud in because it’s further away from the bedrooms.

Meanwhile, we could definitely start to transition our current guest room/his office. I’d simply remove the queen bed and replace it with this masculine sleeper sofa, turning it into a study area – much better than a murphy bed idea. I also have my eye on this table lamp set and textured pouf.

Dreaming of a new space too? Check out Ashley HomeStore’s 25% off sitewide sale to spruce up your living areas!

Thank you Ashley HomeStore for sponsoring this post.