My name is Diana Elizabeth. I'm a photographer, writer, graphic designer, model, and former journalist who had memorable days reporting from the LA red carpet for E! Online. This is where I share my life daily, as a creative professional.

My husband and I live in a restored 1952 red brick home that sits on a former citrus grove in Phoenix. I enjoy traveling, home improvement projects, sewing and gardening. This is a glimpse into my life and work and the things that I discover along the way - with camera in hand.

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The answer always changes for me – ever since I became a full-time entrepreneur. At first, I was a little embarrassed that it would change so often, but then I realized, if it changed and I was actually making money, who cares what you’re doing? It’s far better doing something that fills up your time and bank account than trying to do the same thing if it’s not working. If photography is slow, I do graphic design, if graphic design is slow, I blog, it all rotates depending on the economy and the opportunity.

A tip to figure out what you do

At Mom 2.0 Summit I attended in Phoenix, we were told to write down a list of everything we did and who we were. Yes, this is me telling you to do that – if you were confused on what to actually concentrate on. After you fill up your page, go back and circle the things you want to be known for, write about – for blogging.

Let me give you an example – me.

Wife / Christian / Model / Actress / Former Journalist / Writer / Photographer / Graphic Designer / Traveler / Seamstress / Gardening Enthusiast

I bolded what I wanted to be known for. Then, you write this in your bio on your website/blog. It helped me with the several websites I have, the graphic design LLC, photography LLC and the blog which had started as an extension of my photography LLC but has become it’s own income as well. Those three things are now what I do – (1) marketing and graphic design, (2) photography, (3) blog. And yes, it’s all working – one area may be stronger than another, and some days it’s all three and I want to bang my head on a desk but instead I praise God for work.

My graphic design boutique Silver Spoon Studio needed a facelift. This is a WordPress site using a Genesis Child’s Theme. Putting this together in 48 hours I started to thank God I have been an html nerd since I was 15 in high school. A week after I gave this site a facelift, I landed a large account, and so like they say – luck is when preparation meets opportunity. 




My main site – finally got a facelift. I know, you’re thinking, you had a main site? I did, then I took it down and had it forward to the blog. But now that I know what I do and what I want to focus on, the main hub needed to be up.

When marketing and visuals collide – you get me. That pretty much became me in a nutshell.


I share this with you to encourage you that if you are in a rut in rebranding or deep down you know you need to rebrand or focus on showing the world what exactly you do – even if it’s just today or the next year, do it.

Sit down, make your list, take the time and just do it. You only have to do it once and then you are done, for a good while anyway, promise. Once you do, feel free to leave your link below so I can check it out!

{Photo by Melissa Schollaert}

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Have you read that book? I didn’t read it, but I watched the movie long ago. I sort of don’t remember it well, maybe I should look it up this summer.

One of my best and long time girlfriends Rachel came to visit for the weekend – yes, even in this 110+ degree heat, which means, she really, really loves me.

We went bargain basement shopping at Last Chance, because anyone who thinks they are too good for LC, is way too good for me – who doesn’t love a bargain or the fun? We watched movies, and ate at the best Phoenix restaurants, these Cokes arrived and I was like hey, look at that – eating at Postino with my hubby, my soulmate, and my friend, Rachel. What a fun Coke-incidence !

2015-07-19 15.16.22-2

We also watched Ant Man in 3D, Mr. Wonderful’s movie of choice. I love Paul Rudd, he’s such a cute actor and I think of him from Clueless.

Oh, and Rachel completed the Western States run, yep, 100 miles. She’s amazing. Next, she’s going to run 175 miles over three days – she does get to rest in a hotel between. She’s going to live to be 100.


We went to church and the guest pastor was from Sacramento. After the service I went up to him and his wife to say hello, and found out that the pastor and I actually went to the same high school (not at the same time) and that the small start up church is held in our old high school – Granite Bay High!

Then, I asked what they were doing for dinner and asked them to join us.

Have you ever done that? It’s the best, inviting strangers to become friends and have a great conversation over a good meal – Zinc Bistro to be exact. I was craving some French cuisine. A seemingly quiet dinner can turn into one of the most refreshing, encouraging and fun meals – sharing stories, I left thinking, I should invite people to dinner more often!

There was more shopping, I am going to make pillows like this once I can find the right couch for my office. I looked at world maps…


Then, Rachel and I also decided to book a trip internationally.


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After some blogging research, I realized I updated my office last summer – June. I’m telling you this to tell myself this, that I need to cool it after this.

The goal – sophisticated and European vintage mix.

#1 Organizing artwork

Right now I’m reevaluating my artwork. I’m looking into framing and matting my custom illustration I commissioned because I really want to showcase my watercolor by Inslee.

I’m also debating framing my PHOENIX magazine covers – the one I photographed and the one I’m on.

It’d be nice to display, but it also hasn’t been displayed for a while so there has been no urgency although now would be a good time than any to get going on it.

#2 Hanging the quilt by the Great Aunts


Benjamin and I received some wonderful family heirlooms as wedding gifts. They are so so special to me. One included, was a gorgeous quilt made by his great aunts in 1934. I squealed when I came across the date stitched on it and bought a curtain rod from Pottery Barn, it will hang over it as a large statement piece -

img88o-1Pewter PB Essential Drape Rod, $49-$79

#3 Make a bookshelf?

I found this gem of a bookshelf from Anthropologie, on sale for $1400.

Rope-wrapped shelf

I need to stop being attracted to the most expensive furniture, this is a huge problem, seriously.

This is when I ponder buying an IKEA bookcase, rope from Home Depot, and utilizing my hot glue gun. IKEA hack in my future?

IVAR pine shelf, $55


610 ft manila rope 3/8 in wide, $81

What do you think? I think that takes a lot of time and planning. I suppose it could be worth a shot, but then I would need to get rid of the ladder shelf. I foresee Pinners everywhere being pin happy, eh?

Sorry the update will be slow, the couch I want is sold out and now I must wait for it to reappear on those flash furniture sale sites. As for selling furniture, nothing’s moving, and if it doesn’t move soon, I will donate to our local hospice thrift shoppe, which to me means it’ll be put to even better use.

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