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I realized I was gone for about three weeks in three countries (Prague, Stockholm, and Mexico). Boy time flies and do I love making time fly by travel – I guess I’m a different kind of time traveler *wink*

They say the best thing to do after a vacation is to look through your photos – it prolongs the good feels of your trip. I read it in a travel magazine and I couldn’t agree more which is why I immediately printed hardcover linen albums for my three recent trips via so I could relish in my memories.

I remember after Mexico, Emily, Melissa and I were texting like crazy having so much fun laughing about what happened in Mexico that it just made it feel like we were still hanging out together.

Photo album by MPix Photo album by MPix

Anyway, this blanket under the stack of albums sits on a bench outside and I can use it for all sorts of things, but if anything the point of it is that it makes me happy and it’s my little fun thing from Mexico! I got a linen color for Mexico, black album for Prague and gray for Stockholm. I like my images to match the linen albums I get.

Usually I pick up tea towels, kitchen utensils or things for the home for souvenirs, and floaty pens if I can find them! Photos are my favorite souvenir – of course. The best thing is they are free – but I insist you MUST print them for enjoyment and to make it a legit tangible souvenir.

I have six of these hardcover albums from they are so affordable, way under $100, around $65 for a hard cover 10×10 linen album with photo quality finished pages. Of course I add pages because I take so many photos, but in the end it’s still under $100 and I add a sleeve design. When I’m a little old lady I am definitely going to be taking these with me to my old person home and being so glad I fulfilled my heart’s desire to explore the world!

The albums sit in this basket by my desk and I see them every day which reminds me to work hard for my next vacation.

Photo album by MPixPhoto album by MPix Photo album by MPix

When I just need to relax I love seeing them – and as a photographer trust me when I say this is quality. If you have a session that means so much to you, get one of these albums not the paper ones, these are so elegant and gorgeous keepsakes.

It’s my favorite part about coming back from a trip – looking through photos. And if you travel often, you know how you get that travel sadness when you come back? They say if you talk about it and look through photos it prolongs that peaceful, enjoyable time so that’s why I immediately work on my album.

So thankful for for gifting me these three albums when I returned from my trip. Time to get back to work and plan the next country I want to visit – any recommendations?

Photo album by MPix

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