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Powerful Outdoor Cleaning

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When I said I wanted to paint the expansion white, Benjamin wasn’t totally sure. The biggest concern Benjamin had was how dusty it is where we live – in the desert after all – and white wouldn’t stay white. I also now want to paint our storage shed which is now my photo studio from blue to white.

As you can see, the expansion was painted Alabaster White by Sherwin-Williams and we used a fiber cement shake siding which is incredibly durable.

Our Monsoon season is over (though one of the driest) and usually with monsoons we get these things called haboobs which are simply dust storms. This tends to really add some cocoa like powder to everything – our cars, homes, literally we can be covered in this dust.

gilmour PowerJet

Now that Monsoon and dust storm season are behind us, I am rinsing off the dust to freshen up my outdoor rooms, the patio, the bbq deck, to be enjoyed.

Also can’t forget the side of the house, the white house.

gilmour power jet cleaning house outdoors

My friends at Gilmour sent over their PowerJet wand to help with this process. I’ve blogged about using this nozzle before – you simply screw the wand to a hose (like a handy Flexogen Super Duty Hose).

When the cement is so dirty, I can write my name with it as it washes away the grime and dirt and dust buildup. It’s great to use for the painted cement (in our case) if you should need to repaint, as we’ll be doing this fall.

gilmour powerjet with flexogen hose

I know you think perhaps a normal garden sprayer would work – no.

And holding your finger at the end of the hose on the store of water to get a stronger stream, also doesn’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried that. Haha!

The Power Jet Wand is the easiest way to do it yourself around the home without having to rent an actual power washing machine. It’s great to have in your toolshed as a must-have nozzle. It is $25.99 and is inspired by professional power washers and it has a jet tip spray that gives a concentrated stream – more powerful than standard cleaning nozzles (and your finger over the open hose haha). Gilmour also has a professional grade power jet wand for $29.99.

Always first, using the handy Heavy Duty Quick Connectors that are attached to every Gilmour Hose and nozzles. It makes it easy to pop on and off securely without having to twist it all the way off.

cleaning outside with gilmour powerjet wand

powerjet washing the outside of the house
powerjet cleaning the outside cement

For us in hotter areas, parts of Texas, Arizona, and Florida, well we are elated to say some good outdoor weather is about to start!

It’s time to get ready to give things a good rinse off to get the patio ready for entertaining. For those of you who are going to prepare to hibernate inside for the winter, you might also be preparing your outdoors for a good clean wash before storage.

gilmour powerjet gilmour powerjet Fiskars cleaning outside siding cleaning

I wish you could have seen how dirty the water looked as it trickled down the side of the house, it’s a nice feeling to have it rinse off and say hello bright white clean house, outside!

Diana Elizabeth is ready for her little seedlings to be planted outside, but it’s still hot. We’ll be close to planting very soon though, and seeding for winter rye which is the loveliest green and she can’t wait! Did you know she’s allergic to winter rye? It’s her No. 1 allergy before summer grass, but she will not allow it to keep her from gardening.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.



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