photo2Top: Splendid (old, similar style) / Scarf: Read on for the story!

I’ve been a budding seamstress since the 7th grade – perhaps even sooner when my mom taught me how to sew growing up in elementary school.  Home Economics in junior high was just a refresher.

Although, during this shopping trip, I didn’t want to really want to sew anything – I just needed some fabric. I was on the hunt for the softest jersey knit fabrics to use as scarves that looked like Donni Charm.


My fashionista and crafty kindred spirit Kate and I headed to SAS Fabrics (still not sure if it’s S-A-S, or “sas”).  Nonetheless, we found some fun things, as always.

There were bins with fabric scraps, and Kate said, “I just can’t, I feel like I’m digging through underwear.”  So, we went for the piles of fabric instead.

Cordelia will get a new skirt out of this coral eyelet fabric:


We died when we saw this – a few popular cities around the world!  I am a huge fan of It’s a Small World so this reminded me of the ride.  Also, I think the world is just so lovely I want to discover it all (I just need to win the lottery, sweet Jesus pretty please!).


Cordelia will learn about all the posh places around the globe.


You find many unique pieces of fabric too – like this set of cut outs for flat dolls.


And fabric for men – beer fabric!  “Be a Man”!  Yeah!


If you’ve never been, it’s essentially a warehouse full of fabric scraps, discontinued, or just overstock.  Yards can range from $.99 to $2.99 and maybe even $4.99 is the highest I have seen.  From tulle, sequin, patches, swimsuit fabric, ribbon, laces, I mean think of ANYTHING that has to do with sewing, they have it.  It’s always crazy crowded around Halloween time with people making costumes.  Buttons are like $.05, and if you find fabric in a pile,  you have to purchase the entire piece that’s left so make sure it’s enough, or not too much.  They also offer fabric by the pound, you could really create some incredible projects – you can find me behind the sewing machine and at SAS this summer if I’m in town.

You take what you find, bring it to the tables for them to measure (they won’t cut unless it’s on a roll, only then maybe you specify how many yards you want to purchase), and they bag it.  You go to the front and give the receipt, pay for it, and they give you your goodies.


Then, as all shoppers do, we got hungry.  Off to The Vig Uptown for lunch.  Kate ordered the Pad Thai.


I ordered the special of the day, which was salmon in a veggie rice bowl.

OK, I have to admit the Asian side of me really comes out when it comes to rice bowls.  I just love ’em!


We passed on dessert, though we had every good intention, and decided on a quick stop to introduce Kate to Last Chance.  She dug it.  So funny, Kate and I actually found ourselves really digging through a bin of underwear.  I found a ton of bras and light summer bralettes for $2.99 (similar deal herecute style here).

Back to my scarf hunt – I came home and washed the jersey knits on hand wash cycle, dried them on low heat (I would recommend laying flat to dry to prevent any pilling).  Here it is, this was just from the pile, cost me $4.85.  Pardon bad iPhone pics.

I can cover my shoulders if I get chilly on the plane.


I can wear it as a scarf.

photo1Top: Splendid (similar) / Shorts: J.Crew / Bracelet: J.Crew

And, when I get tired of it, I can donate it, and buy some more. Best purchase this summer!

Diana Elizabeth is a fabric hoarder, she’ll show you her craft closet soon.