Mrs. M, like Martha Stewart

One of my best friends is Martha Stewart.  Well, sorta like her.

She has her own blog called The Stocked Pantry, the acronyms are TSP like teaspoon!  Cute, right?

She’s a little shy.  Which is sort of ridiculous since if you search her in my blog, you can easily find photos of her (so, do that).  Michelle is Mrs. M on her blog.  She shares her amazing cooking tips and it’s almost semi-annoying how good she is at everything she does that if she wasn’t one of my best friends, I might be ridiculously envious of her.  Cooking is her passion, and she’s also a graphic designer!   I subscribe to her blog posts so her recipes come in my inbox when she updates her blog, I like it that way. I also suppose that I should learn since I’ll be a Mrs. very soon.

Enjoy a little Q&A session with Mrs. M.  Then don’t forget to wander over to her fabulous blog that is starting to get more hits than my own, and subscribe to her amazing recipes!

How long have you been cooking?
Since I was a little girl cooking has been apart of my life. There are many great cooks in my family so I had a lot of practice but most of my cooking began with my grandma. I remember being in her kitchen with a huge apron tied around my waist, she always encouraged my help. As she would prepare the food I watched and learned. She made everything from scratch so I had a good teacher.

What made you decide to start a blog?
I love to cook food, talk about food and help others be creative in their cooking. What better way to express all three than to start a blog I can have for myself and share with others.

Where do you find your recipes?
Most of my recipes originate while I flip through cookbooks, food magazines and cooking channels. I see a yummy dish or recipe and I build on the idea. I love to be creative in my cooking and try new things.

Name a few staples one should have in their pantry – be easy for the gals who don’t normally cook!
Buy ingredients that can be interchangeable with different dishes. Here are some examples: extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, cans of diced tomatoes and tomato sauce, cans of beans (black beans are super rich in protein), whole grain pastas, brown rice*, whole wheat bread*, flour*, baking powder*, baking soda*, sugar*, honey, peanut butter, jelly … not to mention the staples in your frig/freezer and spice rack! You should always have milk*, eggs*, butter*, lemon juice*, grated cheese* in your frig. Your freezer should have at least one protein in it and a few bags of your favorite veggies and fruits, maybe even some flour tortillas! As for your spice rack, salt, pepper, garlic, dried onion, parsley, basil. From there you can grow, become creative in your cooking and always have a healthy meal.

* Freezable foods that will last much longer if you don’t use them often.

Do you think anyone can be a good cook?
Cooking is like any other skill we have to work at and practice. While some things come easier to some than others, I think that if your heart is in something you will be able to succeed. With that said, if you are determined and you continually practice and learn from your mistakes I think you can become a good cook.

Share your favorite recipe.
This is a hard question for me to answer; I don’t tend to have favorites. I wouldn’t say these are my all-time favorites but this week, as the leaves fall and there is a chill in the air, I enjoyed my Acorn Squash Soup and my Pumpkin Gingersnap Cheesecake!

Diana Elizabeth is sometimes forced to be put to work in the kitchen when she is with Michelle.  Michelle just throws an apron on Diana and commands her to make homemade pie crust, ice cupcakes, or something of the like.  But, she gets to eat it afterwards so she’s really not complaining.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


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