Labor Day weekend I just labored


Hello darlings, I hope you all had a great holiday.

This weekend has been so wonderfully productive at the Steffen residence – lots of tidying up around inside and out because it’s September and the weather is getting better and it’s nice to be outside!

Saturday was six hours of working outside, pruning things back, ripping out my garden beds to allow them to rest. This summer for my garden can be summarized in one word – neglect.  I over planted and went on vacation too often this summer that everything went nuts. I filled about 10 bags of lawn size garbage bags, I think next time we’ll consider landscapers to do it all for us but I have to admit the control freak in me might be standing there telling them how to cut so I might be better off doing it myself!

Sunday we slept in, went to church and organized our storage shed. It’s hardly a shed though, it’s like a storage building about 18 x 18 feet in size. I’m donating some luggage, getting rid of things I thought I needed to hold onto – like carpet! When I had it installed they gave me a leftover roll and who knows why I kept it all these years! And also paint cans which I need to research how to properly dispose of.

Did you know Sunday, September 12 is National Clean Out Your Garage Day? I’m trying to get ahead!

Today will be closet cleaning – I also must admit I’ve slowly started unpacking my fall wardrobe. We still have a good month of summer weather here but I can’t help it. I feel like donating and moving things out of the house is like shedding pounds, it also makes my being feel so much lighter.

Have a great rest of your holiday! xx

{Photo by Melissa Louise for Kokoon}

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