Diana Elizabeth blogger in tiny closet makeover featured in HGTV magazine // closet tour

Featured in HGTV Magazine

Diana Elizabeth blogger in tiny closet makeover featured in HGTV magazine // closet tour

I hinted that my closet makeover might be featured in a national magazine (HGTV magazine!) but I didn’t say it because sometimes you know, words and photos fall off the pages before print and you never know. I didn’t want to say anything until I held a magazine in my hands and saw with my very own eyes!

I’m still rubbing my eyes and checking to make sure I really am seeing my closet and photo in the January/February issue. You may recall the closet makeover I did earlier this year with my friend Danielle Wurth of Wurth Organizing, a Phoenix Scottsdale based professional organizer and an incredible problem solver. With her eye for knowing how much organization was needed by looking at my things paired with my home style preferences, we made a cute project baby – my closet haha!

If you’re new around here, check out the post of before and afters, and I’ll talk about a few things I’ve learned since having the new closet.

All of my seasons are in my closet, I can’t believe it. Since I work from home I only need day outfits, a few office/meeting outfits (like we’re talking 2 or 3) and lounge wear. A lot of my day outfits are similar to evening outfits because as a lifestyle blogger being trendy is like a 24/7 job when you meet up with fellow bloggers or brands whatever time of day. This helps me pick tops that fit all those needs instead of just one – like a business top.

Danielle gave me some great examples of how one item doesn’t need to be held onto for that one occasion if there are other things I could wear (like that camping shirt I think I need but I obviously can wear something else!). And all my sports clothing that I wear like once a year if even, they didn’t take up precious closet space, they are tucked in a drawer.

I have since added probably 20 more hangers than when I first started, but that’s it! (Huggable Hangers (similar on Amazon)). I am obsessed with the chrome oval closet rods (Amazon, supports here) they allow my hangers to slide right along and it just looks so pretty with the chrome hardware on the white hangers.

The lighting is the biggest improvement, moving the new light fixture in the middle and it’s SO BRIGHT and there’s nothing like being able to finally see everything clearly. I’m loving the tiny closet makeover that it doesn’t make me want a larger closet, even though I do need a coat and shoe closet, but that’s OK! The reality is I need to get rid of some coats and shoes, I am such a shoe lover I can’t help it. There are shoes to wear, shoes to take pictures in and shoes just to look at and shoes for just in case it snows and I need those kinds of shoes LOL. I know, Imelda Marcos I tell you.

And the wallpaper is just fun – I think you should wallpaper small spots that are surprising like a pantry (if I had one I would) or a hallway coat closet. And since it’s removable it’s a little more friendly for those of us who constantly change design like our hairstyle ;)

Anyway, the feature is toward the back of the issue and I have a quote and it’s a small little bit but I’m just elated because I have loved HGTV since college when I finally had cable – haha. My mom and dad were never into cable television and I just couldn’t wait to decorate my own home and do things like paint and knock walls down and it’s so fun to be living this stage of life now!

As always, thanks for reading and sharing in my joy. This blog has been a place just for me to be creative and share even if it’s like 5 people reading and it has instead brought me so many opportunities and creativity that I never knew you could get back from blogging and sharing what you love. If you are in a store, pick up a copy or just flip to the back and tell me you saw it! xx


Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Antri C. | Beauty Blogger & Reviewer

    Well done babe! You deserve it! Just pin this post in my Pinterest board “Dream Closet” xoxo


    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Antri! Thank you so very much!! I have a blog video on the closet too! xo!!

  • Carmen

    Hi Diana,

    You’re tiny closet looks amazing! Congratulations on the feature! That
    would be a dream and I don’t even blog! Lol I loved HGTV ever since I
    was 20 when I stumbled on it while changing channels. I was hooked
    since then, but now we have Pinterest and instagram and I barely watch
    it anymore. Anyhow, it’s hard to think that you have all of your
    seasons in such a small space. This post is inspiring, as I’ve been
    wanting to organize, paint and add new shelvings in my closet. A wall
    paper such as the one you chose makes a great impact, as it adds
    visual interest. A while ago, I pinned some beatuful powder rooms
    featuring chic wall papers, since I have a tiny powder room myself I
    wanted to recreate something like that but the hubs didn’t agree. I
    think I’m just going to do it cuz that wall needs more than a fresh
    coat of paint! By the way, you look amazing too!

  • Carrie

    Congrats Diana!!! My favorite magazine and favorite blogger; perfect!! Your closet looks amazing!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thanks Carrie!! You are SO sweet! :) It’s such a fun surprise who knew? I never would have dreamed! xx


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