This post and party for Dress for Success is in partnership with L’eggs.


What was your first job? Do you remember what you wore to the interview? I do.

My first job interview out of college was in Los Angeles, with the executive producer of The Sharon Osbourne Show for a producer’s assistant position. My contacts from my summer internship in LA lead me to either The Ellen DeGeneres Show or The Sharon Osbourne (and at the time MTV’s The Osbournes was incredibly popular). I wore a red pantsuit from The Limited, a suit I had worn throughout several Miss America pageant interviews. I got the job!

A great interview outfit can provide confidence that goes into how you stand, answer questions, and confidence is important to have during an interview.


L’eggs contacted me asking if I’d be interested in hosting a clothing donation drive for a local Dress for Success – because they understand how style can make a woman feel confident.

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

The clothing donated to Dress for Success provides confidence to women through style as they interview for a job that can provide independence – which is empowering and life changing.

Welcome to a Saturday morning in my backyard and little studio – and first glance of our newly painted white fence.

dress-for-success-leggs-charity-donation-clothing-drive-party-128 dress-for-success-leggs-charity-donation-clothing-drive-party-117

I staged the party location with my own style donations, and as the donations arrived over two and a half hours at a steady pace, it was so wonderful to see the piles of clothing! Some friends jotted a quick note to the women who would receive their styles.

dress-for-success-leggs-charity-donation-clothing-drive-party-120 dress-for-success-leggs-charity-donation-clothing-drive-party-118dress-for-success-leggs-charity-donation-clothing-drive-party-130dress-for-success-leggs-charity-donation-clothing-drive-party-123

I wanted to bring some personalization to the clothing donation drive and I thought – what about offering studio headshots in exchange?

Drop off clothing to help women get a job, get a headshot by me for LinkedIn profiles, win-win! It’s a professional focused clothing drive!


Charity events are typically attended by your friends or friends of friends and I believe you should always take care of your friends, always.


I offered some refreshments and a party favor, panty hose for that next job interview – courtesy of L’eggs.

On sale now for $2.99 (reg $5.99) with coupon code: FSSM20 Valid through 06/30/16.

Thanks L’eggs for encouraging me to give back and letting me be a part of it. The main applause goes to my generous friends, truly. The drop offs continued well through the holiday weekend. You have hearts of gold, my friends.

I was so honored to drop off donations to the local Phoenix chapter – they were so thrilled to see the clothes and a woman mentioned, “We need clothes like this and I love Ann Taylor!” Local women are going to feel so confident wearing your styles that will help them nail that next job interview!

Find your local Dress for Success chapter here, and drop off a donation, or host a clothing drive of your own!

dress-for-success-leggs-charity-donation-clothing-drive-party-132 dress-for-success-leggs-charity-donation-clothing-drive-party-133 dress-for-success-leggs-charity-donation-clothing-drive-party-135