magnolia trees in Nashville standing by one safari hat and yellow dress

10 Things I Want to Change

magnolia trees in Nashville Hat: Palm Fiber Safari Hat by Brooklyn Hat Co. / Linen shirt: Lilly Pulitzer (wearing size small) / Dress: Bar III at Macy’s (size small) / Earrings: Mejuri / Louis Vuitton Cuffs: here and here

I’ve had some time to think and developed some quick observances from recent travels. Also, when you have time to think, you start to want to change a few things around here and so I thought I’d share some personal observations along with random things I’d like to change around here – and by here, I mean my lifestyle. *wink*

  1. We stayed at an Airbnb in Nashville and it was actually someone’s home, not a dedicated vacation property. The house was minimalist, but still felt like a home. I made me realize I have so many knick knacks and personal items that could be stolen or broken and I’d be sad. I could never pack up, clean out the fridge, and think it was ready for guests which made me think – maybe I should use less paper. That’s a start.
  2. I posted on IG a few weeks ago about the color scheme confusion – anyone who uses Instagram for business or just loves it for creative purposes might struggle with the color palette dilemma. I’ve wanted so badly to have the neutral, white, black backgrounds because that’s what I tend to gravitate toward but I don’t live in that. I wear Lilly Pulitzer, any color I want, I don’t like being limited to backgrounds or activities and not be able to share because of some color scheme I have to be in. Then one of my best girlfriends Kate, who always has the most deep conversations with me and encourages me and never judges me when I talk about stuff I should be over or things that bother me, she gave me some wisdom. Green is my color and my lifestyle – it’s what I’m in. And that was that. And suddenly, that freedom from thinking I had to be chained to my personal favorite colors floated away and I could share my life and run toward greenery, that makes me happy.
  3. I know I bought a new handbag but I want another one for daily. But, I also want a new furniture piece and a trip to Scotland. Depending on which is feasible to actually check off first will win. I’d rather go on a trip but finding someone to travel with is getting hard! I want to replace our open bookcase in the kitchen that seemed to hold a bunch of junk (that was supposed to look pretty) with this armoire from Ballard.
  4. I heard on a recent Ballard Designs podcast that brown furniture and walls (as in opposite of open concept) is coming back in! I love this – as I have always loved walls and real wood furniture! I’m always thinking of restraining instead of painting and having separate rooms to cut noise. Speaking of furniture, I had ordered a coffee table twice on two different websites but it is discontinued – I was taking a second chance hoping maybe a store actually had it in stock to ship. (As of July 2, 2019: A review on Home Style & Decor – I tried to order the table seeing if they could get it. I had to follow up and call several times to check but they were not successful. While I was thankful they looked, they said they would refund me. No refund and no phone call or email return! I now have to refute the charge with my credit card company! Terrible!! So don’t buy from them and I have to say, don’t buy furniture online from a place you can’t trust, or if you do, make sure you use your credit card so you can be protected.) I am not in love with my living room right now and once I can update it with the right coffee table, I will be. I guess I will continue to search the internet. Once that is done I will love my living room again.
  5. My attitude towards things I cannot control. Which is like, pretty much everything except my own attitude and thoughts. I get easily frustrated by apps, what it controls, who sees it, how others react, and I just have to do my part. Create it, do a good job, post it and let it go. I cannot control circulation or how people receive it, only the quality I put into creating it. I just thought I’d remind you of that too if you struggle with things out of your control. If it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t give it more than 5 minutes of your time – something like that.
  6. After Nashville, I want to change our accent colors of our brick home to forest green and black. It is currently white and blue (the blue was already there when I bought the house). I don’t know how this will be possible if at all or when but I have always loved green and black against brick! Benjamin is probably going nuts right now. Good thing he doesn’t read my blog – although that hardly makes a difference because I still tell him what I want to change. haha.
  7. Go to bed earlier. I am a night owl, I work better at night, most creatives do – programmers, gaming nerds, we just like the stillness of the night. But sometimes around 11 pm I get tired but I try so hard to fight it. Why. It’s the strangest thing, so I am going to try to crawl into bed and maybe waking up at 8 am won’t be so painful.
  8. I need to carry my business card with me more often. Shameful, I know. My girlfriend and serial entrepreneur Lisa (see her interview here) scolded at me when I was in Vegas and I just didn’t think about it, honestly. I have a card holder but it takes up too much room so then I don’t bring it, excuses. Recently I was in Sedona and asked the same and I didn’t have them on me! Ah! I finally just put them in my wallet even though I’m afraid they’ll be smooshed. Better than not having one.
  9. Pillows! There is magic in new pillow covers.  I specifically refer to the designer textiles that are found made by pillow makers on Etsy. I found a pillow on One Kings Lane for $235 and I was fell in love with the print so I did research and found a pair sold on Etsy for half the price! Currently my office pillows (on the office couch) are getting a makeover. They have been the same boring color as the couch for years and I am ready to spruce them up, it’s going to look so much better I can’t wait to show you.
  10. Dedicate an off day at least 1x a week. 2 would be ideal, like most normal peeps. A misconception is that being a blogger or influencer isn’t full-time job. Errr, wrong. It’s not only full-time, it’s like overtime, all the time. Vacations aren’t truly vacations, they can be, but one shouldn’t waste the opportunity! For instance, today is supposed to be my off day but I am answering emails, finishing up this blog post and I want to design new thank you cards.

And on that note, I’m going to take a few hours off to clean out my closet and then I’ll come back and work some more. So we’ll call it a half day *wink* But I sure love what I do and connecting with you on here.

I will share some of these changes as they happen, of course. I hope you tackle your to-do list and your one-day list becomes a reality soon! xx

magnolia trees in Nashville standing by one safari hat and yellow dress

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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