Tank: UrbAna (100% proceeds go to Homeward Bound) / Hat: Wyeth (similar and here)
Jeans: Levi’s / Sandals: J.Crew

  1. I had an hour of blissful gardening yesterday evening. What it really felt like was a mom trying to find lice in her kid’s head – so much nut grass and grass all tied up in my flowers and thyme. I said to Benjamin, “There are no weeds in heaven right?” because I need some hope.
  2. Been watching my food intolerances after taking the Pinnertest – and my girlfriends are the absolute sweetest about watching out for me. When we were in Vegas they were making sure I avoided pork and onions – they thought about it before I did. We usually order group meals and they’d say, “Well Di can’t eat pork so let’s not get that dish.” I take my food intolerances seriously because I want to feel better – and I am! I realized pork gives me migraines after eating it twice back home – couldn’t help it, it’s in the best Chinese food. Now I’m trying to figure out what onions do to me but to avoid them is a real struggle, they flavor everythingggggggg. We just ordered one for Benjamin because he wants to feel better and I am looking forward to seeing his results!
  3. Emails can be so dreadful. Sometimes I think emails are really just a bunch of questions waiting to be answered and I don’t feel like answering or making up my mind. Haha! I have however, found that a really good coffee motivates me to get to it and empty it out – so if you feel stuck, try that!
  4. The 2 million viral video – One of my girlfriend’s videos went viral the other week and you gotta to watch it. It has over 2 million views!
  5. Flexibility in return can give great adventures. I have a girl’s trip on the books the weekend I return from Prague and we were supposed to head to LA for a visit (the 3 of us used to live in LA, then it was 2, then 1, then 0, now back to 1). We hadn’t booked our air b&b yet which was a blessing in disguise because plans have changed and we are now headed to Rocky Point! I’m really excited, I haven’t been to Mexico for years and the last time I went there was for a mission trip building a home.
  6. I’ve caught myself saying, “I wish I had a sister like –“ and then I stopped. I realized I don’t have to wish that. I have girlfriend who are like sisters, which I feel so fortunate since I wasn’t born with any.
  7. Read how I stay inspired, find balance, and the best thing in my life right now on this Q&A I did last week on Happy Grace blog.
  8. I want to have a best of post – like Diana Awards. Did I really just say that – there are so many things I’ve tried from blogging and things I repurchase around my home. I’ll be shampooing in the shower for instance and think, I really need to tell my readers these sheets really ARE the softest, and this shampoo smells amazing, and I cannot live without this scrub!
  9. I cleared out my drawers in my bathroom and closet for fall. Fall trends are coming and I have overindulged in the spring/summer additions that I need to lighten up my closet. I don’t have the space and if I think I’m keeping it for that one day vacation to wear it once more, I have to be kidding myself. Seeing so many empty hangers makes me happy but then I have to stop myself from going on a spree!
  10. I bought Differin Gel. Like I’m 15 and hormonal again. Actually my skin is doing great, now I know my skin looked super good when I was young so maybe I THINK by using it again, it’ll really do me some good. Did you know it’s no longer over the counter? I bought mine on Amazon. I’ll keep you posted on results.