10 Ramblings

Tank: UrbAna (100% proceeds go to Homeward Bound) / Hat: Wyeth (similar and here)
Jeans: Levi’s / Sandals: J.Crew

  1. I had an hour of blissful gardening yesterday evening. What it really felt like was a mom trying to find lice in her kid’s head – so much nut grass and grass all tied up in my flowers and thyme. I said to Benjamin, “There are no weeds in heaven right?” because I need some hope.
  2. Been watching my food intolerances after taking the Pinnertest – and my girlfriends are the absolute sweetest about watching out for me. When we were in Vegas they were making sure I avoided pork and onions – they thought about it before I did. We usually order group meals and they’d say, “Well Di can’t eat pork so let’s not get that dish.” I take my food intolerances seriously because I want to feel better – and I am! I realized pork gives me migraines after eating it twice back home – couldn’t help it, it’s in the best Chinese food. Now I’m trying to figure out what onions do to me but to avoid them is a real struggle, they flavor everythingggggggg. We just ordered one for Benjamin because he wants to feel better and I am looking forward to seeing his results!
  3. Emails can be so dreadful. Sometimes I think emails are really just a bunch of questions waiting to be answered and I don’t feel like answering or making up my mind. Haha! I have however, found that a really good coffee motivates me to get to it and empty it out – so if you feel stuck, try that!
  4. The 2 million viral video – One of my girlfriend’s videos went viral the other week and you gotta to watch it. It has over 2 million views!
  5. Flexibility in return can give great adventures. I have a girl’s trip on the books the weekend I return from Prague and we were supposed to head to LA for a visit (the 3 of us used to live in LA, then it was 2, then 1, then 0, now back to 1). We hadn’t booked our air b&b yet which was a blessing in disguise because plans have changed and we are now headed to Rocky Point! I’m really excited, I haven’t been to Mexico for years and the last time I went there was for a mission trip building a home.
  6. I’ve caught myself saying, “I wish I had a sister like –“ and then I stopped. I realized I don’t have to wish that. I have girlfriend who are like sisters, which I feel so fortunate since I wasn’t born with any.
  7. Read how I stay inspired, find balance, and the best thing in my life right now on this Q&A I did last week on Happy Grace blog.
  8. I want to have a best of post – like Diana Awards. Did I really just say that – there are so many things I’ve tried from blogging and things I repurchase around my home. I’ll be shampooing in the shower for instance and think, I really need to tell my readers these sheets really ARE the softest, and this shampoo smells amazing, and I cannot live without this scrub!
  9. I cleared out my drawers in my bathroom and closet for fall. Fall trends are coming and I have overindulged in the spring/summer additions that I need to lighten up my closet. I don’t have the space and if I think I’m keeping it for that one day vacation to wear it once more, I have to be kidding myself. Seeing so many empty hangers makes me happy but then I have to stop myself from going on a spree!
  10. I bought Differin Gel. Like I’m 15 and hormonal again. Actually my skin is doing great, now I know my skin looked super good when I was young so maybe I THINK by using it again, it’ll really do me some good. Did you know it’s no longer over the counter? I bought mine on Amazon. I’ll keep you posted on results.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Tim Poole

    The Pinnertest…much different than when the docs pricked the back 40 times. Got to be a little rough having to give up a food that you have enjoyed all your life. I have had my food allergy as long as I can remember, so it never involved depriving myself of something i liked.
    As for onions…I have hated them all my life. My own personal Poolertest says I am at a plus 4 for onions.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Ah, and it tells you the 200 things you may have an intolerance to – can you imagine if we had 200 pricks on our back? I did the outdoor thing on my back and I belong in a bubble.


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