bitty bao bilingual Chinese mandarin and cantonese books for children and kids. wooden asian family toys and Chinese food

How to teach your children Chinese! (Even if you forgot or don’t speak it)

bitty bao bilingual Chinese mandarin and cantonese books for children and kids. wooden asian family toys and Chinese food

My wonderful sister-in-law mentioned Bitty Bao books as a possible gift to give my niece who is now a year and a half. Though my SIL is not ethnically Asian, I am so happy that she cares so much to include and teach her daughter Chinese. 

Perhaps as an Asian American parent you know very little Chinese or not any. Or, you aren’t Asian and you realize Chinese is more than likely going to be a very important world wide language to learn for business (I have a friend who expressed this sentiment). Bitty Bao carries Chinese wooden toys, Chinese food toys (genius! It has hard to find specific ethnic food toys) and board books that teach mandarin or Cantonese with a QR code that reads the book! So you don’t even have to worry about the pressures of pronunciation!


Here’s a :60 video I did sharing an overview of Bitty Bao’s products of toys and books.

I just felt so passionate to share it even though it’s not my typical home and garden coverage. My best friend Meagan was over and I showed her the products and told her I wanted to share them and she continued to encourage me. That’s why she’s the best!

My younger brother, my only sibling, Blake and I grew up speaking Mandarin and a little bit of Cantonese when we were very young. My mom took so much time to teach us and I am grateful. When I was in Beijing for a layover I spoke Mandarin enough to get us to the Forbidden City, and enough to get us back to the airport by saying “airplane” to a taxi cab!! HAHA! My mom speaks both fluently and quite a bit of Japanese (enough to visit and speak to our former Japanese exchange student and her family) and English fluently!

Blake and I are American Born Chinese and though we are so fortunate to have a mom who spoke Chinese to us, we are nowhere near capable to teach anyone and we don’t know or have the tools — and that’s why these books by Bitty Bao are incredible! The founders, Asian American women understood this because they were in the same position which is how this company was created!


In Mandarin and Cantonese – with a QR code that a reads the book for you! So maybe I mispronounced words, or I forgot, or you don’t know any at all! A clever QR code will start reading to your child and you for you!

Chinese Food Wooden Toys 

Dim sum wood toys, an Asian family wood doll set, a mooncake tray, oh my heart! These Chinese wooden toys are darling and great for gifts for children to play with! It’s so sweet to see food that I grew up eating!

I’m ready to eat some dim sum now!! Oh this all look so delicious and I certainly wish I had this growing up!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I also found some additional bilingual companies that I wanted to share as well –


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