Painted the bathroom white

It all started with an idea – maybe I should paint my gray bathroom, the hallway bathroom, white. We lost the window with the home expansion.


white subway tile with dark black grout bathroom jonathan adler touches zebra rug and bathroom refresh home tour belonging to diana elizabeth, lifestyle blogger

It was never that bright in there, it was all slow shutter speed. There used to be a covered patio right on the other side and it was never a nicely lit bathroom. When we lost the window I added a VELUX sun tunnel which changed the space with light bu I just thought white would look better.

A quick poll on IG stories said, yes paint it Alabaster white (Sherwin-Williams) and I had a guy over the next day or $200! Nice! I think some friends said leave it gray to be kind because pain-ting is a PAIN. Get it? ;)


And that my friends is the power of paint.

I think the white really made it so much lighter – and I swapped out the cabinet pulls for crystal knobs I found on AliExpress, I ordered the large ones. They were so affordable and worth the wait! I had issues with the screws not being long enough so I had to drill inside the cabinet a bit so it would push the screw head further in to reach the knob. It worked!

I moved that bright rug into the space from my office. It was from Lulu & Georgia a long time ago and has made it through the test of time and change of decor. I wanted a rug in there with color and was searching high and low on Etsy and I thought let’s just grab that bright rug out of my office and see how it looks – it not only looks great, it fit perfectly!

Bow Top: Forever 21 (wearing size medium) / Skirt: Rachel Parcell in size XS

And that sun tunnel gives me life. If you haven’t seen the before and after photos of what our house looked like before we installed skylights and sun tunnels throughout, (without the slow shutter speed on a tripod trick) check out this blog post.

I have one last room I need to complete with paint. It’s our master bedroom and I’m dreading it even though I’m not going to be the one painting it – haha! It’s really just the furniture moving it and also painting the ceiling white and the other walls that were beige white. I should have just let the painters do it when they were here painting the entire home white but I guess I just wanted to wait for whatever dumb reason. Regrets! I’ll just need to get a quote and it’ll be worth it once it’s done, it’s done right?

Diana Elizabeth recently bought a lot of things on Free People’s website. It was primarily lounge/airplane clothes sets. She felt guilty then she realized she had over purchased items from Nordstrom and they still had tags on them after all these weeks so back to the store they went! She realized she didn’t need it like she thought and it’s best to buy it for the occasion to guarantee a wear opposed to buying it hoping to wear it one day. The comfy sets will be worn immediately, she’s sure of that! ;)

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Sophie

    Your bathroom looks so good now! The colour white always brightens up a room. I love the idea of the sun tunnels, a room without light looks dark and gloomy.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thanks Sophie!! It really does, I’m so glad I chose that because I was so tired of going in a cave! :) It was worth paying for it! :)


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