pink floral top by Kate Spade

Chill Weekend + Life Updates

pink floral top by Kate Spade

Top: Kate Spade (now on sale) wearing XS / Skirt: Banana Republic in size 0 / Hoops: Dogeared (on sale) / Bracelet: India Hicks

We finally had a weekend off – like completely off, no plans, no photoshoots, no hosting an event, absolutely no commitments and it was glorious. Benjamin and I are not go-go-go people. I used to be in my early to mid-20s when I had all this energy, my social calendar was filled and I definitely utilized and maximized my youth (I’m still young, I know) but I absolutely put that energy to good use, no regrets!

There is so much to do all the time, especially as a blogger, and I started to pass on events because it can be draining. There is a season for everything, it’s hard to find the perfect balance. I think sometimes your season is all work, then it’s play, and maybe you find balance but it’s only for a little while and to not freak out over it. Right now, I’m recovering from a huge workload. It’s also getting to be over 100 so anything outside is a no-go right now, I’m a gal who loves 80 and cooler.

We had a great Friday though, I shot in my studio, an old longtime friend I met from pageants, Jaclyn Hughes and she needed some new cutouts and studio shots for her health and fitness site and marketing materials. I love studio so much, I have another session this week, and Phoenix magazine assignments are picking up too (I will venture outside in the heat for money, lol) so I guess this weekend off was a much needed one!

Tanzy restaurant in Scottsdale

Mr. Wonderful and I checked out Tanzy Restaurant in Scottsdale, right next to the iPic theaters at Scottsdale Quarter. They got a new menu from chef Sherry Yard. Neither of us had been before but were invited to taste the menu as VIPs and hey, any night off I could have from cooking is also worth escaping the house and going into the heat for!

It was so beautiful inside, their version of the Shirley Temple is now how I’d love them all to taste, and Benjamin and I decided that it’s our new favorite restaurant for events. Depending on what you order it can be pricey, but if you do order those specialty items, it’s worth it and Tanzy has replaced Donovan’s, our typical go-to. I mean that. I don’t even have to say that or mention our time there but I really want to.

I ordered the flank steak, medium rare of course, and Benjamin ordered the filet. I cannot put into words how delicious our meal was but if we know each other in real life, let’s go there for our next dinner k? I want any excuse!!

A few highlights that I wanted to share about what’s been going on in general –

  • We met with a space planner/draftsman(woman) on Friday, and we have some great plans for our expansion. The ball is rolling. Benjamin and I go back and forth on if we should put down the money and do this (we have been saving for a year). We have plenty of square footage for the two of us, we are so content in our 1750 sq. ft home and we’d be expanding for visitors and company which at times honestly can make me question is this something we absolutely want and will use. I would rather take that money and spend it directly on myself – like a new car, or a vacation overseas, haha. But I also see some great benefit in having this extra space too, we love to entertain and make our home open to our friends and family to create memories. We are definitely content and could go either way, and it looks like more space is on the agenda. See design ideas and how I plan to furnish it on my public Pinterest board here. I think we are adding a powder room!
  • This also means I am going to try to save as much money as possible for the furniture and fixtures I want for this new part of our home. We also decided no closet expansion, I am content with my adorable closet, and Benjamin is fine with his reach-in closet.
  • I took a bath instead of a shower. I know, that statement sounds like I learned how to walk, LOL. This is a huge deal to me as I’m always in a hurry to get out of the bathroom. I used to take a bath weekly as a teen reading YM, Seventeen and blaring awesome 90s hip hop or rock music. As I started to run the water I thought, no, I’m going to have a bath and have me too! I felt no hurry to rush into getting out and was just still, altho I almost sent a Marco Polo video to one of my best friends while I was naked in the tub but wasn’t sure if that was OK to do even if I obviously kept it neck up lol. Maybe next time Michelle. ;)
  • I painted my nails pink – which means I am embracing summer. I usually prefer a pink nude but right now feeling a little sassy.
  • Saturday morning I woke up and dead headed some roses and worked in the garden for a good 30 minutes before the heat settled in. I also wore my new garden hat – this makes four legit dedicated gardening hats.
  • All day Saturday I sat on the couch (where I am currently writing this post) and watched an entire series from BBC, called Home Fire. I’m watching the first and second season and it ends and I’m looking for season three only to find it was cancelled. WTF BBC?! In America you can’t just end a season like that with PLANS to come back for another season and just decide not to. We need closure. I’m so glad in the US we can at least know when it’s a final season my goodness. I was left like, what the heck am I supposed to do with all these feelings? I just invested like 8 hours of my life into characters and story lines and now I will never know what happens? But it’s still worth watching and there are kindle books for $1.20 with the rest of the characters lives unfolding so I guess I’ll have some reading to do this summer.

It’s been a relaxing weekend. Tonight after 8 we’re headed to Safeway to grocery shop because we need everything. We like to go when no one is there – it’s quiet. We’ve turned into hermits crabs when we are so busy out and about during the week.

Like a sign says in my house, It’s OK to be happy with a calm life. ♥

It's OK to be happy with a calm life

Location: To Have To Host / Makeup and hair: Lizzy Marsh

Do you have days or weekends dedicated to rest? How often and do you plan them? What do you do? Share in the comments I’d love to know how you reset yourself!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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