Let’s hug it out

IMG_0118Sedona, Arizona by Oak Creek Canyon

The week has continued just like the last, and without sounding like I’m a nutcase (which I believe we are nutty in our own unique lovable way), I’m going to just say I recovered from one event, and am currently onto the next.  Bring it on, says the Lord as he continues to use these events to refine my character.   Thanks for reaching out and sharing your stories.  I’m not a misery loves company kinda gal, but I do believe if we share our hearts openly it encourages others to do the same – by admitting life isn’t perfect and to hear stories from friends who struggle with the same thing makes us feel less alone, more normal, more hopeful.


You can’t make everyone happy.  You may even offend or make people dislike you because you’re just living your own life, being you.  My girlfriend Fawn posted a love letter to mean girls this week (she just contributed to a new book), so fitting and I loved the part when she asked –

“Why do you do what you do (gossip, snub, mock, attack, reject) but more importantly, why don’t you have the notion to quietly examine your hatred so you can find out what’s really broken in you?  See, the rest of us know that one’s hatred has very little to do with the object the hatred is aimed at, but is instead a reflection of one’s inability to get emotionally aware and approach that emotion with maturity, dignity, and respect.”

I share this because in the past week you have shared your struggles, mean girls attacks, rejection from family and/or friends.  The reality is, we are all imperfect people living imperfect lives but if we take a moment to not take rejection from people we love personally – but perhaps realizing we don’t know what people’s inner battles are, maybe we can respond more compassion, even if the action of attack isn’t warranted, and stings.

Life will never be constant, there will always be ups and downs, surprises and upsets, so let’s just go through life hugging each other, a lot.  What do you say?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.



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