Crazy about Tiffany’s

Do you remember your first blue box? I’m pretty sure mine was in my early 20s from an old boyfriend. Since I’ve had a few blue boxes and a few crystal Tiffany touches around our home, one was a gorgeous wedding gift!

When my best friend from college turned 30, I bought her a ring from Tiffanys to mark the special occasion. It just had to be Tiffany’s.

A new documentary feature film called Crazy About Tiffany’s is out, showing at Harkins Shea and On Demand everywhere. I was able to watch a screening and it was so fun to watch, as a Tiffany lover, and a business woman.

Check out the trailer here –

So if you’re Tiffany obsessed (raising hand), you should it check out, put on your Tiffany jewelry and order it via On Demand. (There are some swear words from interviews, and a song in the background.)

Discover the reason Tiffany decided on their signature Tiffany & Co. blue, and how jewelry design is conceptualized. Full of fun interviews, celebrities, stylists, people you don’t know, but it’s a fun narration. They talk about their clients, what they’re buying – is it the engagement ring? Surprisingly it’s self buyers! “This one is actually reasonable, it’s $306,000.”

My favorite interviews is with two young sisters who are no older than 12 I think – their comments are absolutely hilarious and innocent!

And, if budget wasn’t an issue, check out these pieces – some are affordable, others, well, maybe when we are on the red carpet about to win an Oscar.


Shoulder Bag / Purse Pen / Tote / Paperweight

A few rings and a cuff bracelet – I love rings!


Cutout Ring / Wire Ring / Villa Paloma Ring / Four Leaves Ring / Bar Cuff

I just love Tiffany’s don’t you? Do you remember your first blue box?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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  • Carissa

    I’ve never had a blue box but once I went into a Tiffany’s and tried on a gorgeous engagement ring. I still remember it. I’m never been one to oooh and ahh over jewelry but there is something so nice, as you and I have agreed, about receiving jewelry as a gift on a special occasion.
    The documentary sounds like fun to watch!


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