Do you remember your first blue box? I’m pretty sure mine was in my early 20s from an old boyfriend. Since I’ve had a few blue boxes and a few crystal Tiffany touches around our home, one was a gorgeous wedding gift!

When my best friend from college turned 30, I bought her a ring from Tiffanys to mark the special occasion. It just had to be Tiffany’s.

A new documentary feature film called Crazy About Tiffany’s is out, showing at Harkins Shea and On Demand everywhere. I was able to watch a screening and it was so fun to watch, as a Tiffany lover, and a business woman.

Check out the trailer here –

So if you’re Tiffany obsessed (raising hand), you should it check out, put on your Tiffany jewelry and order it via On Demand. (There are some swear words from interviews, and a song in the background.)

Discover the reason Tiffany decided on their signature Tiffany & Co. blue, and how jewelry design is conceptualized. Full of fun interviews, celebrities, stylists, people you don’t know, but it’s a fun narration. They talk about their clients, what they’re buying – is it the engagement ring? Surprisingly it’s self buyers! “This one is actually reasonable, it’s $306,000.”

My favorite interviews is with two young sisters who are no older than 12 I think – their comments are absolutely hilarious and innocent!

And, if budget wasn’t an issue, check out these pieces – some are affordable, others, well, maybe when we are on the red carpet about to win an Oscar.


Shoulder Bag / Purse Pen / Tote / Paperweight

A few rings and a cuff bracelet – I love rings!


Cutout Ring / Wire Ring / Villa Paloma Ring / Four Leaves Ring / Bar Cuff

I just love Tiffany’s don’t you? Do you remember your first blue box?