10 Things About Life Lately

Blouse: H&M / Ankle jeans: H&M / Clutch: Louis Vuitton / Bracelet: J.Crew (similar) / Earrings: similar / Flats: Rothy’s

A personal post on a Monday? Figured I’d mix things up a bit.

Today I’m headed to The OC to hang out with my girlfriend because I think she’s going to get engaged soon and then married and then preggers before I can see her again next summer. Our girl time will change and that’s just how life goes – you gotta embrace it while you’re in it, right?

I thought I’d tell you a few random things happening around here.

  1. This weekend we seeded our lawn with winter rye. For those not in Phoenix – we have to put grass seed down every fall if we want any grass in fall and winter. We have to replant because our summer heat kills grass in general. So fun (haha). Our summer grass is Bermuda and it goes dormant in the winter. The cost for us personally – about 10,000 square feet of lawn – is about $700 in materials and labor, and add on an extra $300 minimum in water for the water bill. Yikes. But it is worth it for us (so I tell Benjamin) since we are outside enjoying our splendid fall and winter and we entertain – and I garden and take photos outside. I hope this means you will really super appreciate my photos in the backyard from October to May ;)
  2. I have a long Christmas list this year. We’re seeing both sides of the family so it’s a bit longer which means I need to be organized. I want to be done with the list before Thanksgiving and usually am!
  3. I read about a popular blogger who only works twice a week – Tuesday and Thursdays. I want to do the same but I’m not sure if that’s possible with how addicted I am to working. My senior year of college I took 9 units (3 classes) only Tuesday and Thursdays and I pretty much had the time of my life on 4 day weekends, couldn’t tell you what I did! I had the best college experience, ever.
  4. I text my girlfriend Jackie (gf from college – we recently traveled to Switzerland) and told her I was eating my last chocolate bar, Ovalmatine and was so sad. A few weeks later 3 of them showed up at my door shipped from overseas. I know they are so expensive to get over there and no one in the US sells them (if you know of any tell me!). It made my day and it arrived on her birthday which was ironic!
  5. I had a litte panic scare, I couldn’t get a hold of my parents and I thought of crazy scenarios in my head. Both phones were off and I was like, wait did they go on another cruise and didn’t tell me? (They go like, quarterly). I had to suck it up and wait to see if I heard from them and yep, they were cruising. I’ll tell you where they went when they get back because I have no idea.
  6. I have to give a shout out to photographer Audrey of Love Audrey she has been taking my photos that you’ve seen on the blog. I would attribute her on blog posts and social but we have different editing styles and didn’t want to mess with her branding (of course we discussed this) – but I do feel like I want to give her some attention and let you know she’s the eye behind my posts. Meeting her has blessed what I do to such a huge extent, she’s helped me so much I count my blessings. This photo though was by the other genius I married, my Instagram husband.
  7. I may need to sew curtains. I want pinch pleat curtains from RH and after a half dozen of sample swatches sent, I found what I wanted. I put in the dimensions I need because our front window is too wide for the 48″ panels and the grand total was $1500. I want to cry. I suppose we could do it but I don’t want to drop that much on that for something we really don’t have to change. But even if I spend about $800 on store bought curtains (like PB or elsewhere) to hem together there’s a really good chance I can royally screw it up. What would you do?
  8. If you’re reading this far, I’m going to tell you the brand I’m working with that I mentioned a few posts ago. Ballard Designs. Pinch me, half of my house is from them, including the desk I’m working on which is really a dining room table.  I almost cried a few times and I was so honored they would reach out and ask me to create a tabletop with their products. I’ve been planning for days and can’t wait to share it with you and their customers soon.
  9. We’re taking our Christmas photos soon. I still think it’s too early but I guess not if we think about how crazy things get. We won a mini session with Jennifer Bowen and I’m so excited to work with her as I think of her as a pioneer in the photography industry in Phoenix. She’s one of the first established photographers I looked up to when I began photography. We usually hire our friend Melissa Schollaert but she wasn’t sure when she was coming back in town (she lives in Georgia), and this contest came up and so I entered so I guess it was just meant to be – I already ordered my outfit!
  10. I feel incredibly fulfilled. I told a girlfriend if I died tomorrow I would feel like I did everything in life I wanted. I traveled, I got married, I loved, I did what I love, I filled my world with everything I wanted – an amazing collection of deep friendships like family, I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything my heart has desired. That’s such a great place to be. There’s still so much to discover of course and countries I want to explore but I am also grateful to be incredibly content with what God has allowed me to experience and who he has put in my life. I hope that you can reflect on your life as such and if you have a few items on that bucket list, do it in 2018!

Hugs and kisses to you for a great start to your week. Thanks for being here, I always appreciate your time and visit. xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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