Realistic Cypress Garland, 6 foot, Gardener's (c/o)

Decorating for Christmas

hether you decorate before or after Thanksgiving, I’ve probably got you beat – not really a contest anyone wants to win, haha! I decorated in mid-October – Yah I did! My mailman had asked me, “Is it up yet?” when it was October 20th and I realized what he was talking about and also that he’s known me for so long and very well.

Then I laughed and said, well actually, yes, but only because I need to take photos early for my blog. He chuckled.

Perhaps my absolute favorite addition to this year are the faux realistic looking cypress wreaths, garland and branches my friends at Gardener’s sent over!

Realistic Cypress WreathRealistic Cypress Wreath, 24″, Gardener’s (c/o) 

I have admired seeing people go a more simpler decor with just greenery. Well, I’m here to tell you I do it all and greenery LOL. I just love Christmas decor and I tried to limit myself to just two boxes and now it’s like four and I keep saying if it doesn’t fit, I have to donate it (and so I do).

Realistic Cypress Wreath
Realistic Cypress garland

The fireplace mantel is kind of the same – but instead of the glittery mix of a garland I ended up using it for two Realistic Cypress Garland, 6 foot, Gardener’s (c/o). It turned into a winter scene and I plopped in my wood figurines from my trip to Prague made by some art students.

The stocking holders are from Ballard Designs two years ago. I had snowflake ones but these little homes just made me swoon I had to have them so I splurged and so glad I did. I wish they would come back into production so I can link it for you but I found similar white ones here from Target (set of 4) and a galvanized metal version at Home Depot here. If you just want a cityscape without holding stockings, here’s a cute set from West Elm, and I’m obsessed with this entire galvanized village from Terrain and if you want a barn or chicken coop, look at this second collection.

Realistic Cypress Garland, 6 foot, Gardener's (c/o)
Realistic Cypress Garland, 6 foot, Gardener's (c/o)

Realistic Cypress Garland, 6 foot, Gardener's (c/o)

Realistic Cypress Garland, 6 foot, Gardener's (c/o)
Realistic Cypress Garland, 6 foot, Gardener's (c/o)
Realistic Cypress Garland, 6 foot, Gardener’s (c/o)

I used two of the garlands for the mantel – look how real they are! My parents were over when I opened the box and they were really shocked to know they were fake and we were petting it and it really feels so real. It also doesn’t shed a thousand needles all over the place like the real ones. Tuck in some fresh florals if you want more color or details!

Realistic Cypress Branch, Gardener's (c/o)Realistic Cypress Branch, Gardener's (c/o)Realistic Cypress Branch, Gardener’s (c/o)

I used to buy fresh garland and branches from Trader Joe’s awaiting their arrival but since I decorate early they would dry out by my big party or when Christmas came. And I was tired of waiting for the garland to arrive at TJ’s and have a swam of fellow hostess ladies wanting them for their table decor.

Now I can decorate in October and have these branches out for months! They feel real – they look real – and here’s the incredible part, they feel real like rubbery but also moist, just like the plant would (it’s not wet by the way). How’s that for realistic? I used 4 for this table setting, two on each side and their ends are tucked under the other. It looks so amazing!!! I am obsessed! All you need to do to spruce it up if you wanted to, is get some berries or festive colored greenery and tuck it right in – your guests won’t know if it’s real or faux. A trick I learned from my friend Lory who has an entertaining blog you might remember her house tour I shared last year. My time has flown by.

metal garland Christmas rose from Gardeners

I used the glittery garland I picked up from a post Christmas sale at Anthropologie (online) and put it in our garden room and freshened it up with this gorgeous wired Christmas Rose Garland, exclusive to Gardener’s (c/o). You could bend it into a round wreath, or use it as a garland. It can also be used year-round, really. I was thinking it would look great around Easter too.

I have a thing with garland. Really, don’t ask how many I have, It’s too many I cannot count. Definitely over 15.

Here are the video clips I did on IG stories so you can see them on video –

If you’re looking for Christmas tablescape ideas, check out this blog post I did with Ballard Designs a few yers ago. Also here are 5 fun and practical holiday party favors if you’re throwing a party this year! I always give tumblers!

Before I forget, this little tabletop tree (well, I put it on our kitchen counter top instead of the floor this year) is from Anthropologie but the ornaments are very special to me. They belonged to my late yun yun (grandma in Cantonese)! That is my dad’s mom. I remember seeing them on her tree growing up and these ornaments are from China. They don’t fit my big tree decor and they used to be on my pink tree I had in my office until I finally decided to get rid of things!

tabletop tree from Anthropologie featuring Chinese ornaments

Now it think they look so cute on here and I can see it when I’m in the kitchen.

As I worked on this post I realized I didn’t take photos of my Christmas tree. Doh! I mean really, how could I forget that? I think it means I have too much to show you and I’ll have to do that for another post. It’s nothing like crazy unique, I just cannot believe I forgot it!  I will try to snap a pic and share it.

Diana Elizabeth has the holiday decor up and she’s waiting for the Christmas spirit to hit her – does she need to watch some Christmas movies? Does it need to get colder? Does she need to hear Christmas music? She thinks it will happen when she’s at the Christmas markets in France in a few weeks. 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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