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Are you a website crazy like me? With so many bookmarks, pins, emails coming in, I need a place to organize it all. I am excited to introduce you to a new concept called Clipix which is brand new and will fit many of your lifestyles – if you love to organize everything you see on the web.

After about an hour of playing around I look at my desktop and there were 25 screen shots – no joke this new site is amazing. Let me give you a quick rundown since I know you just want the facts and visuals.

What is Clipix?

Clipix is a tool that lets you save and organize everything you see online, and offline, into one central place. Everything you save is called a “clip.” Clips are placed onto your personal clipboards for anything imaginable. It’s basically a mixture of Evernote and Pinterest.

Let’s take a look at the features that make it different –

Installing the “Save it” button to your bookmarks bar allows you to save clips from any website in the world!

See the right side bar? It’s the installed browser extension so if you click the button your Clipix options pop up. So you can…

Clip a screenshot on the web and save it! Website, Email, anything!

See the top right to select what you want it to do. You can also be specific and outline what you want it to capture. So if you’re designing a website, maybe you want to show an element of the sidebar,  you can select just that and Clipix it! Let’s look at this handsome Freely website that I help maintain.


Save videos from Instagram!

This is great for me since I use Clipix to organize my blogging work – video campaigns on IG to sponsored blog posts. I can now reference them easily by category.


Save emails

Clip and archive emails from any of your email accounts by forwarding them to your unique clipix email. Forwarded emails will be automatically saved in PDF format onto a default clipboard called “Clipped Emails.”

First approve the email account you will be sending from, receive the confirmation email and accept.


Forward the email to the provided email address Clipix has set up just for you. It turns it into a PDF and in a few minutes shows up in your private clipboard (see the locked icon).


Here’s the email screenshot:


Pin items to buy and get a notification for price drops

(on Clipix and by email) when the clip hits your target price!


So maybe I don’t need a black leather jacket but that one sure is a steal for under $200 and it was regular $700!

Group clipboards together into multiboards

Drag a clipboard from it’s lower left-hand corner into another clipboard to create a multiboard.


You can have one for all home – say boards in it include the kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel clipboard! Now you don’t have to feel like you have too many boards.


You can do all the usual stuff, share, collaborate on clipboards and make them private. It’s user friendly, very similar to other programs but I love the additional ability to screenshot and make multiboards. Take a peek at my board – https://www.clipix.com/personal/dianaelizabeth_ for ideas.

What things would you clip to Clipix – Emails, videos, websites, pictures?

Thank you Clipix for sponsoring this post.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.



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