Featuring: Olay Whip

I shy away from heavy moisturizers or anything oily – I have a fear of products congesting my skin as I was a teen who struggled with acne. The feeling of anything thick on my skin makes me want to wash my face and start over, or even take another shower.

Now Olay released Olay Whip, with powerful hydration that feels light as air… perfect for those of us who prefer a lightweight moisturizer but still want (and need) the hydration. It’s a misconception that heavy thick creams provide more moisture. You may be familiar with the Olay 28 Day Challenge I took a few months ago, using only Olay products. My aesthetician who sees me monthly, mentioned my skin looked great. My aesthetician also let me in on some skin care secrets.

Did you know that skin feels the effects of cold weather when it’s below 53.6 degrees? Plus, the heat in our homes can reduce the humidity in the air, making similar conditions to the Sahara Desert (20-25% humidity)? That is also commonly the average afternoon humidity level in Phoenix, yikes.

Maybe it’s me, but when I blast the heater at night and I’m lying in bed, my nostrils feel the burn from the dryness in the air, making me cough. It makes me realize how dry the air is; winter air plus the heat blasting is not good for our skin.

Olay Whip features Active Rush Technology, it holds and releases 1000x – yes, that’s one thousand times – its weight in hydration and active ingredients instantly absorb into your skin. You can start putting on makeup right away – no need to let it dry, or keep rubbing it in, as it really is that light and has moisturizing power. I am loving Olay products, just open up my beauty drawer you will see that’s what I use! I cleared out a lot of products to simplify my routine and use what I know works.

Considered the unicorn of all moisturizers, Olay Whips is on shelves at Albertson’s and retailers now, you can find three different moisturizers in the collection to suit your targeted needs from nourishment to radiance and hydration. Keep that beautiful skin hydrated and healthy this winter!

You can find Whips at your local Albertson’s / Safeway stores. Click here to download the latest coupons and save on Olay Whips.

This post was sponsored by Olay, as always all opinions are mine alone. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.