We are continuing the off camera set up I use during wedding receptions.  In this post I’m going to mention some extra pieces of equipment that will help with making your off camera flash images look better.


Additional equipment I talk about in this post:

Flash Diffuser

IMG_0310Your diffuser should always be positioned like a whale tale – instructions come with your diffuser

Battery Pack

IMG_0315 IMG_0317

  • If you use full-power, or start to take a lot of images at once, like a burst, you may notice it drains your battery quicker or has a slower time recharging.  This when a battery pack comes in handy – if you want to be shooting bursts – your flash will power up quicker. You need to find a battery pack that suits your camera model.  It plugs right into your flash – because you’re powering the flash.
  • I was told to use Energizer AA Rechargeable batteries 2300 mAh, because they last longer and provides high power.  Pair it with this charger.  I own two chargers so I can recharge quicker before a big shoot or wedding.


The items in this post are must-haves for every wedding photographer.

Off Camera Flash Post Series