Pinch Me!

“Did you say your prayers this morning?” asked Lizzy as she did my makeup.
“I said them last night.”
“Some one up there loves you,” she said.
I smirked.

It snowed on our wedding day.  Like, in action, snow falling, it started an hour after I woke up at 7 a.m. to get ready.  I couldn’t stop staring out the window in awe.  God is so good. We prayed for either snow, or sun, just please, no rain. And, He gave it to us.  Or rather should I say, gifted it to us.

A few things to share with you that happened the day of our wedding:

  • My last night as a single girl I shared with my bestfriendforeverandever Jackie, of 11 years.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
  • We wed at L’Auberge de Sedona, where I shot an engagement session (the couple I had met because of him) and after immediately called Benjamin and said, “I think I want to get married here.”  Like him, I just knew.
  • We had 23 guests consisting of family and our closest friends who are like family.  The ones we spend our holidays with, friends who I know would visit me every single day in the hospital until I got well.  Those who have been a part of the journey of us starting from the very beginning – one who sort of set us up, to the one who made me think about Benjamin that would start this fairytale. Those who have dropped everything in their life to be by my side through good times and bad and been consistent in my life. The ones I talk to the most.  The ones I would entrust my belongings to should anything ever go bad.  Never could it have been any more meaningful to have such an intimate wedding with “family.”
  • We didn’t have a wedding party with such a small guest list. But five of my girlfriends got ready with me and helped me get dressed that it pretty much was the same thing.
  • The girls threw me a lingerie shower the night before.  Once I told Benjamin during dinner (he had no idea), he looked me in the eyes and said, “You have the BEST friends!”
  • Because it snowed on our day, Ryan Ray worked even harder than I (and I’m sure he) could have ever imagined.  What a trooper, what talent as I watched him in action.  So did la Ricki who assisted him and set everything up on our wedding day to look as cute as can be.
  • We requested all of our guests to wear black and white, and they looked absolutely amazing.
  • My most memorable moment was watching from the room as Ryan shot Benjamin out in the snow.  My dad was escorting me to see him for our “first look” or “reveal moment” as we all know it in the industry to be.  I saw Benjamin with his back turned as I waited for Ryan to wave at me from the room.  Time stood still and I said to myself, This is my husband.  There is he, waiting for me.  This is really happening. And then I finally felt like I was getting married.
  • I totally cried reading my vows.  Benjamin did too.
  • He kissed me with both of his hands on my face.
  • Our dads gave the most beautiful toasts and I couldn’t be happier marrying into his family and getting some awesome brothers, sister-in-laws, and another mom and dad.
  • I think I slept with a smirk on my face the entire first night.
  • I wouldn’t have changed a single thing.

I’ve never lived with a boy before.  Like, sharing a bathroom, kitchen space, living room, or bed.  The whole, “Here’s where your clothes can go,” and sharing space is so much fun. I kept saying, “Isn’t this fun?” so many times throughout the day.

I don’t have photos to show you.  I don’t because I asked guests to not take photos – I want the first ones of us posted to be professional, go figure, and Ryan shoots film so there’s no preview. For those who aren’t photographers, photogs who shoot film are amazingly priceless, not old school. It’s a talent I wish I had.

So instead I have a totally unprofessional quicky video taken by Rachelle – the one who I spent Easter with who made me think of Benjamin, the one who asked me to make a list of things I hoped for a husband and prayed for him and me, and listened to me whine and cry anticipating his phone call, and her production company created my promo video you see at the top of my blog. You can also see the snow in the background and Ryan and Ricki working it!

Please excuse the fact that I’m wearing my retainers.  I forgot to put them in the night before so I quickly popped them in.  And as for Rachelle’s FORD Model reference, for those who don’t know, I am also signed with FORD, as well as Rachelle – and I also left 10 years with another agency to sign with FORD because of her, go figure.

Again, thank you for sharing in my joy.  I still feel like I’m dreaming.

Diana Elizabeth keeps saying to Mr. Wonderful, “You’re my husband!” and she hopes he doesn’t get tired of it for at least the first 10 years.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Renee

    I got teary at this. And I got goosebumps when I found out it was snowing on your wedding day too! I saw it on Twitter and I squealed to Ryan while we were driving in the car. Ha ha. I simply can. not. wait. to see your wedding photos. I am so so sooo happy for you!!!

  • Mailinh Nguyen

    Diana, I’m so happy that you’ve found your forever happiness! :) Congrats, friend!

  • Krystal

    Oh my goodness! I can’t wait to see pictures!!!!! Sounds like it truly was a blessed day…and all the days to come! I’m so glad that you can PROUDLY say you never lived with a boy before and now that you’re married, you can share all the exciting things with us about it! A lot of people were on my back about never living with Brad before we got married. But you know what? It was AMAZING after the wedding and living together! I wouldn’t trade that for anything. So now when someone asks, “How does it feel to be married?” You can talk about all the joys and treasures of wedded bliss instead of the reply common today, “Oh, it doesn’t feel any different than before.” It is going to be AMAZING for you and Benjamin!!

  • Brittany B

    ….. this post gave me the chills. Seriously SO beyond happy for you, your wedding day sounds like pure perfection. You deserve it and you looked so incredibly beautiful getting your makeup done! CANNOT WAIT to see pics!!!

  • catherine hollenbeck

    i just wanted to congratulate you diana! i thought you were so sweet the day i met you at ashley’s wedding…i was right ~ i have enjoyed reading your blogs, viewing pics, and reading about you and your new wonderful husband! good luck ~


  • Noelle

    That was beautiful description!!!
    And the video was a tease!!!


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