Print Summer Memories with the Kodak Photo Printer Dock

Featuring Kodak Photo Printer Dock (c/o)

Before I was about to head out to the OC to see my girlfriend Melayne, she text me asking where she could print photos from her iPhone online and I told her – Hold on! I’m testing out this Kodak printer you might like! I’ll bring it with me!  I visit Melayne in the OC every summer for some girl time. We veg, go to the beach, shop, and laugh like 70% of the time – the other 30% of the time we’re sleeping. I knew we’d take some fun photos together I could print and send in a thank you card for her.

The compact KODAK Photo Printer Dock prints fade resistant color 4×6 photos – and there’s only one ink cartridge that comes with the sheets packs that come in packs of 40, 80, and 120. You just load in the cartridge with the sheets (both come in same box) and once you print them all, take it out and put in a new cartridge!

I printed a few shot from our beach day and the Catalina Island exploring day – so much fun with this gal!

The dock supports Android, iPhone, iPad, and digital cameras and USB and you can also add filters, stickers and you can even print a photo from a video you took! You can connect to it via WiFi. And in true efficiency, it also charges your device as you print! It’s so compact you can travel with it – I even packed it with me to the OC to show Melayne.

A few observances –

  • It’s compact so you can take it on a trip and it doesn’t take up much space when storing.
  • There are filters and you can correct the image on the Kodak Photo Dock App. I personally didn’t find too much of a need for them except brightening but I could probably control it more in another favorite photo editing App. But handy if you are plugging in a camera and don’t want to lose the high quality from importing to an App.
  • The photo printing quality is good for a portable printer – ideal for those fridge shots, put it in an album, print immediately or print for a gift! Nothing beats a lab processed image of course. I did notice the quality was better than my photo desktop printer so I ended up airdropping an image from my iMac to my iPhone to print it on the Kodak Printer Dock.
  • Please be careful when you load the cartridge and make sure you take out the yellow paper, it doesn’t go through the machine. I made the mistake of leaving it in thinking it was the same as a different printer and pretty much ruined a cartridge I was so sad and then it was a crazy jammed up mess. Needless to say, it’s fixed and I was able to get this running while I wrote a thank you card and watched HBO. You know me, always multitasking.
  • The cartridge refill pack cost isn’t bad! For 40 prints, it’s $19 I used to have a printer that had a sticky back and was smaller and it cost $1 each. Ouch. For .50 each, and convenience, it’s great.

^^ In my effort to be more minimalist (which is not conducive to my job as a blogger), I eliminated a ton of picture frames because they take up so much counter space and instead, I still print my memories and put them in a desktop album – this one by Kate Spade.

So happy memory making and don’t forget to get those images off your phone and printed!

Thank you Kodak for sending this printer in exchange for a review.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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