Taylor farms California Caesar salad packaged

Healthy Eating Made Easy with Taylor Farms Crafted Salad Kits

Taylor farms California Caesar salad packagedFeaturing: Taylor Farms California Caesar salad kit

Fresh and ready to eat – Benjamin and I seem to always be on the go – even when we’re at home. We jump out of bed to grab coffee and start working. Whether it’s a designated office day for me or working on home projects, meals can rather be hurried so we can get back to work. We love to work in case you couldn’t tell – and I think it’s really because we love what we do. I can get so caught up with work or projects I forget to eat until my stomach is screaming at me. This year since I’ve prioritized my health, I’ve found little techniques to help me to half-way prepare a meal, and sometimes I don’t have to prepare at all, it just requires some assembling.

I love a good caesar salad – and Taylor Farms has a NEW California Caesar salad kit that this California girl just absolutely loves. I just added some jalapeño cheese bread for a side and added an already cooked lemon pepper rotisserie chicken on top.

Taylor farms California Caesar salad packaged table spread salad
Taylor farms California Caesar salad packaged
Taylor farms California Caesar salad packaged with chicken and table spread
Taylor farms California Caesar salad packaged with chicken

You know how I feel about a readily cooked rotisserie chicken that costs $6 from your grocery store! Why even attempt to roast a chicken when you can get a tasty one for that price? The cost of the gas will be that much haha!

Adding chicken to fresh veggies or to sides is so perfect and it’s so easy! Or add it to a salad for that extra protein punch! Taylor Farms’ premium salad kits come with a blended combination of tasty toppings and delicious dressings.

There’s no prep, you can just fluff up the salad in the bowl and pile on the blends, from premium cheeses to grains and veggie toppings. It all comes together perfectly. So even if you are serving guests it just makes it easier so you aren’t needing to stock your fridge or pantry with the extras. Gotta love convenience and super yummy flavors wrapped up in one healthy meal!

Taylor farms California Caesar salad packaged
Taylor farms California Caesar salad packaged


It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Open salad kit and put salad in the bowl first
  2. Add chicken (optional)
  3. Add included toppings, I like to go by weight so in this case walnuts, Parmesan flakes, add dressing and then the quinoa (it also looks pretty layered like this)

I also like to serve with bread because I’m such a carb lover too – jalapeño cheese bread is my favorite lately!

There are four flavors of the NEW Taylor Farms crafted kits – California Caesar, Edamame Asian Crunch, Italian House and Lemon Arugula. There’s a salad for every kind of salad lover! Pictured – us enjoying our salad, not pictured, the outtakes of Benjamin tossing walnuts into the air and trying to catch them with his mouth. Oh afternoon activities, or rather, photoshoots with the husband. Haha!

Taylor farms California Caesar salad packaged
Taylor farms California Caesar salad packaged

Thank you Taylor Farms for sponsoring lunch, and this post

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