Google Home $129 at Target, Staples (all free shipping)

I love me some tech, especially when it makes life easier so I wanted to quickly talk about the Google Home, this was sent courtesy of Google (with my approval to collaborate of course). I thought maybe my post on Instagram wasn’t enough to say this is my favorite little buddy.

I say things like, “Hey Google, what’s the weather like in Zurich on May 3rd?” to “Hey Google, can you tell me who sings this song?”

Google Home is voice activated by your voice commands and you can have multiple users so if someone needs to check their calendar they can – it can be attached to your Google account. My Google calendar is on my iPhone and desktop so I’m pretty tech in that area. Google Home is quite new and knowing Google, it’s going to get smarter with what it can do and I can’t.

You can add things to a grocery list so you don’t need pen and paper, I just got it so I’m still learning what it can do for me but I certainly love not having to look it up! And by saying, “Hey Google, play John Mayer” it’s pretty much become my best friend. The sound quality is amazing too as well, replacing my stereo I have in my office – that’s tech for you. Something better always comes out ;)

If you buy a smart light you can turn off the lights with your voice and set an alarm too. We are sooooo living in the future guys! This is pretty insane. Anyway, I couldn’t find it on Amazon since they compete with their Alexa, but tell me if you find it there, the other sites I listed have free shipping. It comes in basic white but you can also buy different colors to swap out the bottom if you change it with rooms.

I was given a free Google Home, I was only asked to post on IG, but wanted to post on my blog as well. No compensation was given for this post.