How I Prepare for Dinner Guests

As a hostess, I wanted to share how I get ready for company – whether for parties or dinner parties, or company in general! I have a list I print out to check it off, and I want to share it with you.

TIP: If you want guests to come in without ringing the bell, leave a sign that says, "Please do come in!"

The Front Door

The first impression! Blow off or sweep leaves, clean the glass in the door, front light and any front windows.


TIP: Don't forget your battery powered candles. 

Inside the House

1. Take out all trash in bins 2. Play music playlist in rooms (sync with Google Home) 3. Turn on, and dim all lighting including outdoors. 4. Fluff pillows 5. Spray rooms with a scent or light your candles! 


If serving food, ask guests ahead of time of any food allergies or intolerances. Or if it's a large party, make sure there are several options including gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian. Provide food details on cards.

TIP: Make sure an extra roll of TP, a matchbook or room spray is close by just incase!

Guest Bathroom

1. Light a candle 2. Put a fresh flower or orchid on the counter 3. Check sink and toilet is clean 4. Replenish disposable cloth hand towels



1. Light a candle 2. Fill a water pitcher and let chill in the fridge 3. Fill water glasses on the table


TIP: If food is arriving, have platters out with post-it notes for the food that will be placed for easy reference. I order catering to deliver 20 mins prior to guest arrival.

After the Party

1. Disinfect surfaces and handles 2. Refluff pillows 3. Take out the trash 4. Start the dishwasher or wait for morning! 


1. Tea Time

2. My Party Closet

3. Twilight Saga Dinner Party

4. Farmer's Market

With vintage Franciscan Desert Rose dishes

Where I keep my silver, serve ware, tablecloths and linens!

Celebrating the new Twilight Saga book Midnight Sun with a costume party!

Refreshing fruits and vegetables for a farmer's market themed get together

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